Two Hands and an Heirloom

Last weekend, I received a sweet email from Two Hands and an Heirloom(an online shop that used to sell handmade wraps) and they asked me if they can send me some of their handmade wrap. I accepted it wholeheartedly most especially when I’ve heard that their selling handmade wraps. To make the long story short, hindi nako nagpakipot pa because I love accessories so much! Oh well, obviously I live by the name of this blog “KIKAY”. Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? LOL! We corresponded via email and yesterday, I received the handmade wrap already. It looks divine and I really love it! My friend likes it too!

And you know what I love about this online shop? They didn’t ask anything in return when they send the item to me but I insisted that I wanted to share this to my dear readers in return to their kindness and generosity to me. And so tonight, I just wanna share my review about this wonderful wrap to everyone.

This is the wrap that I chose and delivered to me. Its Aquata from their Atlantis Oceana Collection. Two Hands and an Heirloom or THaaH uses semi-precious gemstones, quartz, and crystals that makes every wraps special. This wraps are very versatile, you can wear it as a necklace or hairband too depending on its length. Ang bongga lang diba?! 🙂



It can also be worn alone or layered for a more trendy/edgy look. Their Atlantis Oceana Collection boasts of sophistication and playful colors that will surely bring life to your outfits.


Photo grabbed from THaaH’s Facebook Page

And here’s another good news! There are lots of design that you can choose from. Their designs will surely suits your sense of style and fashion. Another good thing about handmade wraps? It’s unique and beautiful!


Aside from wraps their also selling handmade beach towels, blankets, and placemats. To check all their items you can visit their Facebook page here or you may email them at

So if you’re looking for beautiful and stunning wraps, just email them or visit their FB! It can be a wonderful gift too for your loved ones! I’m pretty sure you will love it too! Thank you so much Two Hands and an Heirloom for this unique and beautiful wrap that you have given me! I really appreciate your generosity. More power and God bless! 🙂


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