Palm Beach Resort

As promise guys, here’s the behind the scene of our most awaited beach wedding slash outing slash reunion (as per Jerellt) that we’ve attended a couple of weeks ago. Our dear friends, Yen and Biboy chose Palm Beach Resort as their wedding venue, the beach is located at (READ:kadulu-duluhan at kasuluk-sulukan!) Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. It’s really far! Pinky swear! As in when you get there wala ng signal ang mga phone ninyo (if you’re a globe subscriber), may konting signal pa naman pag smart subscriber ka so ganun kalayo. Can you imagine two days without network and internet? My gulay! Well, technically it’s only 1/2 days but it feels like forever pag walang internet connection. Oh there’s wifi….but it’s not working. Ugggh! But it was good at the same time because we were able to bond ng bonggang bongga! Madalas kasi nawawala na ung real essense ng “bonding” kapag may smart phone, diba?

Anyway, Palm Beach Resort is 3-4 hours drive from Manila depends on the traffic and the GPRS that you will use. In our case medyo hindi accurate yung mga drivers GPRS namin. You can actually check the direction here but they say mas nakakalito daw ung map dun sa site. Anyway, you can still check it if you want to. Good thing 4pm pa ang start ng wedding so were just on the right time when we arrived at the beach resort. 🙂

T’was really far but since it’s our friend’s special day we didn’t mind the distance at all even though deep inside of us parang gusto na naming umatras sa sobrang layo. HAHAHA! Buti nalang talaga loves namin sila! 😛

Anyway, allow me to roam you around the beach resort. The place is quite small unlike other beach resorts but it’s really nice and relaxing since it’s relatively unpopulated (kasi nga ang layo!).


Beach Cabana


Beach front

Medyo mabato ung front beach so we decided not to swim on the beach and since we have kids with us too.We just used the pool instead.


Our veranda

3-Yen&Biboy's Wedding4

Rooms and Cottages

Now here’s our room, it has three bed (with 3 extra mattress), tv w/cable, mini-ref, and an open cabinet. It also has bathroom and toilet room. We all stayed in one room. Kaya ang saya-saya! I was a bit worried at first when I heard that we will stay in one room baka kasi mapuyat sila sa mga bagets but boy oh boy I was wrong, mas napuyat pa kami sa hilik ng mga boys! Geez! 😛

Next time, paki-hiwalay ang room ng mga boys ah! LOL! Anyway, our accomodation was shouldered by the groom and bride so wala kaming K na mag-reklamo (OK Fine!).

5-Yen&Biboy's Wedding7

Just wanna share my ootd in our first day. I purchased this summer-y and floral dress from Terranova for (drumroll please!) Php295 only. I got it on sale. I also bought another dress which I wore on our 2nd day but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it (next time I’ll post it here) which I bought for Php195 petot only. And I also bought the aztec printed dress that I wore on the wedding (read it here) at Terranova too and it cost Php545 which is on sale too. Oh I super love sale! Sino bang hindi diba?

The dress looks so dainty not to mention ang lakas maka-bagets. For me, it really is a fab find. Ever since I became a mom I always go for cheap but fab find. Ganun ata talaga pag nanay kana, you become more practical too. But when it comes to your baby stuff gusto mo yung the best kahit pricey bibilhin pero titipirin ang sarili. Agree, mommies?! 🙂


P.S. Please excuse my Haggardo Versoza face here pagoda na due to our never ending byahe! :p

Going back to the kwento, we arrived at the beach resort at 2pm-ish. And we were all tremendously hungry (READ: to the highest level ang gutom namin!) so after we checked in off we went to the Resto inside the resort. I hate ranting but I was a bit dissapointed with the food and service. Kung di lang talaga kami gutom. I don’t want to elaborate more, let’s just dwell on the happy moments shall we? 🙂

Below is the random photos that I took during our stay there. On the upper left that’s Mich w/Ginji, Jerellt, Ian, Boyet, Cj w/Cyler, and Aubrey during lunch-slash-mirienda time. On the upper right, that’s Fafa Boyet (husband of Jerellt) and Cyler emoting under the sun. And on the lower left that’s Cyler while playing in the sand (he loves the sand so much!) while on the lower right that’s Jim and her Fafa Chino making emote during that time.

6-Yen&Biboy's Wedding8

After the wedding the boys went out of the room to catch up over beer while the girls stayed in the room to look after the kids. And of course hindi mawawala ang mga showbiz chika andami kong nalamang chika sa mga chikadora kong friends! Si Papa P pala talagang confirm na ano atsaka si ano… Chos! Baka makasuhan pako so quiet nalang ako. One of the highlights of our night was when Cyler accidentally sat on the TV remote control, hindi na namin mabalik ung channel after! Napindot na nila Aubrey at Je lahat ng pwedeng pindutin sa remote control pero waley hindi namin mapagana so ang ending borlogs nalang kami. HAHAHA! Kalurks!

We woked up early (kahit puyaters especially the boys) to be able to swim kasi maaga yung check-out time mga 11AM. Since we are running out of time we immediately dipped in the pool right after we ate breakfast. Time is gold, you know! 😛 I love their infinity pool and the breath-taking view of the sea. Ang sarap lang mag relax. Sobra. As usual my little merman, Cyler enjoyed the water so much! Kulay kahoy nako ayaw pa rin nyang umalis sa tubig. My goodness! There’s one thing that I didn’t like about the pool, ung tiles nakaka-gasgas ng tuhod. Hahaha! Ang hapdi (at itim!) ng tuhod ko right after we swim andun kasi kami sa kiddie pool the entire time because I accompanied Cyler there. So ayun, no choice napalaban ang tuhod ko! 😛

4-Yen&Biboy's Wedding6

At magpapahuli ba naman ang mga boys sa picture?! Of course…NOT! So here they are with their infamous “elbow-shoulder” pose (see on lower right photo). Kayo na!

7-Yen&Biboy's Wedding9

And before I end this post I just wanna share this photo of three (big) eggs. Just kidding, their not eggs (pero meron daw sila nun!) that’s Chino, Jim, and the craziest husband I know, my hubs Cj. Of all the pose in the world, yan talaga ang napili nila. So kayo ng bahala mag-caption! 😛


It was indeed a fun filled wedding-slash-outing-slash-reunion! We had a great time(super!) most especially the kids! And because of that let’s set another outing soon! Yung tunay na outing na ah! 😛

Palm Beach Resort For more info please visit their website:

5 thoughts on “Palm Beach Resort

  1. Nice meeting you Sha!!!! 🙂 Nakakaloka ka! Hindi ka din makamove on sa LAYO nung lugar?? Hahahahahahha!!! Halata sa post eh. Puro “ang layo”. hihihih.. pero ang layo nga!!! 🙂

    Till next “outing”. 🙂

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