Fri-Date at Soi Thai Restaurant

Have you tried thai cuisine? Do you like it? Me, I do! I really really do! I love pad thai. Sobra! I discovered pad thai thru my office mates, they are the one who introduced this dish to me. And I must say that it’s a wonderful food discovery. I love discovering and trying different cuisine!

Soi is one my favorite thai resto because aside from the affordable food they also have the most delish authentic thai cuisine that I’ve ever tried so far. I’ve been here a number of times but this is the first time that I am sharing this with you guys.

I bet your wondering who’s my date, of course it’s none other than my one and only love of my life…. Cj! 🙂


“Malayo ang tingin di naman marating” lang ang peg. :p

While waiting for our order a complimentary appetizer like crackers and peanuts was served. The staff were very polite and accommodating too which is two thumbs up for me. I wasn’t able to take photos of the restaurant’s interior but Soi has Thai inspired interior in case your wondering. Just imagine or google it. Haha! :p

Here’s what we order:

Pad Thai

I love their pad thai here in Soi. Cj liked it too! It’s not dry unlike the other pad thai and it’s so flavorful! Just having the thought of if makes me salivate! Ganun sya ka-yummy!

Lumpiang… Uhmmm.. Something something. I forgot what it’s called! Hahaha! Sorry, blame my momnesia!


This lumpia is to die for! I don’t know if it’s the lumpia or the sauce basta masarap! It doesn’t look appetizing in this photo but I swear it’s really yummy not to mention affordable!

Chicken Pandan


Their chicken pandan taste good but it’s a bit dry. Ewan ko kung nataon lang or what. There’s something missing in the chicken and I can’t figure out what it is. The taste is okay but I like Songkran’s chicken pandan than this. I’m a big fan of chicken pandan pero hindi ako masyado nasayahan dito. But then again it depends on your taste buds. 🙂

Soi is definitely the go-to thai resto when you’re craving for thai cuisine most especially when you’re on tipid mode (like us!). I’m pretty sure you will love their food too just like I do. So if your planning to go out this weekend with your friends or family try Soi Thai Restaurant. Just give it a try, I’m pretty sure you will like it.

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

PS. I’m sooo excited tomorrow night because I’m gonna bring my Mommy friends here. Sana matuloy! See you tomorrow night ladies! 🙂


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