Fri-Date at Red Kimono

Don’t we just love Friday?! I bet we all do! Friday is so precious for me and my husband because that’s the only time that we have to go out on a date. Sometimes juggling my marriage,family, and work are the hardest thing to do most especially when you have kids already. But I’m glad because despite of our insane schedule and busy life still we were able to sneak out and have a quality time together. Yung time na kaming dalawa lang ng asawa ko. I swear ang hirap pag sabayin most especially pag may kids na because mas naka-focus na kau sa kids and sometimes nakakalimutan nio na ang isa’t isa. It happens in real life. Trust me. Most of the time we were so busy doing our role as a parent and we tend to forget that we have partners too. Agree, mommies and daddies? Aminin natin yan!


Kaya naman my husband, Cj and I always find time to go on a date kahit twice or thrice a month lang. Ang importante hindi nawawala ung quality time namin together. Iba pa rin kasi when you hang out together at nagkaka-usap kayo ng maayos bilang mag-asawa and magkaibigan diba? It strengthens the relationship and keeps the fire alive. Diba?

Cj nd I loves to eat a lot so every time we go out we used to try different Restaurant around Makati. One of our go-to Japanese resto is Red Kimono simply because were both a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I love ramen, Cj loves sushi and sashimi but were both kuripot so Red Kimono is the perfect Japanese resto that meets our standards. 🙂

We ordered the following:



Their tempura is just right nothing too fancy. Mas marami pa din ung breadings kesa sa shrimp. 😛



Sorry but I’m not a fan of sashimi, in fact I don’t eat it. But my husband and my friend like it so much. They say it was delish and the tuna was fresh. And it was really affordable too!



Now this is my favorite Japanese dish! I love their ramen in Red Kimono. There are times when all I wanted to eat is ramen because that’s how I love it. And when I’m craving for ramen we usually go either here or at Jipan Japanese resto. Their ramen is a must try. Btw, they have two kinds of ramen here kaso I forgot what it’s called. My bad, sorry! 😛

Chicken Teriyaki Bento


I love chicken teriyaki but for me the chicken teriyaki in Tempura and Teriyaki Boy is way better. But I love their gyoza here. My husband likes it too most especially their sauce. Their yakisoba is so-so nothing really special though.

Boys always go for quantity and quality but they hate spending too much penny kaya naman swak na swak sa budget ang Red Kimono for us. So if you’re looking for a Japanese resto with good and affordable Japanese food then Red Kimono is the right one for you. It’s a must try. 🙂

Red Kimono
2/F Glorietta
(02) 625-5002

7 thoughts on “Fri-Date at Red Kimono

  1. ayan na naman ang ramen! Haha. and I love sashimi too. super. kung pwede lang mag-aral ako paano siya gawin sa bahay. i still look awkward using chopsticks though. ewan ko ba at hindi ko siya ma-perfect ever. one of these days i’ll try red kimono at ayala and see if it’s any different.

  2. Hay.. this is yet but another kakagutom na post. Try niyo Buffet 101. It’s a fusion of different cuisines near San Miguel by the bay at MoA. Altho most of the time, Khan and I usually lean on the Japanese food. Type ko pareho ang mga type nio. Haha. Takaw much lang 🙂

    The price is a bit higher than that of Yakimix pero mas madaming choices 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about Buffet 101. Sige we’ll try that next time ang problem ko hindi ako sulit sa mga buffet takaw tingin lang kasi ako. Kalurks. Liit kc ng bituka ko. Ugggh.

      Di ko type yakimix. :p

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