Cyler’s Current Obesession

…is the H20!


Kung pwede lang siyang maligo 10x a day para makapag lublob sa tubig, for sure he will do it! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you all know how obsess is Cyler with water. Once he dip in the water were always having a hard time taking him out of the water.  I swear! Pero this obsession has good benefits naman for both of us because wala ng crayola moment para lang maligo siya kasi uunahan kapa niyang pumunta sa banyo pag narinig na nya ang magic word “bath time! shower! shower!”. If only I can show you how excited he is once we take his clothes off, ay naku daig pa ang kiti-kiti sa tuwa at likot!

That’s why when her Ninang Yhani gave this mini-pool to him on his 2nd birthday ay naku nag-uumupaw ang tuwa ng bagets sa saya! Kung before 30minutes syang naka-babad sa balde ngayon 1hour nasa banyo pag naliligo! Kulang pa! #Susmaryosep Dinaig pako! Kalurks! Look at the photo below at F na F talaga ng bagets ung mini-pool as he was trying to dip his whole body in the mini-pool. Thing is, he’s too big for this inflated pool. #EpicFail Teehee!

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA5And you know what’s the funny thing about his obsession with water? Sometimes when he’s drinking water in the glass he used to dip his whole mouth into the glass and pretend like his swimming in the water! Kalurks! But that’s how he loves(or should I say obsess?) the water !  I definitely have a little merman who loves to stay in the water.

Cyler's 2nd Bday at MOA4

I remember when I was a little I’m so afraid of the water, in short… I hate taking a bath! Ooopsie! TMI, I know. But don’t get me wrong most of the kids hates taking a bath too… nakakatamad kasi(Oh aminin ninyo! Oh baka talagang it’s just me?)!  Don’t worry my wisik-wisik days had already passed, masipag nakong maligo ngayon! LOL! Well, I guess this obsession is good and I hope it will last until he grow up. When the time comes na tinamad na din siyang maligo, I’ll show these photos to him at baka sakaling bumalik yung love nya sa tubig. 🙂

How about you? What’s your kids current obsession? Do they love the water too?

6 thoughts on “Cyler’s Current Obesession

  1. have him take swimming lessons na rin once he’s old enough for it. malay mo, you have a champion swimmer in the making na pala. baka makapag-olympics pa in the future. *crosses fingers* hehe!

    • Were actually planning for that, thing is wala kaming alam na malapit na swimming pool dito sa area namin. Anlayo sa kabihasnan! LOL! At sana mag dilang anghel ka! *wink!*

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