Cyler’s Reading Comprehension

Two nights ago, when Cj, Cyler, and I are about to sleep we decided to play the iPad but this time we played with letters. We know that Cyler can really recognize the entire alphabet (he sings and recite it every single minute!) but last night we tried to test his reading comprehension. Reading for two years old toddler? Yep! The earlier you teach your kids the better! We started writing up three letters in the iPad using an app then we showed it to Cyler. We were just trying and testing if he can really recognize and read the word. To our surprised, Cyler read it right!

We started with the words that composes three letters like cat, dog, pig, owl, and car, and he read it all right! See the clip video below.

Then we started writing words with more than three letters like apple, banana, blue, yellow, mommy, daddy, Cyler, Cyrus, monkey, lion and he read it right! Yay! Too bad my phone memory are already full so I wasn’t able to video the whole thing.

Well, the real question here is that can our baby/toddler really read? In my own opinion I’d say yes. As a parent, once you talk to your child you know if your toddler really understand the words that he is reading or saying or if he is just mimicking it like a parrot. Like in my case, I knew it when Cyler understands what he say or if he is just mimicking the words. He know that his Mommy is me and his Daddy is Cj, so basically he know and understand the concept of Mom and Dad. And when he started reading the word Mommy and Daddy, he knows what he is referring to and that is me, his Mom or his Dad.

I always believe that parents should always be the first educator of our child because you know your kids very well. Study shows that regularly reading out loud will produce significant gains in reading comprehension. Do not force your child if he’s not ready, it takes time and before you know it he is so eager to learn a lot of things like reading! Make learnings in joyful literacy interactions.

Better to start while their young and so eager to learn new things. Like what I’ve said, the earlier the better! Seeing you read will inspire your children to read too.

5 thoughts on “Cyler’s Reading Comprehension

  1. awesome! galing naman ni cyler. encourage him to read talaga, sha. it will help him a lot once he starts school. plus points rin sa bata pag mahilig siya magbasa.

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