ChopStop: The New Chop On The Block

Before I start this post I just wanted to share this good news to all of you even though I know that this is off topic. Anyhoo, last Friday night I registered my blog at Top Blogs Philippines on Home & Living category. Top Blogs Philippines is a site that ranks Filipino blogs here in our country. I actually don’t mind being rank I just wanna try it out of curiosity. But to my surprise on Saturday morning my blog was placed at #237 then on Saturday noon it went up to #137 and then yesterday I was really shocked, overwhelmed, and surprised because it went all the way up to #37 and just today it goes up to #31! YAY!!! I considered this as a milestone for this little space of mine. Thank you so much for spending your time reading this blog I know how precious and important your time is. So from the bottom of my grateful heart… Thank you, thank you so much! 🙂

So there, going back to the real topic.

It’s been awhile since I last posted about my food discovery so while I’m still in the mood to write (naks! Parang tunay!) please allow me to share it with y’all. 🙂

Every Friday me and my officemates used to have lunch out, we have this bawal-magbaon-ng-Friday rule in the office. Actually, samin lang magfri-friendship yang rule na yan. So every Friday we used to try every resto around Paseo, Valero, and Ayala Triangle Makati since our office building are located there. Last Friday we discovered that there is a newly opened resto in Valero. The name of the resto is ChopStop. It is located in front of Valero Parking and beside Army Navy in Valero. Isang kembot lang from our building.


The interior of the resto is very modern and it reminds me of Yellowcab interior design. Perfect siya if you and your friends are planning to make tambay and kwentuhan. Very inviting yung ambiance, in fairness. Kung wala lang kaming work that day baka tumambay nalang kami dyan.



And before I proceed with the food, here’s my outfit of the day (may ganun?!). Segue segue din pag may time. I used to post selfie in my Instagram account every Friday because that’s my favorite day. Anong konek? Wala. Nasabi ko lang. HAHAHA!


Shirt from Zara, Sandals from Ferretti, and Jeans from Crissa (lakas maka-bagets!)

Alright so as for the food, I super kaduper love this dynamite. It’s the bomb! They coated it with breadings instead of lumpia wrapper it also has ground pork that eliminates the umay and anghang factor. If your a big fan of spicy food then this one is perfect for you! It also has chopped red and green chilli mixed with the ground pork that makes it more hotter. But I still loved it! Super!


I ordered pork tonkatsu too. I liked the side dish and it’s sauce. But I find the pork a bit hard, I think it was overcooked. Good thing the owner of the said restaurant approached us and asked for comments and suggestions for the food. And so I told them na matigas ung pork and they accepted it wholeheartedly, which is really good. They say that they will try their best to improve the food and services since it’s just their soft opening. I love the fact that they used to accept comments and suggestions from their costumers. Hats off to that! Kaya bawi na rin.


And did I mention that we ordered margarita too?! Yes, we ordered margarita on lunch. Teehee! Andami kasi naming uhaw eh kaya di namin napigilan mag order nito kahit tanghaling tapat. Don’t worry 1 pitcher lang naman to think na andami namin. We just give it a try. And in fairness, we all loved their margarita! Super! It has the right amount of tequila at walang tama. It’s like your drinking fruit juice. Ang sarap! Super! I’ll bring Cj here next time for sure magugustuhan nya din dito. I highly recommend this drink for those people na gustong makatikim ng ladies drink pero ayaw malasing kasi wala siyang effect parang juice lang talaga. Promise! 🙂


They used to serve meat loaf, pulled pork, chicken chop, pork chop, and many kinds of chops too! And the good thing about this resto? It is indeed budget friendly. Would you believe that 1 pitcher tequila only cost Php99 petot? My pork tonkatsu is only Php149 and I just added Php49 petot for bottomless iced-tea. O diba bonggels?! The dynamite only cost Php99 petot too. For me it’s super sulit plus the owner and crew were very polite and accommodating not to mention the good ambiance of the resto.

We will definitely go back here and we’ll try other foods(and we’ll order more margarita!). 🙂


7 thoughts on “ChopStop: The New Chop On The Block

  1. Dapat pang #2 ka (ako # 1 ) hehe! Joke! Congrats, it shows that more and more people find your blog very interesting. Great work! The dynamite looks hot and delish! thanx for sharing it with us, would like to try it one day 🙂

    • Uy oo nga! Okay nako sa #2 kahit wala ngang rank okay lang din sakin. Ang mahalaga nakakapag pasaya at nai-inspired ang mga readers. Naks! Parang tunay. Hahaha!

      You should try it! You will surely love it! And don’t forget to try the margarita! Hihi :p

  2. hi kikay, went there too due to your blog. Enjoyed the meatball pasta, bacon friss and the margarita too!
    Requested the store managers that might be better serving it on a margarita glass para feel na feel!

    • Wow! Good to hear that, Tracy! In fairness to their manager they really know how to listen to their customers comments and suggestions. Bet ko yang margarita glass para mas class! Winner yan! 🙂

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