Blog Update

……din pag may time! 😛

How are you guys?! My blog is back to normal. Kalurks. Everything is back to normal (Thank goodness!), you can already view the photos. The reason why it can be viewed and was replaced by a signage is because my bandwidth with photobucket had exceeded already due to the number of views per month. Here’s their explanation with that:

Imagine you have a photo that is 1MB in size, and you post it on your blog. Whenever a friend sees your blog, 1MB of data is transferred from your Photobucket account. That counts toward your 10GB per month limit (10GB = 10,000MB, and most photos are much smaller than 1MB).

Now, imagine your blog has a lot of photos on it, and their total size is 5MB. That would mean that 2,000 blog views would max out the bandwidth on your free Photobucket account. If you’re linking multiple photos in multiple places, or you post photos on a popular site, your bandwidth can add up pretty fast!

Gets? Hindi ko nagets eh, paki-explain nalang sakin. Choz!

So ayun nga in other words, nag-exceed ang bandwidth ng lola ninyo dahil sa kaka-view ninyo! LOL! No, but thank you for keeping up with me although there are times na sablay ang mga posts ko. And in return for your undying support, I added additional bandwidth (that means I have to pay..uggh!) in order to show the pictures again. Hayayayay! Oh ayan ah, ganyan kau ka-importante sakin at ganyan ko kayo ka-love! Kaya walang bibitiw, kundi sisingilin ko kayo! CHOZ!

So there just so you know. So from now on, mejo bawas bawas nako sa mga #selfie photo ko ah para kahit 1k views per month hindi mag-exceed! Teehee!

Oh and if you will notice my side widgets, you can actually see some changes here. I added my “About Me” on my side widget so that the newcomer’s (or should I say new reader? naks!)will know me better. I remember in our previous Blog Inspired workshop when Jayme told us that it’s important to put your about me or profile in front page so that the new readers will know you better and aside from that yan talaga yung unang hinahanap ng tao once they visit your site. Their curious about who you are, that’s why it’s important that you have your short description in your main page. Oh and another thing is that I also added a disclaimer for this site. I placed it right after the searching engine so that the new readers can read it too. Nowadays, people can copy every details in your site in just one click without asking for your permission or without accrediting your blog and I hate it when people get your own idea most especially your identity. Copyright is a legal concept that everyone must follow.

So there! I have a lot of exciting things to share about me and my family on my next post! So watch out for that!


5 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. hi sha. new reader here. found your blog through mommy fleur, i think. 🙂 anyways, i enjoy reading your posts so far about your family especially your little boy. ang cute pa ng name! like you i bake too… pero beginner pa lang talaga. picked up the habit when i resigned from my previous job.

    have you tried using flickr for your photos? 1TB yung storage capacity niya eh. not so sure about the bandwidth nga lang.

    • Hi Rose, uy katokayo kita sa name! Sharon Rose kasi ung whole name ko eh. Hihi

      Anyway, thank you for reading my posts! Corny nga lang ako pero pag tyagaan mo na. LOL! Buti kapa full time Mom na ako I need to strive hard pa para maka-ipon kami ng bongga. But were working on it! Sino ba namang ayaw maging full time housewife diba? Dukutin ang ilong! Chos!

      Super therapeutic ng baking noh? Lakas din makatanggal ng stress. I haven’t tried flicker pero cge I’ll check that. Thanks for suggesting!

      • haha. i wish i was married and a mom na. pero nope, single pa rin and enjoying it so far. 🙂 di ko pa na-aachieve mga gusto ko sa buhay. i started working again three months after i resigned from my previous job. na-stress ako nang bongga dun kasi night shift although it pays well naman. nothing can beat the comfort of sleeping in your own bed tuwing gabi.

        looks like i’ll be a regular here na. nakakatuwang mag-backread ng mga posts mo. very honest na pagku-kwento.

      • Ay sorry, Rose! Baka na-offend kita sa housewife ah! Sorry, peace! Hehe

        Okay yan, enjoy being single muna i-enjoy mo na ang dapat mong i-enjoy para when you the time comes and you decided to settle down wala ka ng regret sa buhay. I don’t like nightshift too! Walang life especially if you have family. 🙂

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