Level Up: From Cupcake to Cake!

Hello guys! How’s your weekend?! I hope everyone is safe!

Anyhoo, we spent our weekend in Antipolo despite of the heavy rains and we celebrated my Lola, my sister, my Tita, and my cousin’s Birthday. Yep, it was a joint celebration and it was super fun! So as part of our tradition I baked their birthday cake! This time I didn’t bake any cupcakes because I did all the cooking aside from baking. So little time too many things to do! Anyway, I’ll share our weekend kwento in another post.

For now lemme just share how my baking skills evolve. Nope, I don’t think evolve is the right word for a newbie like me but that’s the only word that comes in my mind now. From baking cupcakes, I realized I’ve baked so many cakes for my family. Yes, you read it right I only bake cakes for my family. Unlike my cupcakes, I don’t sell my cakes to public. Why? First, baka masira credibility ng business ko and second, baka mawalan ako ng customers bigla. LOL! I’m still newbie in these phase, obvious naman sa frosting ko palang. Waley na! Buti nalang talaga at love ako ng family ko, napag titiisan naman nila yung bini-bake ko. In fairness to them! Kaya naman love na love ko din talaga sila! Teehee! 🙂

First time I tried baking cake was last Christmas eve. It was actually by accident, I ran out of cupcake paper cups so I ended up baking cake instead. In fairness, muka naman syang edible kahit papano. And it became the star of our noche buena! 🙂

After the 1st attempt nagkaron pa ng kasunod (akalain mo yun!). This time I tried baking chocolate cake. I went for the basic para madali. I used chocolate ganache for the frosting. Chocolate ganache is heaven!

After the chocolate cake, I tried baking butternut cake with caramel. This was my second time to make caramel sauce, the first one was failed but this once was cooked just perfectly. And I love butternut cake itself! It’s like I’m eating a huge butternut donut from Dunkin Donut! Yep, it taste almost the same! We served this cake at the church for Easter Celebration.

Then my nephew requested a birthday cake for his 6th birthday! So I baked his favorite chocolate cake but this time with different frosting to match up the theme.

And just this weekend, I baked another cake for the joint birthday celebration in our house. I baked Mocha Chiffon Cake! And they all loved it kahit ang fail ng pagkakalagay ng frosting. Pagoda na eh plus the kids were so excited to eat it so minadali ko na yan ng bonggang bongga!


My cakes and cupcakes are now part of our family tradition and I love that they always request for it whenever there’s an occasion in our house. The cakes makes the occasion more special! And I can’t wait to bake some more for my family! 🙂

Any suggestions on how to smooth out the frosting?

7 thoughts on “Level Up: From Cupcake to Cake!

  1. That’s a lot of cakes Sha, I’m sure they taste heavenly. What I like about homemade cakes is that they are preservative and additive free so it’s “safer” to eat lol 🙂 I love the sound of butternut cake with caramel, YUM!

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