It’s Mommy’s Birthday Today!

We were supposed to celebrate her 86th birthday today however she’s celebrating it now with Jesus.  For the new comers, my Lola died not so long ago(read here), she passed away last February. Everything is still fresh in my memory, we were just celebrating her 85th birthday last year(read here) and now…….. she’s gone. I know people come and go but the memories stay in our hearts forever.

I bet she’s rejoicing now with the Lord and I couldn’t be any happier than that. Oh well life is really short, we never know whats gonna happen next, right? I just wanna say that I terribly miss my Lola…so much. I miss the sound of her nagging voice. I remember those days when she kept on telling and reminding us to go home early, study hard, eat on time, stay in the house, and accompany her to her favorite place(Bingo Hall). Yep, her favorite pastime is playing Bingo but when she got sick last year she couldn’t go there anymore.

I remember I gave her a pair of nice sandals on her birthday last year and I told her that she must recover fast so she could start walking again and so that I could bring her to her favorite place too. Just like me, she also loves shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories and I think I got my kakikayan from her too. It runs in our blood.  Anyway, right after her birthday, her situation got worst. She was hospitalized and I didn’t even had the chance  to visit her at the hospital because Cyler was also sick then. She was confined for more than a week. When she was discharged at the hospital she became more weak. She couldn’t get up and she couldn’t even breathe without the oxygen. She couldn’t even eat or swallow, so she used to take liquids only. And what made it worst and miserable for her was that she had to undergone tube feeding.  But she was a fighter because she fought for her life until her last breath.

 Last Christmas, I gave her another pair of sandals because I was hoping that one day she will regain her strength and could start walking again.  To tell you the truth that was the saddest Christmas for our family because while the whole family are enjoying the Christmas eve, there she is lying on her bed. She couldn’t even sat on her wheelchair. I was beside her that evening, I kissed and hugged her and I whispered how I love her but the tears kept falling on my face.  I kept on telling her to fight despite of the fact that she’s really having hard time. It was so painful. I cry every time I remember those days and now I can’t stop myself from crying.  Sorry for the drama.

Her situation didn’t change until one day I received a text from Tita Nanin telling me that Mommy was gone. I know she fought until the end.  After she saw all her kids and grandchildren she decided to take a rest…for good.

I know wherever she is right now, she’s really happy and free from any pain. Mommy, if you’re watching over me right now please tell the Lord to give us the strength and courage. And also tell Daddy and Tito Aaron how I missed you all so badly. Please continue guiding our whole family even when you’re already in heaven. Now that you’re gone the house is not the same without you. But don’t worry because we will continue our family traditions and we will always have each others back no matter what happens.  

Happy happy Birthday, Mommy! I love you, you know I always do.


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