KMS Cooks: Homemade Burger and Potato Fries

Kung ikaw ay masugid na mambabasa ng aking talaan sa web (aka BLOG), malamang sa malamang alam ninyo na kung gano ako katakaw. LOL! This post is all about home cooking and food tripping at home. Hooray for long weekend because I have more time to cook for my family! Hooray! Don’t we just love long weekend? It simply means more quality time for the whole family, right? 🙂


Today, I’ll be sharing this very easy homemade burger and potato fries recipe. I’m pretty sure na magagawa ninyo ‘to kahit naka-pikit pa mga mata ninyo. Like what I say, all you need is love, time, and kasipagan and you’re good to go!

Alright, let’s start now!

Homemade Burger Recipe



Burger Patty
Olive or Vegetable Oil

Easy-Peasy Step:

1. Fry egg and burger patty separately in olive oil and set aside.

2. Put cheese over the top of burger patty while still in the pan so that the cheese will melt quickly.

3. Remove burger patty from the pan. Placed it on towel tissue to remove excess oil.

4. Put together burger patty (w/melted cheese), tomatoes, and egg in the bun.

5. And serve with a smile! Tadaah! 🙂

My version of homemade burger is good without any dressing like mayonnaise or ketchup. It’s really tasty even without it. But then again, it’s your choice whether you want to put dressing or not. Ang mahalaga swak sa panlasa mo. 🙂


Homemade Potato Fries Recipe


Olive Oil
Basil leaves and Rosemary (both from McKormick)

Super-Duper-Easy Step:

1. Chop the potatoes diagonally or horizontally, depends on your desired shape.

2. In a bowl, mix potato with herbs (basil and rosemary) and a dash of pepper and salt to taste.

3. Deep fry the potatoes until golden.

4. Once it turn golden, remove potatoes from the pan and put it on a towel tissue to remove excess oil.

And that’s it pansit! 😉

Happy Cooking! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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