Perfect Mom-me Time at California Nails & Day Spa

What’s your favorite reward for yourself after a long day and stressful day or week at work? Me, my ultimate reward for myself is spending my me-time at the Spa. I love being pampered at the SPA because it gives me so much relaxation and comfort. I used to go at the SPA at least twice a month, naka-set na yan hindi yan nagbabago. Because it feels so refreshing every time I go to the SPA and it feels good to go home when you release all the stress in your body. Do you feel that way too?

I’ve recently discovered a beautiful SPA near our office. It’s just two kembot and 1 tumbling away from my office. I discovered California Nails & Day Spa at Somerset Makati Ave. branch. O diba name pa lang sashal na.



Aside from the usual mani-pedi and foot spa, they also offer facial spa, body scrub, body waxing, and different body massages too. They have services for kids as well and their also conducting SPA Party here. Bongga! You can check all their services here.


I love their classy and mediterranean interior, it’s divine and indeed relaxing. I just want to spend my whole day here just chillaxin’ , but yeah too impossible to do.


They have nail arts too and it cost Php25/nail. Their normal mani-pedi package cost around Php440, there will be an additional charge for imported nail polish.


Each chair has its own sink too which is good because it’s very hygienic. They also offer


And they used to serve complimentary drinks too which is very rare in an ordinary nail spa.


I chose the strawberry flavored tea and I super like the aroma and the taste. My heart skipped a beat after I tasted it, ang sarap lang sobra! And I love the tea-pot and tea-cup, it’s so classy too! Lakas maka-donya!


The first procedure that they usually do here is they will cleanse your feet by soaking and washing it with soap and warm water. 20130801-002219.jpg

Aside from the beautiful interior and relaxing ambiance, the most important thing that I like the most was their service. The staff was really professional, in fact they did not murder my nails most especially my thumb with ingrown, which is very unusual btw. Madalas kasing ma-murder ung thumb ko because of my ingrown. And their not using the usual color pink cuticle remover, I forgot to ask them what it is. They also scrub and massage my feet for about 10mins.

Well, the only funny thing is that they’re using mini-fans to dry your wet nail polish. Hehe


Here’s the finish product. I love my nail polish!

Overall, I had an awesome and perfect me-time here at California Nails & Day Spa! I was really pampered! I will surely go back……over and over again! Suki ninyo na po ako, itaga ninyo na sa bato! Pinky Swear!

How about you? How do you spend your me-time? Share it with me, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

California Nails & Day Spa
Somerset Makati Avenue
Unit AG-2A Somerset Olympia
Corner Sto. Tomas Street
7912 Makati Avenue
Brgy. Urdaneta, Makati City
Tel. 622-8523, 812-7589
Cellphone: 0917-5001371

2 thoughts on “Perfect Mom-me Time at California Nails & Day Spa

  1. Thank u so much for this post..i wanted to try this spa but wanted to see some reviews first..gonna go there bukas agad agad coz isang kembot lng din sa office namin yung isang branch nila. 🙂 more power to you.

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