KMS Cooks: Super Easy Corn in Butter Sauce

What’s your favorite side dish or merienda? Mine is corn! I love corn whether its side dish or something to snack on. I love any dish with corn even if it’s just plain corn. Japanese corn is my favorite and kernel canned corn from Del Monte.

Corn is also one of my favorite food when I was preggy with Cyler, I love it with butter and salt just like this easy peasy dish that I’m going to share with you. All you need in this recipe are butter, corn (I used canned kernel corn because it’s better than the frozen ones. It’s softer and yummier!), and iodized salt.


Easy Peasy Step:

1. Open the canned kernel corn, drain the half of juice and use the half of it instead of using water in boiling the corn. Trust me, it will add more flavor to this dish.
2. In a cooking pan pour the canned kernel corn and let it simmer for a minute or two. Then add at least three tbsp of butter.
3. Add a dash of salt. I like the saltines and sweetness taste of this dish.
4. And that’s it pansit! Serve with a smile. 🙂

Super easy, right?! I bet you can cook this with your eyes shut. This dish is perfect for on the go people like us, Moms! The best thing about this dish? You can cook this in less than 10mins! You can eat this as it ease (just like how Cyler and Mommy eat it) or use it as your side dish to make your simple meal extra special!

Happy cooking everyone! 🙂

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