Fri-Date at Red Kimono

Don’t we just love Friday?! I bet we all do! Friday is so precious for me and my husband because that’s the only time that we have to go out on a date. Sometimes juggling my marriage,family, and work are the hardest thing to do most especially when you have kids already. But I’m glad because despite of our insane schedule and busy life still we were able to sneak out and have a quality time together. Yung time na kaming dalawa lang ng asawa ko. I swear ang hirap pag sabayin most especially pag may kids na because mas naka-focus na kau sa kids and sometimes nakakalimutan nio na ang isa’t isa. It happens in real life. Trust me. Most of the time we were so busy doing our role as a parent and we tend to forget that we have partners too. Agree, mommies and daddies? Aminin natin yan!


Kaya naman my husband, Cj and I always find time to go on a date kahit twice or thrice a month lang. Ang importante hindi nawawala ung quality time namin together. Iba pa rin kasi when you hang out together at nagkaka-usap kayo ng maayos bilang mag-asawa and magkaibigan diba? It strengthens the relationship and keeps the fire alive. Diba?

Cj nd I loves to eat a lot so every time we go out we used to try different Restaurant around Makati. One of our go-to Japanese resto is Red Kimono simply because were both a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I love ramen, Cj loves sushi and sashimi but were both kuripot so Red Kimono is the perfect Japanese resto that meets our standards. 🙂

We ordered the following:

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Baking + A Weekend Trip in My Hometown

It’s been awhile since I went home to Antipolo, my hometown. The last time we’ve been here was when my Tito died (sigh) last month. And it feels so good to be back! Sobra! I feel rejuvenated. I so love my hometown and I had so many great memories in this place because I’ve been here since the day I was born, the only time I left my hometown was when I got married to Cj. You know if I will be given a chance to live again, I will still choose to live here in Antipolo. This place is such a wonderful place to be most especially when I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

And since I miss my family so much we decided to pay a visit to my hometown last weekend. The weather wasn’t good when we reached Sumulong Hi-way and the road was zero visibility already! But don’t worry, we’re all good and we have arrived home safely. 🙂


Oh before we headed to Antipolo we dropped by at Robinson’s metro east in Cainta to delivered these cupcakes to the winner of TSN‘s giveaway. The name of the winner is Diane and glad to know that she liked the cupcakes! Yay! As a matter of fact, she wrote a sweet post on her blog(yes, she’s a blogger too! Small world right?) for Sweet Treats you can read it here. Thanks a lot, Diane and nice meeting you! 🙂


After delivering the cupcakes off we went to Antipolo! Weeeee! 🙂

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It’s A Happy Weekend!

Weekends are so precious for me and my family. Super! And I bet y’all know that! Just having the thought of spending time with my two boys, Cyler and Cj really excites me all the time! Kaya ganun nalang ang tuwa ko when Friday comes.

Two weeks ago, we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic for Cyler’s monthly check up. Docky gave him a shot and happy to say that he didn’t cry again. But I think he already knew that he will have a vaccine shot once we enter the clinic because he became more clingy and he didn’t want to be touched by Dra.Vienne. Oh I guess he’s indeed a baby no more. He already knew what’s gonna happen next. Pero hindi pa naman kami umaabot sa point na nagwawala sya to the max and I hope hindi na kami umabot dun. Thank God for that!

And look at Cyler here, he looks so much like a big boy now. I can’t imagine how time flies! He wore gingersnap clothes here. I so love gingersnap for Cyler. And we’re a gingersnap lover ever since he was born.


And of course, here’s what I wore naman that day. Neon orange tube dress from Terranova. I purchased this along with the other dresses that I wore in our previous outing (read it here and here). And I got this dress for Php195 only. 🙂


After the check-up, off we went to Greenbelt to attend the mass. Before attending the mass, we ate at KFC for merienda. Cyler ate spaghetti, fries, and chicken! Oh he loves spaghetti so much!

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Life is….

…not the heavenly bliss that many see it for. Sometimes it’s cruel and you just have to live with it. So when the time comes that you feel like crying and you feel all alone just dwell on these quote from Mother Teresa, I hope it move you just the way it move me.

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”

-Mother Teresa

And also I want to share this song, it’s Who am I by Casting Crowns. It’s the song that inspired me during my most difficult and trying times. It’s like a prayer of hope to those who are helpless, confuse, and at loss. So feel free to listen and have a good time with the Lord. Remember the love of God for us is extravagant and he will never (ever!) leave you nor forsake you. 🙂

So chin up and move forward remember that life’s a beautiful thing and a greatest gift from God. Think of happy thoughts, there’s so much to smile about! 🙂

Happy Weekend, everyone! 🙂

Palm Beach Resort

As promise guys, here’s the behind the scene of our most awaited beach wedding slash outing slash reunion (as per Jerellt) that we’ve attended a couple of weeks ago. Our dear friends, Yen and Biboy chose Palm Beach Resort as their wedding venue, the beach is located at (READ:kadulu-duluhan at kasuluk-sulukan!) Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. It’s really far! Pinky swear! As in when you get there wala ng signal ang mga phone ninyo (if you’re a globe subscriber), may konting signal pa naman pag smart subscriber ka so ganun kalayo. Can you imagine two days without network and internet? My gulay! Well, technically it’s only 1/2 days but it feels like forever pag walang internet connection. Oh there’s wifi….but it’s not working. Ugggh! But it was good at the same time because we were able to bond ng bonggang bongga! Madalas kasi nawawala na ung real essense ng “bonding” kapag may smart phone, diba?

Anyway, Palm Beach Resort is 3-4 hours drive from Manila depends on the traffic and the GPRS that you will use. In our case medyo hindi accurate yung mga drivers GPRS namin. You can actually check the direction here but they say mas nakakalito daw ung map dun sa site. Anyway, you can still check it if you want to. Good thing 4pm pa ang start ng wedding so were just on the right time when we arrived at the beach resort. 🙂

T’was really far but since it’s our friend’s special day we didn’t mind the distance at all even though deep inside of us parang gusto na naming umatras sa sobrang layo. HAHAHA! Buti nalang talaga loves namin sila! 😛

Anyway, allow me to roam you around the beach resort. The place is quite small unlike other beach resorts but it’s really nice and relaxing since it’s relatively unpopulated (kasi nga ang layo!).


Beach Cabana


Beach front

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Love, Mommy

My Dearest Cyler,

As I write this post, I’m just listening to your never-ending nursery and rnb song. Yes, you love singing RNB too! You are such a composer and great singer, Cyler you love creating your own lyrics and rhythm. You really have a heart in music, maybe you got that from Mommy or maybe because you love listening to mozart when you were still in my tummy. Oh and I remember those days when it’s just us together and all you did was to eat, poop, and sleep. How I miss those days so badly. I can’t believe that you are toddler already and so tall.

I wish we can always be like this forever

I wish I could be with you 24/7. You know that it really breaks my heart every time I go to work and leave you at home but I must for the sake of your future. I know someday when you grow up and you have your own family you will understand why Mommy and Daddy have to do those things for you. But thank you for always waiting for us even if your sleepy or snoozing already. I can feel that you love us so much because you can’t sleep at night without Mommy or Daddy beside you. Thank you for the love, sweetheart! You’re my inspiration and you are indeed my greatest stress reliever.

Your giggle is music to my ears. Your laugh and your smile takes all my worries and fears away. Thank you for the sheer joy that you brings into my life. I can’t imagine life without you and your Daddy, Cyler. And thanks for constantly reminding me how truly blessed I am for having you in my life. Always remember that my love for you is like nothing else in the world, anak. I love you, Cyler so much!


ChopStop: The New Chop On The Block

Before I start this post I just wanted to share this good news to all of you even though I know that this is off topic. Anyhoo, last Friday night I registered my blog at Top Blogs Philippines on Home & Living category. Top Blogs Philippines is a site that ranks Filipino blogs here in our country. I actually don’t mind being rank I just wanna try it out of curiosity. But to my surprise on Saturday morning my blog was placed at #237 then on Saturday noon it went up to #137 and then yesterday I was really shocked, overwhelmed, and surprised because it went all the way up to #37 and just today it goes up to #31! YAY!!! I considered this as a milestone for this little space of mine. Thank you so much for spending your time reading this blog I know how precious and important your time is. So from the bottom of my grateful heart… Thank you, thank you so much! 🙂

So there, going back to the real topic.

It’s been awhile since I last posted about my food discovery so while I’m still in the mood to write (naks! Parang tunay!) please allow me to share it with y’all. 🙂

Every Friday me and my officemates used to have lunch out, we have this bawal-magbaon-ng-Friday rule in the office. Actually, samin lang magfri-friendship yang rule na yan. So every Friday we used to try every resto around Paseo, Valero, and Ayala Triangle Makati since our office building are located there. Last Friday we discovered that there is a newly opened resto in Valero. The name of the resto is ChopStop. It is located in front of Valero Parking and beside Army Navy in Valero. Isang kembot lang from our building.


The interior of the resto is very modern and it reminds me of Yellowcab interior design. Perfect siya if you and your friends are planning to make tambay and kwentuhan. Very inviting yung ambiance, in fairness. Kung wala lang kaming work that day baka tumambay nalang kami dyan.



And before I proceed with the food, here’s my outfit of the day (may ganun?!). Segue segue din pag may time. I used to post selfie in my Instagram account every Friday because that’s my favorite day. Anong konek? Wala. Nasabi ko lang. HAHAHA!

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Our Most Awaited Beach Wedding (a.k.a Outing)

Finally, the long wait is over for these two showbiz lovebirds. I bet you’re all wondering bakit may a.k.a pa ung title? It’s simply because we really thought that this is just an outing. When the groom invited us he said that this is just an outing. When I asked the groom kung sinong kasama namin ang sagot sakin “tayo-tayo lang” when I asked him to elaborate yung “tayo-tayo” he answered me with this “tayo nila master(referring to Cj and our other friends), family ko(groom’s family), at family ni Yen(the bride)”. BOOM! Alam na! Talaga palang kami-kami nga lang. LOL! So to make the long story short… confirm hindi nga eto simpleng outing.. eto ay wedding! Beach wedding, that is! Buti umamin samin kung hindi pare-parehas kaming naka swimsuit sa wedding! Imagine?! 😛

Fast forward, July 12 they tied the knot. We were just tremendously happy for these two. Superrrrrr! Wag ninyo ng tanungin kung bakit because it’s a looooooong story! Sakanila nalang yun. 🙂

Congrats Mr and Mrs Bobadilla! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! 😛



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Cyler’s Last Day at Kindermusik

Cyler’s summer class at Kindermusik was ended already (insert sad face here), but we will definitely enroll him again at KM.Their 1st semester started last Saturday, thing is we went on a beach wedding on that day so hindi na namin siya na-enroll for this month. But we are still planning to enroll him again next month, hopefully there’s still remaining slot for Cyler. Anyway, I just wanna share his last session at KM. It was filled with these three letters… F-U-N!

Here’s Cyler before the class started. He was so giddy, excited (as usual!), and filled with lotsa energy!

Their last assignment was to make a car costume for their first activity and so we decided to make a Lightning Mcqueen costume for Cyler since he’s so into cars these days. Cj made the costume, you know naman wala akong alam sa art. Teehee! He liked it… first but after a few minutes he got irritated already and he didn’t want to wear it anymore. Oh well, you know toddlers always get bored easily. Good thing this imaginary wheel saved the day! He didn’t mind wearing the costume anymore. YAY! 🙂


PS: Si Lightning Mcqueen yung costume.. di lang halata! 😛

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Decoding Toddler Behavior

Cliche as it may sound but my son, Cyler is growing up so fast! So fast that sometimes I can’t catch up anymore. Everyday he learned and discovered new things on his own and he’s getting more curious about things. He wanted to do things on his own at take note marunong ng magdabog pag pinag sasabihan namin pero nakukuha naman sa maayos na usapan, which is good. We’ll I guess that’s all part of growing up, right? They say toddler is one of the most critical stage aside from the teenage stage because this is the stage when your kids develop their character and values. Eto yung stage na naco-confuse pa sila sa emotions nila and they still don’t know how to deal with it. Kaya eto din ang most critical part for parents because it needs a lot of courage,dedication, and patience in order for you to survive. And it’s true, hindi talaga biro ang maging magulang. You will never realize the joy and hardship of being a parent until you become a parent itself.


So now these are the current behaviour that I usually encounter with my toddler and some helpful tips on how to deal with it. I’m no expert in parenting but I just wanted to share some of the things that I learned from the past 2 years of being a mom.

1. Frustrations

It occurs when the kids can’t do what they wanted to do. I remember one time sobrang na-frustrate si Cyler sa ginagawa nya and I didn’t know the reason why, he couldn’t cry out loud pero tumutulo ung luha nya and I can see in his eyes kung gano sya ka-frustrated. He wanted to tell something but he couldn’t say it and then when I approached him, ayun biglang nagwala to the highest level! That’s the only time na nakita namin syang ma-frustrate ng ganun and I didn’t know what to do. I was on panic mode too because I’m not used to it.

So I tried to calm him down and gave him a power hug and lots of kisses. Children are very aware of the way we express affection through the touch of our hand or a hug. At parati kong ginagamitan yan ng magic word ( I love you!) because that’s so powerful. Another technique was I tried to distract him by showing his favorite music (which is the alphabet song) on his iPad. Then finally he’s back to normal. Remember that distraction is a great tool for toddlers and it’s really effective. Pinky swear! Actually, I realized madali lang kalmahin ang mga bagets basta alam mo how to distract them and what makes them happy. In my case, music, books, and sometimes his favorite cartoons ang nagpapa-kalma kay Cyler. So you should know what makes your child happy, that’s our number 1 distraction weapon. And remember that even just the simple act of a reassuring hug can say “I love you” and help stop negative behavior.

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The Unkabogable TSN SPArty


It was such an honor to be invited at TSN fantabuluos and super shala SPArty. On that very day, I realized that the ladies behind this witty, super NKKLK, and oh-so funny blog were really a certified soshal! They really live by the name of their blog. In fairview!

S, P, and D are the ladies behind the The Soshal Network, they are indeed a combined powers of beauty and brain. And they really got a great sense of humor which is very obvious sa dami ng natutuwa sa mga posts nila. Wala atang sinabi tong mga ‘to na hindi ako natawa o naaliw. So just imagined what more kung makasama mo pa sila in person. The three of them are all lawyers (ibang level diba?) and they’ve been friends for more than a decade now. Astig diba?

Meet P, S, and D of TSN!
(Photo grabbed from TSN)

The super shalang SPArty was held at St. Nails, Makati. The nail salon is located near Dasmarinas Village gate. D told us that the owner of the said nail salon was her friend. In fairness, I super kaduper like their services there. If I will rate it from 1-10, I’ll give them 10. We were all pampered the whole day, as in! That’s why when D invited me to go in the Sparty ay naku hindi naku nagpakipot pa go na agad! Push na yan!



And of course, papahuli ba naman ang food sa kasoshalan?! Si S daw kasi ang pumili ng food kaya sashal! In fairness, I love all the food it’s super delish! I felt like we were treated like a queen that day. While we were having are nails done, D served the food for us. O diba ang bongga? Thank you, D!


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The Two Important “F” In My Life

I love being surrounded with people (super!), not just people people but good people. I love people who brings good vibes into my life. We will only live once so why not choose the right and better people who will go along the way, daba? As much as possible I try to avoid people who brings nothing but negativity to my life. That’s why I come up to this post to show you the two important “F” in my life. These are not things nor animals, these are people that I truly cherish and value the most.

So the question is.. who are the two F in my life?

It’s no other than my….


I am 1Billon % sure that they will never-ever leave me nor forsake me. Gumuho man ang mundo, pumuti man ang buhok ko, malagas man ang ngipin ko, at tumangkad man ako.. ang pamilya ko andyan pa rin sa tabi ko. Naks! But that’s true. Iwanan ka man lahat ng tao pero ang pamilya mo hinding hindi ka iiwanan nyan. Andyan lang yan para sau.. hindi lang minsan halata. 🙂

402417_2651400335716_1552260344_nAng pamilya sasabayan ka nyan sa mga kabaliwan mo pero pag sasabihan ka at itatama ka pag nagkamali kana. Agree or agree?! AGREEEEE!

The best people in the world - Family!

The best thing in the world – Family!

And of course the second important F in my life are my….

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Cyler’s Current Obesession

…is the H20!


Kung pwede lang siyang maligo 10x a day para makapag lublob sa tubig, for sure he will do it! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you all know how obsess is Cyler with water. Once he dip in the water were always having a hard time taking him out of the water.  I swear! Pero this obsession has good benefits naman for both of us because wala ng crayola moment para lang maligo siya kasi uunahan kapa niyang pumunta sa banyo pag narinig na nya ang magic word “bath time! shower! shower!”. If only I can show you how excited he is once we take his clothes off, ay naku daig pa ang kiti-kiti sa tuwa at likot!

That’s why when her Ninang Yhani gave this mini-pool to him on his 2nd birthday ay naku nag-uumupaw ang tuwa ng bagets sa saya! Kung before 30minutes syang naka-babad sa balde ngayon 1hour nasa banyo pag naliligo! Kulang pa! #Susmaryosep Dinaig pako! Kalurks! Look at the photo below at F na F talaga ng bagets ung mini-pool as he was trying to dip his whole body in the mini-pool. Thing is, he’s too big for this inflated pool. #EpicFail Teehee!

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA5And you know what’s the funny thing about his obsession with water? Sometimes when he’s drinking water in the glass he used to dip his whole mouth into the glass and pretend like his swimming in the water! Kalurks! But that’s how he loves(or should I say obsess?) the water !  I definitely have a little merman who loves to stay in the water.

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA4

I remember when I was a little I’m so afraid of the water, in short… I hate taking a bath! Ooopsie! TMI, I know. But don’t get me wrong most of the kids hates taking a bath too… nakakatamad kasi(Oh aminin ninyo! Oh baka talagang it’s just me?)!  Don’t worry my wisik-wisik days had already passed, masipag nakong maligo ngayon! LOL! Well, I guess this obsession is good and I hope it will last until he grow up. When the time comes na tinamad na din siyang maligo, I’ll show these photos to him at baka sakaling bumalik yung love nya sa tubig. 🙂

How about you? What’s your kids current obsession? Do they love the water too?

The Voice

Are you guys watching The Voice Philippines? Super gagaling ng mga contestant noh? Parang lahat pro! Nakaka-inspire lang parang gusto kong sumali (in my dreams, that is!) din. LOL! Oh well, I guess hangang dreams nalang yun. I bet at the back of your mind you’re saying “seriously?” now. Pero seryoso nga, as a matter of fact I joined singing contest back in highschool pero waley! Olats! From then tinapos ko na ang singing career ko, I accepted the fact that it’s not my thing. HAHAHA! So sa church nalang ako kumanta. Funny right?! But that’s how I love music!

Anyway, maybe this little man will pursue my dreams.

Watchuthink? Not satisfied?

Eto bumibirit na ang bagets dito! Teehee!

Those videos were taken from my instagram account (follow me, maybe!), I caught Cyler singing whole heartedly while watching his favorite channel, BabyTv. Isn’t it the cutest?!

Now that’s what I call… The Voice! 🙂



I wonder where did he get the “gong gong gong” lyrics at the end of the song. LOL!

Blog Update

……din pag may time! 😛

How are you guys?! My blog is back to normal. Kalurks. Everything is back to normal (Thank goodness!), you can already view the photos. The reason why it can be viewed and was replaced by a signage is because my bandwidth with photobucket had exceeded already due to the number of views per month. Here’s their explanation with that:

Imagine you have a photo that is 1MB in size, and you post it on your blog. Whenever a friend sees your blog, 1MB of data is transferred from your Photobucket account. That counts toward your 10GB per month limit (10GB = 10,000MB, and most photos are much smaller than 1MB).

Now, imagine your blog has a lot of photos on it, and their total size is 5MB. That would mean that 2,000 blog views would max out the bandwidth on your free Photobucket account. If you’re linking multiple photos in multiple places, or you post photos on a popular site, your bandwidth can add up pretty fast!

Gets? Hindi ko nagets eh, paki-explain nalang sakin. Choz!

So ayun nga in other words, nag-exceed ang bandwidth ng lola ninyo dahil sa kaka-view ninyo! LOL! No, but thank you for keeping up with me although there are times na sablay ang mga posts ko. And in return for your undying support, I added additional bandwidth (that means I have to pay..uggh!) in order to show the pictures again. Hayayayay! Oh ayan ah, ganyan kau ka-importante sakin at ganyan ko kayo ka-love! Kaya walang bibitiw, kundi sisingilin ko kayo! CHOZ!

So there just so you know. So from now on, mejo bawas bawas nako sa mga #selfie photo ko ah para kahit 1k views per month hindi mag-exceed! Teehee!

Oh and if you will notice my side widgets, you can actually see some changes here. I added my “About Me” on my side widget so that the newcomer’s (or should I say new reader? naks!)will know me better. I remember in our previous Blog Inspired workshop when Jayme told us that it’s important to put your about me or profile in front page so that the new readers will know you better and aside from that yan talaga yung unang hinahanap ng tao once they visit your site. Their curious about who you are, that’s why it’s important that you have your short description in your main page. Oh and another thing is that I also added a disclaimer for this site. I placed it right after the searching engine so that the new readers can read it too. Nowadays, people can copy every details in your site in just one click without asking for your permission or without accrediting your blog and I hate it when people get your own idea most especially your identity. Copyright is a legal concept that everyone must follow.

So there! I have a lot of exciting things to share about me and my family on my next post! So watch out for that!