Cyler’s Last Day at Kindermusik

Cyler’s summer class at Kindermusik was ended already (insert sad face here), but we will definitely enroll him again at KM.Their 1st semester started last Saturday, thing is we went on a beach wedding on that day so hindi na namin siya na-enroll for this month. But we are still planning to enroll him again next month, hopefully there’s still remaining slot for Cyler. Anyway, I just wanna share his last session at KM. It was filled with these three letters… F-U-N!

Here’s Cyler before the class started. He was so giddy, excited (as usual!), and filled with lotsa energy!

Their last assignment was to make a car costume for their first activity and so we decided to make a Lightning Mcqueen costume for Cyler since he’s so into cars these days. Cj made the costume, you know naman wala akong alam sa art. Teehee! He liked it… first but after a few minutes he got irritated already and he didn’t want to wear it anymore. Oh well, you know toddlers always get bored easily. Good thing this imaginary wheel saved the day! He didn’t mind wearing the costume anymore. YAY! 🙂


PS: Si Lightning Mcqueen yung costume.. di lang halata! 😛

Everything went well because he already memorized all the activities by heart. He sure did a lot of fun! Teacher Jeannie said that Cyler was really musically inclined and he loves playing the instruments so much. She suggested that we continue introducing different types of music and instrument to Cyler para mas ma-develop. And it must be in a form of fun learning too like what we always do here in KM.


As a reward to Cyler we bought him a happy meal at Mcdonalds. We completed the set of minions in 1 1/2 day just for the little boy! Talked about hoarding you know. And he all liked it! That’s the only time na binilhan namin siya uli ng toy, I can’t even remember when was the last time na binilhan namin siya ng toy. And he deserved these toys!

And here’s his certificate from Kindermusik for participating in the summer themed unit of Go Go Go presented on the 2nd day of June 2013! Hooray!


And I couldn’t be any prouder than that. I guess every parents will feel the same emotions that I felt when we received the certificate for it’s an accomplishment for my toddler. I know it’s not a big thing for other people but that’s something for Cyler and for us his parents. That’s his first ever certificate (aside from the birth certificate)! Were the happiest people on earth when we received that. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of you, anak! Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw ang kaligayahan namin para sau anak. Keep it up! 🙂

Thanks again to Teacher Jeannie and company for making our summer class worth it and wonderful! See you on the next semester!  🙂


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