Basic Pregnancy Tips for All Expectant Moms

I came up to this post since most of my friends are first-time expectant moms and since I always receive tons of queries about pregnancy.

Disclaimer: I’m NO expert in pregnancy, these tips that I’m gonna share are based on experiences and advices from my personal OB so I’m not forcing you to follow it, okay? Just to make things clear. 🙂


Pregnancy can be nerve-wracking (super!) not only does it entail drastic and a lot of physical changes, but preparing to become a parent can take a lot out of you, emotionally and physically. So I’m here to help you out in my own little way, I’m about to share the things I remember (so far!) that I’ve had to deal with when I was pregnant with Cyler. Being pregnant is no joke, I tell you. You have to deal and avoid a lot of things to be able to protect your baby’s health and your health too. So here are some of my basic tips for all the expectant moms out there:

1. Think positive and avoid S-T-R-E-S-S! I guess this is the number one and the most important thing to avoid in pregnancy. Every expectant Moms should know this. Even those ladies who are trying to conceive, stress is a big factor. You can have hormonal imbalance due to stress if you’re trying to conceive and with pregnant moms it can actually cause health problems to your baby. That’s why it’s important to listen carefully to what your body is telling you and to keep your doctor up to date on what’s going on with you, mentally as well as physically. As much as possible try to avoid getting stress though I know it’s really hard especially when your pregnant. Andami kasing factors that can cause stress so just keep it easy and smile always. Remember, a happy mommy makes a happy baby!

2. Avoid eating too much food that contains SUGAR!
That includes fruits, yes fruits! Dyan ako nadali when I was pregnant with Cyler. I thought it was okay to eat a lot of fruits when your pregnant but I was wrong. Ang hilig ko pa nun sa ripe mango, in less than a month I gained A LOT of weight to the point were my OB suggested that I need to go on a diet. When my OB asked me kung anong mga kinakain ko I told her that I’ve been eating lots of fruits especially ripe mangoes and grapes. So she told me that most of the fruits has high sugar content especially mangoes. She said that excessive sugar intake can elevate blood sugar levels and will also cause you to gain excessive weight while pregnant. And also study shows that if you are eating excessive or even moderate amounts of sugar, your pancreas is going to have a difficult time keeping up. I’m not telling you to stop eating fruits it’s healthy, just avoid eating too much fruits or any other food that contains lots of sugar. Just bear in mind that eating food with excessive sugar content is bad for everyone. Okay?

3. Have a healthy diet.
Women believe they are finally entitled to eat whatever they please as a benefit of being pregnant. Being pregnant is not an excuse to become fat. Be conscious on what you are eating, hindi lahat ng cravings eh pwedeng kainin. Before you crave isipin mo muna if its good for you and your baby. Small frequent meal are suggested by most doctors.

4. Exercise. A simple morning walk can be a form of exercise. Walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankle and is safe all throughout nine months of pregnancy. It also prevent too much swelling(pagmamanas). I did a lot of walking when I was pregnant and in fairness hindi talaga ako masyado minanas after giving birth nalang. See my picture above? I was on my 34th week already on that photo. My OB also told me that the best and safest exercise for pregnant women is swimming because it’s exercised both arms and legs. It also allows you to feel weightless despite the extra pound. There is also yoga for pregnant women. But make sure you consult your doctor first before embarking on any exercise regimen.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for help and involve others in your pregnancy. Pregnancy is the greatest gift from God so share your joy with others. Include your partner, friends, and family members in your pregnancy because it helps them to understand what you are going through. And so that they’ll be more careful about your feelings. I’m telling you, grabe ang pagiging emotional when your pregnant I think its because of the hormonal imbalance or changes. So it’s really important that you get the right support and understanding from your partner, family members, and friends.

6. Stay Hydrated to prevent UTI. Urinary Tract Infection is a very common sickness with expectant moms because your battered bladder is the perfect breeding ground for less welcome visitors– bacteria. I had UTI on my 1st trimester and my OB-Gyne suggested that I should drink lots of water, cranberry juice or buko juice daily because it helps prevent UTI. One of the common sign of UTI is when you feel pain and burning while urinating. And when you have yellowish or cloudy urine. So stay hydrated and consult your doctor when symptoms persist.

7. Take vitamins and calcium. I had infected tooth when I was 6 mos. pregnant, I guess that’s the hardest and most painful part for me back then. I had to undergone root canal however my OB didn’t permitted it because it involves anesthesia and the procedure can cause stress to me and my baby. So I had to deal with the pain, my face became swollen pero tiniis ko lang. They recommended antibiotics(for pregnant women) but it took effect after a week. So I suffered for more than a week. Lack of calcium is the culprit of my tooth infection. Calcium is a nutrient needed in the body to build strong teeth and bones. Your growing baby needs a considerable amount of calcium to develop. If you do not have enough calcium to sustain the needs of your developing baby, your body will take calcium from your bones and that leads to osteoporosis or in my case tooth infection. So take vitamins (rich in iron and folic acid) and calcium to prevent this type of illnesses.

8. Keep your skin moisturize. Hormonal changes and your growing belly can lead to dreaded dryness which causes stretch marks. I tried using different moisturizer back then however the stretch marks still appeared a week before my due date. My OB told me that its common to petite mommies like me especially if your belly grow more than what you expected(like mine). Cyler was 7lbs then. Imagine how big he is and how small I was? I’m still proud to say that I have stretch marks because it symbolizes motherhood. LOL! Nonetheless, just keep your skin moisturize always.

9. Look good and feel good! . Being pregnant is not an excuse not to look good. I became more conscious when I was pregnant because I hate it when people say “muka na siyang nanay”. Double meaning yan eh and madalas ang meaning nun muka ka ng losyang. Who wants to be called losyang, anyway? Wala naman diba. Diba mas masarap pakinggan when people say you don’t look pregnant or your blooming. Having the right confident and fixing yourself is the key in order to look good, and eventually when you look good you will also feel good.

10. Get ready for Postpartum depression and anxiety. Postpartum depression is moderate to severe depression after giving birth. I didn’t know na totoo pala talaga tong postpartum chuvaness na’to. If I only knew it sana napaghandaan ko. Postpartum depression was the hardest thing I have to deal with after giving birth to Cyler. I’m a super jolly and crazy (and sometimes bully) if you know me in person pero hindi ako nakaligtas sa anxiety nato. I can attest na hindi biro ang pinag dadaanan ng mga babae while pregnant and after giving birth. I remember myself crying with no reason at all and I used to self pity every time I look at the mirror after giving birth. Yes, I’m happy when I saw Cyler for the very first time but at some point I couldn’t understand why I feel so low. I feel so helpless and sad. There are lot of factors that triggers baby blues such as sleep deprivation, body changes, pain from delivery especially if you undergone c-section like me, breastfeeding(masakit talaga sa umpisa pero masasanay ka din), stress, etc. That’s the time when depression attacked me. I’m still lucky because I have a very supportive and understanding husband, friends, and family members who helped me to deal with this anxiety. That’s why it’s very important to become open with your feelings, nakaka-baliw ang depression if you keep it to yourself. And try to explain with your husband what you are going through, guys are naturally insensitive so its your responsibility to inform them what’s happening to you.

11. Enjoy and treasure the miracle inside you.
Let’s embrace and prepare ourselves for the gift of motherhood, that’s the greatest gift from the Lord. There are some women who are having a hard time conceiving but you are the lucky ones so treasure it and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. Just enjoy and leave everything unto the Lord. Once the baby is born your life will be full of sheer, pure, and endless joy. That’s the miracle of motherhood.

So there! I know there are tons of advices and tips about pregnancy that you can get from our fellow mommies but I do hope that these tips may help you most especially those first-time expectant moms!

Please share your own pregnancy tips and advices too fellow, mommies! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Basic Pregnancy Tips for All Expectant Moms

  1. Cool tips momma! 🙂 I had UTI too in both pregnancies. I just recently got cured from it after taking antibiotics. I agree with all your nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for sharing muther!

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