The Unkabogable TSN SPArty


It was such an honor to be invited at TSN fantabuluos and super shala SPArty. On that very day, I realized that the ladies behind this witty, super NKKLK, and oh-so funny blog were really a certified soshal! They really live by the name of their blog. In fairview!

S, P, and D are the ladies behind the The Soshal Network, they are indeed a combined powers of beauty and brain. And they really got a great sense of humor which is very obvious sa dami ng natutuwa sa mga posts nila. Wala atang sinabi tong mga ‘to na hindi ako natawa o naaliw. So just imagined what more kung makasama mo pa sila in person. The three of them are all lawyers (ibang level diba?) and they’ve been friends for more than a decade now. Astig diba?

Meet P, S, and D of TSN!
(Photo grabbed from TSN)

The super shalang SPArty was held at St. Nails, Makati. The nail salon is located near Dasmarinas Village gate. D told us that the owner of the said nail salon was her friend. In fairness, I super kaduper like their services there. If I will rate it from 1-10, I’ll give them 10. We were all pampered the whole day, as in! That’s why when D invited me to go in the Sparty ay naku hindi naku nagpakipot pa go na agad! Push na yan!



And of course, papahuli ba naman ang food sa kasoshalan?! Si S daw kasi ang pumili ng food kaya sashal! In fairness, I love all the food it’s super delish! I felt like we were treated like a queen that day. While we were having are nails done, D served the food for us. O diba ang bongga? Thank you, D!



That’s Cai of Apples and Dumplings also known as donya Paper Chic of Paper Chic Studio.

(photo grabbed from TSN)

Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Mars of Planet Marsy, Peachy of She is also an Architect, Cai of Apples and Dumplings and Paper Chic Studio, and Fleur of Mommy Fleur was there too.


Now here’s my nail art by St. Nails. Ang pretty noh? Nevermind my super dry hands. I had foot paraffin and manicure, and it’s my first time to try paraffin. In fairness effective naman pero mainit… ang init ng wax!

And me while making pa-cute to Mars. Thanks for this lovely photo, Mars! Naks, lovely talaga noh?! 😛


The certified kikay Mommy Fleur and Anika while having their nails done. Manang mana sa kakikayan ng ina! 🙂

So habang sitting pretty kami sa mga trono namin, D prepared a game. It’s a guessing game whereas huhulaan namin kung sinong actress or actor ang nagsabi ng line sa movie. Si P ang nag-act at nag-deliver ng mga line. Kaya naman F na F namin lahat ng lines. Parang nag flash back lahat ng old tagalog movies sa utak ko that time. Mars won the game! 2nd lang ako but they still gave me a consolation prize! Yay! A GC from Starbucks. Thank you TSN! Winner talaga kayo!


After the game relax relax na uli at chika chika muna. While we were relaxing, P entertained the kiddos! And they all love P! In fairness to P ang lakas ng karisma sa bata. Good job! Pwde ka ng mag-anak! Chos!

Here’s the video of their dance showdown.

PS: Oh diba dumada-moves si P!

While relaxing photo ops muna. That’s Mars, S, me, and D. (Photo grabbed from TSN)

(Photo grabbed from TSN)

And that’s Mommy Peachy and Cai chillaxin’ and instagrammin’ while having their nails done.

And before we all went home, we had a mandatory group picture.


Again, thanks a lot TSN for inviting us! It’s my pleasure to become part of your 1st Year Anniversary! Happy 1st Anniversary again! Cheers to more laughters! I really had so much fun! Super! Pwde bang next week mag celebrate uli kayo kasama kami? Hahaha! Sana monthly may celebration! Chos!

Thanks again, TSN! More power…kili kili power! :p

4 thoughts on “The Unkabogable TSN SPArty

  1. ang saya naman ng TSN anniversary party. and they’re all lawyers?!? wow, ibang level nga. akala ko nung una si D lang yung attorney. been visiting their blog lately and in fairness, tuwang-tuwa ako sa mga entries nila. parang kwento ng kabarkada mo lang.

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