SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest 2013

Yesterday, August 30, 2013 was the start of the much-awaited annual SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest. It was held at SM Megatrade Hall 2 and still happening today until September 1. And it was such an honor to become part of this annual event by SM Kids’ Fashion. This is an action-packed event with a varied collection of cute, comfortable apparel for toddlers and newborns, introducing an assortment options to the youngest members of the fashion world.



This year’s theme is Street Style.

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Busy But Super Fun Friday

Hello there! How are you guys? I hope all is well! Sorry for the lack of post for the past two days, blame my super hectic schedule. I know excuses excuses! I can’t be a wonder woman because until now I still struggle on balancing my time. And today, I feel sort of under the weather and I have tonsillitis! Ughhhh…. I hate it!

Anyway, hows your Friday? Mine was really hectic! In the morning, I attended the launch of SM Kids Toon Fest at Megatrade Hall, SM Mega Mall. I tagged along Mama, Cj, and Cyler with me. The event was full of fun and it’s a pleasant surprise to see some of my mommy blogger friends there. Cj and Mama enjoyed the event too and it’s their first time to experienced it.


And here’s Cyler and Mommy in our street style outfit.

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Cyler’s New Do by Kutie Kutz Kids Salon

A couple of weeks ago just before the typhoon Maring strikes Manila, Cyler had his 4th haircut at Kutie Kutz Kids Salon, Robinsons Magnolia. Suddenly, I realized pang 4 na beses na pala nyang haircut yun. The last thing I remember was when he just had his first ever haircut and now it was his 4th time already. How time flies(for the nth time)!  It was our first time to try different kiddie salon because we used to go at Cuts for Tots all the time. Cyler’s 2nd and 3rd haircut was at Cuts for Tots too. In fairness, Kutie Kutz Kiddie Salon didn’t disappoint.


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Foodtrip Galore at Whistlestop

What do you prefer the most every time you dine at any resto? Do your prefer the good ambiance of the resto or the delicious food they serve? If you will ask me, I prefer the good food. I don’t care kahit sa kanto lang yung kainan basta masarap yung food. I go for the taste rather than the sosy place. And of course, as a wife and Mom I go for budget friendly resto that serves good food at the same time. I’m very practical when it comes to that. There are times naman that I don’t care spending too much as long as the food is exceptional. Kaya If you will notice me and my husband, Cj seldom dine at expensive restos. Because aside from the fact na kain construction worker ang asawa ko eh nuknukan din yan ng kuripot. (Read: SUPER KURIPOT.PERIOD)


Whistlestop meets both our standards. Affordable na masarap pa! Whistlestop is located along Jupiter street, Makati. When my friends, Rachelle, Aaron, and Gerry had their joint birthday celebration two weeks ago, I highly suggested Whistlestop to them since most of them are picky-eater and since it’s one of the nearest resto in our office too. They used to serve Filipino cuisine here at Whistlestop, they don’t have a super nice ambiance pero winner ang mga food! I swear! Their price ranges from 100++ to 500. O diba swak na swak sa budget? 🙂

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The Much Awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day!

Hello guyz! This is it, this is really is it is it! I bet many of you already know that yesterday I attended the much awaited “MOMMY FLEUR’S DAY!”. Well, obviously na flood ko ata ang feed nio sa Instagram and Twitter. Anyway, Fleur (aka Mommy Fleur) celebrated her “feur” years in blogosphere and it was such an honor to be invited and be part of this very special occasion. I think everybody knows Mommy Fleur sino pa bang hindi nakakakilala sa mudrakels na itech? Sabi nga namin sakanya, she really come this far and she deserves it. Ibang levelz kana talaga muther!

I’m happy that I met this lady behind “Mommy Fleur”, in fact she’s now one of my dear friends. Diba, Fleur?! LOL! Baka kasi imagination ko lang. HAHA! Our first meet up was last February during our playdate. We were all starstruck when we saw her for the very first time. Natural ang pagka-funny at witty niya, no wonder everybody loves her. Hindi ko lang lubusan maitindihan bakit kailangan pa nyang mag balik alindog project eh ang sexy na nya! Loka loka talaga syang tunay. Peace, Fleur! No but seriously muther, thanks for the gift of friendship and for being such an inspiration to me and to every moms out there. Like what I always tell you, Ikaw na talaga muther! 😛


Photo grabbed from Mommy Fleur

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Basic Pregnancy Tips for All Expectant Moms

I came up to this post since most of my friends are first-time expectant moms and since I always receive tons of queries about pregnancy.

Disclaimer: I’m NO expert in pregnancy, these tips that I’m gonna share are based on experiences and advices from my personal OB so I’m not forcing you to follow it, okay? Just to make things clear. 🙂


Pregnancy can be nerve-wracking (super!) not only does it entail drastic and a lot of physical changes, but preparing to become a parent can take a lot out of you, emotionally and physically. So I’m here to help you out in my own little way, I’m about to share the things I remember (so far!) that I’ve had to deal with when I was pregnant with Cyler. Being pregnant is no joke, I tell you. You have to deal and avoid a lot of things to be able to protect your baby’s health and your health too. So here are some of my basic tips for all the expectant moms out there:

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KMS Cooks: Homemade Crepe Recipe

Amidst the heavy rain yesterday, I couldn’t stop myself from cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. When I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday, suddenly I had this light bulb moment. I thought of cooking homemade crêpe for our merienda, so I googled the recipe right away! Agad agad! Wala ng patumpik-tumpik pa baka masira ang moment! Thank goodness because I got the right recipe for my homemade crêpe. And you know what’s good about this recipe? No need to use a special gourmet crepe pan or crêpe maker! A small nonstick pan will do the trick.

All you need is kasipagan and kagandahan! Choz!


Here’s a simple yet delicious crêpe batter recipe which can be made in a minutes! Making crepes at home is as easy as cooking pancakes. Yep, as easy as 1,2,3! Bongga diba?

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KMS Cooks: Spam and Bacon Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe and dry, thank God the weather is getting better now. So far wala ng ulan dito sa area namin and as per the news nakalabas na rin daw ng area of responsibility si bagyong Maring. Thank goodness! Clear na rin daw ung mga flooded area though some of the places here in Manila are still in the state of calamity. Let’s continue praying and help donating for those people who are affected by typhoon Maring. I thank God because my family stay safe for the past three days. Let’s be positive and trust God, I know we will overcome all these things, that’s the Filipino spirit! Chin up because everything will be alright.

Alright, going back to the main topic…I just wanna share this super easy pasta recipe that I cooked last Monday. The Government suspended work last Monday due to typhoon so that only means I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! I guess, that’s the brighter side of staying at home due to typhoon, right?


So let’s start now with the ingredients shall, we?

Here’s watchunid:

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Cyler’s Reading Comprehension

Two nights ago, when Cj, Cyler, and I are about to sleep we decided to play the iPad but this time we played with letters. We know that Cyler can really recognize the entire alphabet (he sings and recite it every single minute!) but last night we tried to test his reading comprehension. Reading for two years old toddler? Yep! The earlier you teach your kids the better! We started writing up three letters in the iPad using an app then we showed it to Cyler. We were just trying and testing if he can really recognize and read the word. To our surprised, Cyler read it right!

We started with the words that composes three letters like cat, dog, pig, owl, and car, and he read it all right! See the clip video below.

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KMS Cooks: Super Easy Corn in Butter Sauce

What’s your favorite side dish or merienda? Mine is corn! I love corn whether its side dish or something to snack on. I love any dish with corn even if it’s just plain corn. Japanese corn is my favorite and kernel canned corn from Del Monte.

Corn is also one of my favorite food when I was preggy with Cyler, I love it with butter and salt just like this easy peasy dish that I’m going to share with you. All you need in this recipe are butter, corn (I used canned kernel corn because it’s better than the frozen ones. It’s softer and yummier!), and iodized salt.


Easy Peasy Step:
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Level Up: From Cupcake to Cake!

Hello guys! How’s your weekend?! I hope everyone is safe!

Anyhoo, we spent our weekend in Antipolo despite of the heavy rains and we celebrated my Lola, my sister, my Tita, and my cousin’s Birthday. Yep, it was a joint celebration and it was super fun! So as part of our tradition I baked their birthday cake! This time I didn’t bake any cupcakes because I did all the cooking aside from baking. So little time too many things to do! Anyway, I’ll share our weekend kwento in another post.

For now lemme just share how my baking skills evolve. Nope, I don’t think evolve is the right word for a newbie like me but that’s the only word that comes in my mind now. From baking cupcakes, I realized I’ve baked so many cakes for my family. Yes, you read it right I only bake cakes for my family. Unlike my cupcakes, I don’t sell my cakes to public. Why? First, baka masira credibility ng business ko and second, baka mawalan ako ng customers bigla. LOL! I’m still newbie in these phase, obvious naman sa frosting ko palang. Waley na! Buti nalang talaga at love ako ng family ko, napag titiisan naman nila yung bini-bake ko. In fairness to them! Kaya naman love na love ko din talaga sila! Teehee! 🙂

First time I tried baking cake was last Christmas eve. It was actually by accident, I ran out of cupcake paper cups so I ended up baking cake instead. In fairness, muka naman syang edible kahit papano. And it became the star of our noche buena! 🙂

After the 1st attempt nagkaron pa ng kasunod (akalain mo yun!). This time I tried baking chocolate cake. I went for the basic para madali. I used chocolate ganache for the frosting. Chocolate ganache is heaven!

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It’s Mommy’s Birthday Today!

We were supposed to celebrate her 86th birthday today however she’s celebrating it now with Jesus.  For the new comers, my Lola died not so long ago(read here), she passed away last February. Everything is still fresh in my memory, we were just celebrating her 85th birthday last year(read here) and now…….. she’s gone. I know people come and go but the memories stay in our hearts forever.

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SumoSam Olympia

We always wanted to try Sumosam Olympia at Somerset Building in Makati Ave because of its catchy buffet signage (READ: Php499 only!) outside the resto but t’was never (ever!) been push through. You know naman basta lafangan go na go ako dyan at hindi ko aatrasan yan! So when we had our post birthday celebration last May we decided to pay a visit. Sumosam Olympia is situated along Makati Ave at Somerset building right beside Manila Peninsula Hotel and across Ayala Triangle.


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The Perks of Having A Baby Boy

When we found out that I was pregnant with Cyler, we really wanted a baby boy as my firstborn. I guess, low maintenance pag baby boy eh tipong okay lang maglaro sa dumi at magka-peklat kasi lalake naman. And aside from that andami pang perks of having a baby boy like the following:

1. You have an instant massager-slash-gym instructor (aka wrestler). May instant taga masahe at taga batak ka ng legs at paa mo. Mas feel nila yang mga ganyang games. Mas enjoy sila pag hinahagis hagis at binabaliktad baliktad mo sila. Yun ang definition nila sa excitement. The more na nahihirapan at nagkakanda pilipit sila the better for them kasi mas happy sila dun. Funny but true.


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Cyler Love For Books

As a parent, one of the best and biggest accomplishment I did for my child is introducing him to books at an early age. Back when I was a small (maliit pa rin pala ako until now btw) kid, I remember I never had the chance to experience reading books together with my parents or my siblings and as a child that’s one of my frustrations. They never buy us books and maybe that’s the reason why I never like books. I remember those times na nag-self pity ako whenever I see mother and child reading books together. I see it kasi as a good form of family bonding even when I was a young kid.


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Dinner with the “Baboy Gang” at Uncle Cheffy

I remember the last time I dine here at Uncle Cheffy was when I’m still pregnant with Cyler (that was more than 2 years ago) and t’was my friend’s birthday treat to our group, until now I can still remember the delicious food here at Uncle Cheffy. I guess, ganun ata talaga when the food is really good it leaves mark to your taste buds.

Then last Friday, when my closest office mates (whom I fondly called the “Baboy Gang”) set a dinner date I suggested Uncle Cheffy to them and they accepted my suggestions wholeheartedly (which seldom happens) since most of them haven’t tried Uncle Cheffy yet. So after our Town Hall Meeting at Makati Shangri-La off we went to Uncle Cheffy, Burgos Circle branch at The Fort. Maybe you’re wondering why did we chose to go far even though there are thousand of restos around Makati? It’s simply because the food here in Uncle Cheffy is travel worth it. Big word? IKR! 😛


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KMS Cooks: Maqui’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Hello everyone?! How’s your long weekend so far?! I hope y’all are having a good good time! My family’s long weekend is all about food tripping and bumming at home. And so I just wanna share this quick ice-cream recipe that I learned from Maqui. I tried it last weekend and I’m happy to say that it was…..success! YAY! Thank you so much Maquibels for sharing this recipe! Not bad for a first try, right?! I placed the ice cream in the freezer for almost one week that’s why it didn’t melt so quickly.

And the good thing about this homemade ice cream recipe? No need to use ice cream maker!


Banana Split Ala Kikay Mommy Sha


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A Day at Makati Shangri-La

OMG! What happened to all media sites? Puro #Gilas ang laman ng newsfeed ko. Asan na ang #TheVoice? Akala ko championship na at last game na ng FIBA tonight, kung maka-sigaw at maka-tili ang mga kasama ko sa bahay at kapitbahay namin wagas! Pero Congrats, Team Gilas! Pusooooo!! Goodluck to your “FINAL” game tomorrow night, bukas nalang ako makiki-sigaw ah…tulog na anak ko eh. Go go go! Team Gilas! :p

Serious na. Back to the real topic…

As I was saying last Thursday, August 9, 2013 our company’s Town Meeting Hall was held at Shangri-La, Makati. We were not really excited about the news and announcement but we were all excited about the venue. Sino ba namang hindi diba? Ang totyal ng venue. Our previous Town Hall Meeting was held at Manila Peninsula but we were a bit dissapointed because there was no food after the meeting. HAHAHAHA! Yun naman pala eh. Puro tea, coffee, and water lang! LOL! Choosy pa talaga noh? :p

But this time around, we were all tremendously happy because of our magnificent and world class experience here at Shangri-La, Makati. From the venue, interior, to the food, lahat winner!


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KMS Cooks: Homemade Burger and Potato Fries

Kung ikaw ay masugid na mambabasa ng aking talaan sa web (aka BLOG), malamang sa malamang alam ninyo na kung gano ako katakaw. LOL! This post is all about home cooking and food tripping at home. Hooray for long weekend because I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! Don’t we just love long weekend? It simply means more quality time for the whole family, right? 🙂


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