Love, Mommy

My Dearest Cyler,

As I write this post, I’m just listening to your never-ending nursery and rnb song. Yes, you love singing RNB too! You are such a composer and great singer, Cyler you love creating your own lyrics and rhythm. You really have a heart in music, maybe you got that from Mommy or maybe because you love listening to mozart when you were still in my tummy. Oh and I remember those days when it’s just us together and all you did was to eat, poop, and sleep. How I miss those days so badly. I can’t believe that you are toddler already and so tall.

I wish we can always be like this forever

I wish I could be with you 24/7. You know that it really breaks my heart every time I go to work and leave you at home but I must for the sake of your future. I know someday when you grow up and you have your own family you will understand why Mommy and Daddy have to do those things for you. But thank you for always waiting for us even if your sleepy or snoozing already. I can feel that you love us so much because you can’t sleep at night without Mommy or Daddy beside you. Thank you for the love, sweetheart! You’re my inspiration and you are indeed my greatest stress reliever.

Your giggle is music to my ears. Your laugh and your smile takes all my worries and fears away. Thank you for the sheer joy that you brings into my life. I can’t imagine life without you and your Daddy, Cyler. And thanks for constantly reminding me how truly blessed I am for having you in my life. Always remember that my love for you is like nothing else in the world, anak. I love you, Cyler so much!



2 thoughts on “Love, Mommy

  1. mommy sha!!! 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog kahit na mejo naghihikahos na yun… hehehe and thanks for leaving comments too!!! 🙂 been your quiet blog stalker for sometime kasi yun lang ang keri ng time kong gawin ang mgbasa ng mga blogs, cant create my own posts hihihihi… but now energy’s back sana pati sa pgbblog ok na rin ako, pero super tambak pa with things to do with my big boy, with the new baby and well work… hehehe

    napaiyak ako sa post mo na to…. im soooooooooo feeling you… my maternity leave gave me the opportunity to have unli time with the new baby and my pao… and sooobra akong napapaiyak sa tuwa everytime i see my pao doing something new…nakakaloka lang na big boy agad agad 😦 he’s turning 2 na rin this october… and relate na relate tlga ako sa mga letters mo ke cyler… sigh… im trying so hard to slow down time with pao…and sa new baby… kaya lang parang mas mabilis pa lumaki si mateo…waaaahhh bakit ambilis bilis bilis nilang mggrowup… bitter sweet…hehehe sana i can also just work from home, i dont want to miss on their growing up… kasi before we know it they wanted to explore the world on their own too… hay role tlga ng mga mommies… hehehe

    • Oh so true, Charm! Sulitin mo your maternity leave with your kids! Hay I suddenly miss Cyler so badly nasa office pa kasi ako. Hay! Oh the travails of a working Mom.

      You’re right ang bilis nila sobra lumaki, as in! I can’t believe Cyler is so independent now. Lets just cherish and enjoy each and every moment while their young because the moment we know it they’ll be opting to be on their own. 😦

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