Not So Happy Friday

Why? Because my son is terribly sick today. His colds started last Monday after a day or two there comes the cough and yesterday it was accompanied by fever too. He wasn’t able to sleep the entire night due to his cough and fever. And worst umiiyak na sya kaka-ubo which is very unusual to Cyler because he seldom cry when he’s sick. That only means he can’t tolerate the pain anymore. Poor little baby. Hay.

This photo was taken last night it was 12 in the midnight already and he’s still wide awake. We let him watched his favorite movie, Cars just to entertain him and make him feel better.


But when the movie was ended the battle begun for Cyler. He couldn’t sleep anymore. He was coughing nonstop and he kept on crying. I on the other hand become more paranoid and I almost cry. Ang hirap makita yung anak mong nahihirapan. It breaks my heart. Sobra. Thanks to Ate Maggie for helping me out and for giving me the courage to be strong. Thanks a lot, cuz.

And thank God because Cyler was able to sleep now even though his cough keeps on bothering him. We will bring him to the hospital later, hopefully his meds will give him relief.


Thank you for all the prayers, it really helps. I know everything will be alright. Help us continue praying for his speedy recovery.

8 thoughts on “Not So Happy Friday

  1. Ay, relate na relate ako sa story mo, Mommy Sha. My son, Yuri, also has cough and cold ngayon, nahihirapan din matulog. We were awake kagabi ng 12-3! Kung pwede nga lang, itransfer ang sakit sa akin eh. Get well soon, baby boy, ha? 🙂 (Maan of Davao Mommy)

    • Ang hirap sobra diba? Nakaka praning pag nakikita mong nahihirapan ang anak mo. Kung pwde lang talagang akuin nalang ung sakit nalang. Hay.

      Thanks! Sana nga gumaling na sya agad.

    • He’s much better now compare last night in fact kaka-sleep lang nya ngaun. Under observation pa din ung fever nya pag pabalik balik pa din ung fever until Monday, need na daw i-bloodtest si cyler. Hopefully mag okay na sya this weekend. Thanks a lot cuz!

      Dolan din ang niriseta ni Doc and antibiotic for the cough and colds.

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