Welcome To Terrific Twos, Cyler!

This is how we celebrate your 2nd birthday, anak. Daddy and Mommy decided to bring you at the Mall of Asia since you’re a certified mall rat (like us) and since you love to play a lot. And guest what?! We brought you at Jollibee and you ate your favorite food– jolly spaghetti! Yes, that’s your favorite food at this moment and I guess you got that from your Daddy. You’re the jolliest kid (ever!) whenever you eat jolly spaghetti! And boy oh boy, you had a happy and jolly time at Jollibee! And also, we went to one of your happy place– play area! We made sure that you will have so much fun on that special day because it’s your day. Your 2nd birthday to be exact. It was indeed a day filled with nothing but sheer JOY. You’re the happiest kid on earth then, I can see it in your eyes and thru your actions.

Let these photos do the talking. 🙂

HAPPY 2nd Birthday, anak!

Hello there, Jollibee! I’m Cyler!

If I can only stop the clock and enjoy each and every moment with you, ay naku anak I surely will! Look at you, Cyler you grow so fast! Seeing you growing is a bitter-sweet feeling for Mommy. I wish I can cuddle you like a little baby forever but I know this is too much to ask for.

And look at yourself here, you are so independent! You’re a baby no more(and it makes me wanna cry!). Glad to see that you enjoyed every little space in this play area. You climbed, you crawled, you jumped, you slide, and played non-stop on your own like there’s no tomorrow! You were full of energy and power to play all day long. You did everything that made you happy and giddy. And I couldn’t be any happier than that. Just seeing you happy makes me feel more happier, anak. 🙂

You also gained new friends when you were playing here. And look what you’re doing here…you and your new friend enjoyed throwing out the balls! Yikes!

Too fast, too curious!

Oh and you also tried riding in the car and train! You didn’t have so much fun with the car but you had a blast riding in the train and you had the time of your life!

I am the proudest and happiest Mommy on earth for having the sweetest son like you, Cyler. I wouldn’t trade this title for any title in this world.

And if I will describe this day in one word that would be….ecstatic. Truly, happiness comes from small things. Oh well, what else can I say to you? Welcome to the Terrific twos! Let’s create a more wonderful and meaningful memories together! Bear in mind that you will always be my baby boy kahit pumuti na ang mga buhok mo! We love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday again! *mwuuuah!*


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