It’s A Happy Weekend!

Weekends are so precious for me and my family. Super! And I bet y’all know that! Just having the thought of spending time with my two boys, Cyler and Cj really excites me all the time! Kaya ganun nalang ang tuwa ko when Friday comes.

Two weeks ago, we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic for Cyler’s monthly check up. Docky gave him a shot and happy to say that he didn’t cry again. But I think he already knew that he will have a vaccine shot once we enter the clinic because he became more clingy and he didn’t want to be touched by Dra.Vienne. Oh I guess he’s indeed a baby no more. He already knew what’s gonna happen next. Pero hindi pa naman kami umaabot sa point na nagwawala sya to the max and I hope hindi na kami umabot dun. Thank God for that!

And look at Cyler here, he looks so much like a big boy now. I can’t imagine how time flies! He wore gingersnap clothes here. I so love gingersnap for Cyler. And we’re a gingersnap lover ever since he was born.


And of course, here’s what I wore naman that day. Neon orange tube dress from Terranova. I purchased this along with the other dresses that I wore in our previous outing (read it here and here). And I got this dress for Php195 only. 🙂


After the check-up, off we went to Greenbelt to attend the mass. Before attending the mass, we ate at KFC for merienda. Cyler ate spaghetti, fries, and chicken! Oh he loves spaghetti so much!


After having snack we went at the Greenbelt Chapel to attend the mass. The chapel was jam-packed already when we got there so we stayed outside instead. Giving thanks and spending time with our Creator is one of my favorite part of the weekend (believe it or not). It always a relief after attending the mass and I always feel refresh. And I’ve always got joy like a river in my heart! Hallelujah! 🙂


After attending the mass, we went to JCO and bought a box of doughnuts. You know it’s weird because I’ve been craving for these doughnuts for the past two weeks it’s just that I’m too lazy to fall in line. Surprisingly, I conquered their line for the very first time! Imagine?! But I’m not a big fan of JCo it’s just that I’m really craving. (Disclaimer: I’m not preggy, okay?!)

Did you ever experienced the same thing too? Yung feeling na hindi ka mapakali hangga’t hindi mo nakakain ung kini-crave mo for the longest time.

While my two boys are waiting for me they went to their happy place– Timezone! I took a video of Cyler while he’s jumping with so much joy at the Timezone and I posted it in my instagram account. I supposed to share it here unfortunately for some reason hindi sya na-save sa phone memory ko. Weird. Anyhoo, if you want to check it you can follow me at instagram it’s kikay_mommy_sha. 🙂


We were supposed to go home after that but my kumare-slash-kumpare, Jim requested if we can go at the NBC Tent for the I love shoe year 3 event. And since were not in hurry (asusus!), off we went to NBC Tent. Yahooo! Alam ninyo naman that I’m a certified shoe lover! As in!

There are lots of booth at the said event. There’s imported and local brands like CMG, Ichigo, VNC, Tutum, Natural World, Pill, and so much more!


But there’s only one pair of shoes that won my heart! And here it is! Simple, classy, and most importantly comfy! I can actually wear this everyday! I purchased this at Pill for Php350 petot only. 🙂


So there that’s how we spent our weekend. T’was so much fun! Sana weekend na ulit! 🙂

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