KMS Cooks: Maqui’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Hello everyone?! How’s your long weekend so far?! I hope y’all are having a good good time! My family’s long weekend is all about food tripping and bumming at home. And so I just wanna share this quick ice-cream recipe that I learned from Maqui. I tried it last weekend and I’m happy to say that it was…..success! YAY! Thank you so much Maquibels for sharing this recipe! Not bad for a first try, right?! I placed the ice cream in the freezer for almost one week that’s why it didn’t melt so quickly.

And the good thing about this homemade ice cream recipe? No need to use ice cream maker!


Banana Split Ala Kikay Mommy Sha


For the recipe, you can check out Maqui’s post here. Actually, I didn’t follow the measurements since I ran out of ingredients (as always!). I didn’t measure the ingredients and I put a lot of heavy cream which is bad because it contains lots and lots of calories! Geez! But it taste heaven and creamy-licious! But please don’t do what I did, like what I’ve said it’s bad because it contains lots of calories and sugar!

Additional tip when mixing heavy cream: Whipping cream is easier to do when the heavy cream (optional: and bowl) is cold. If you are about to use a stand mixer, start beating cream slowly (to avoid splatter) as the cream thickens, turn the speed up until soft peaks form.

When will you stop beating? Lift the beater, the peaks must be firm stand pertly like what I did in this photo below. It shouldn’t look like a melted butter.


Additional tips on melting chocolates: If you don’t have any microwave at home, you can melt chocolates using a cooking pan or glass bowl. To avoid burning the chocolate, simply place the pan/glass bowl over a pot of lightly steaming water cook over a low heat, the steam will slowly cook the chocolate above. Bear in mind that chocolate is very delicate and can be crumbly and grainy when overheated so avoid overheating it. When the chocolates are almost melted you can turn off the stove and keep on stirring, the remaining chocolates will eventually melts afterward. And also, best to use chocolate droplets when melting chocolates. But if you’re using chocolate bar chop it into uniform pieces to ensure even melting.

Remember this three things when melting chocolate: (1) Gentle heat, (2) trusting your sense of smell, and (3)stirring is the trick!


I hope these two additional tips will help y’all! Thanks again, Maquibels for sharing this recipe to all of us! So what are you waiting for? Start making you’re homemade ice cream at home and share it with the whole family!

Happy long weekend and happy cooking, everyone! 🙂


7 thoughts on “KMS Cooks: Maqui’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  1. loka ka talaga, sha!
    at may sarili pa talaga akong tag ha. hahaha. what’s next, sarili kong hash tag?
    miss you!!! swimming tayo next week
    uy, turuan mo ako pano maglagay niyang copyscape eklavu

    • Hahaha! Why not?! Gawan na din kita ng hashtag? Wahaha! I miss you too..super! Can’t make it next weekend uwi kami ng Antipolo, ituloy na natin ang naudlot natin date this Friday, magdadala daw si Ate Maggie ng Vigan empanada. Hahaha! Talagang pinasubo ko na sya noh? Hahaha! Wala ng atrasan ‘to!

      Ano gorabels? Go na ah! 🙂

    • Btw, regarding sa copyscape may site na ire-register mo lang ung blog mo, just click the copyscape logo in my widget, naka-direct yan sa site nila. And that’s it pansit! You’re protected na…daw. :p

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