Cyler Love For Books

As a parent, one of the best and biggest accomplishment I did for my child is introducing him to books at an early age. Back when I was a small (maliit pa rin pala ako until now btw) kid, I remember I never had the chance to experience reading books together with my parents or my siblings and as a child that’s one of my frustrations. They never buy us books and maybe that’s the reason why I never like books. I remember those times na nag-self pity ako whenever I see mother and child reading books together. I see it kasi as a good form of family bonding even when I was a young kid.


So even before when Cyler was still in my tummy I started reading children books to him. Ganun nalang ang level of excitement ko to introduce him to books. And I remember, I used to download short children story from the internet and every night Cj and I took turns on reading it to my tummy. I’ve read on Smart Parenting Magazine before that parents can really start introducing books to their kids even when they’re still on their Mommies tummy. By doing that you are not only letting them hear and recognize your voice, you are also helping them to enhance their brain development. And when Cyler was born we just continue reading books to him before bedtime or even during the day, we notice that even at young age he already knew how to listen attentively.


Cyler at 3 months old.

Like the other babies, at first he was only interested in chewing the pages but we just keep on reading and reading books to him until he fell in love with it. Then he became more insterested in the pictures then he chew the pages again. Haha! But don’t worry because our pedia, Doc Vienne- Saulog says that the pages of the book are safe for kids except for newspapers because it contains chemicals that’s dangerous for our kids health. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to allow your babies to chew every pages of the book, of course patnubay ng mga magulang ay parating kailangan! Parang mtrcb lang noh?! LOL! But that’s true though. As I always say, never ever leave your infant or your toddler unattended.


Some people told me before that I shouldn’t read books to Cyler when he was still an infant hindi naman daw kasi maiintindihan ng baby yan. But I bet to disagree! That perception is totally wrong! My son is the living testimony. At the tender age of 16 months old he already memorized the Alphabet and started counting from 1-10 and now he can count from 1-40! Books become part of his every milestones because that’s when he started to learn and discover things on his own.

And I love that I’m seeing him reading and enjoying his book more often than playing his toys. But yeah, he’s still a toddler so I don’t discourage him to play with his toys or even iPad. Let the kids be kids, right?


I feel grateful whenever I see him pretending that he can read already but I’m afraid… baka magising nalang ako isang araw ayaw na nyang magpa-basa sakin ng books. 😦

Books is now part of his daily life and he couldn’t live a day without reading books.

I just wish that he won’t outgrow his love for books and that he will never get tired of listening to Mom and Dad’s bedtime stories. Don’t get me wrong, I still want him to enjoy what a typical kid is enjoying, I don’t want him to become nerd or something or just dwell with books all the time. All I ever wanted is for him to become a contented and happy kid all the time. Countless happiness is all I ever wish for Cyler. I bet that’s your greatest wish too for your child. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cyler Love For Books

  1. I was never a bookworm, too, Sha. And to tell you the truth, I’ve always wished that sana, nakuha ko yung sipag ng daddy ko magbasa ng books when I was younger. Anywoot, it’s never too late for us. Lalo na that there are books that you can download from the net 🙂

    Si Akira naman, nahihilig nadin magbasa. Thank God! Yun nga lang, ang isang book, repeat 10 times. By the time magsawa siya, wala ka ng voice to move on to the next book. Oh kids! Hehehe.

    • Same here, Em! Cookbook lang ata ang napag tya-tyagaan kong basahin. Wahahaha!

      At least interested na si Akira si book! That’s good to hear! Si Cyler naman halos nakaka 8-10 different books per night sya namimili ng babasahin. 🙂

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