The Much Awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day!

Hello guyz! This is it, this is really is it is it! I bet many of you already know that yesterday I attended the much awaited “MOMMY FLEUR’S DAY!”. Well, obviously na flood ko ata ang feed nio sa Instagram and Twitter. Anyway, Fleur (aka Mommy Fleur) celebrated her “feur” years in blogosphere and it was such an honor to be invited and be part of this very special occasion. I think everybody knows Mommy Fleur sino pa bang hindi nakakakilala sa mudrakels na itech? Sabi nga namin sakanya, she really come this far and she deserves it. Ibang levelz kana talaga muther!

I’m happy that I met this lady behind “Mommy Fleur”, in fact she’s now one of my dear friends. Diba, Fleur?! LOL! Baka kasi imagination ko lang. HAHA! Our first meet up was last February during our playdate. We were all starstruck when we saw her for the very first time. Natural ang pagka-funny at witty niya, no wonder everybody loves her. Hindi ko lang lubusan maitindihan bakit kailangan pa nyang mag balik alindog project eh ang sexy na nya! Loka loka talaga syang tunay. Peace, Fleur! No but seriously muther, thanks for the gift of friendship and for being such an inspiration to me and to every moms out there. Like what I always tell you, Ikaw na talaga muther! πŸ˜›


Photo grabbed from Mommy Fleur

Paano nga ba pumasok si Mommy Fleur sa buhay ko mga ateng? Well, I discovered her blog when I was in the midst of my postpartum blues way back 2011, the first-ever post I read on her blog was “The Sombrero Sitcom”, napatawa at napasaya talaga nya ko ng bonggang-bonnga that time! From then binabalik balikan ko na talaga ung blog nya until I decided to make my own blog and inspire other people too especially Moms. Ganun ako na-inspire sakanya ng bongga, I was also inspired kasi hindi lang pala ako ng kikay na nanay sa mundo, madami kami at nangunguna dun si Fleur. Maaliw ka talaga sa taas ng sense of humor nitong taong ‘to. Hindi yan nauubusan ng joke, promise! She’s also one of the mother that I look up to especially when I’m such a newbie in this crazy thing called “motherhood”.

Okay, going back to MFD (aka Mommy Fleur’s Day). When I read her post about MFD, I didn’t think twice at hindi nako nagpakipot I joined the contest para makapunta sa much awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day. Aminin ninyo, kayo rin gusto niong magpunta! But I was really surprised because she invited me (and our other fellow mommy blogger friends) personally through Facebook. Nag-message ang lola ninyo, mga loka-loka daw kami bakit daw kami sumali pa eh invited naman daw talaga kami. Eh sabi namin she instructed kasi dun sa post nya na for “avid reader” yung event so join agad kami! LOL! See, how humble and sweet she is?! Sinong makaka-tanggi sa invite nya? WALEY! Kahit ata lamok o langgam pupunta sa event nato!

So fast forward August 24, THE much awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day has finally been push through.


Venue palang bonggels na! And it was nice to see that all of her friends and family was there to support her all the way. Winner diba?

But before the event, me, Maqui, and Ate Maggie met up at Glorietta. We then had lunch together.


Sinong may sabing si Juday lang ang pwedeng mag-emote? Kami rin may K! πŸ˜›

And we also meet Leah (she’s the girl beside Maqui at the upper right photo) of The Bright Spot. Actually, dapat sila lang ni Maqui ang magmi-meet, sabit lang talaga kami ni Ate Maggie. Teehee! We trooped SM Makati Food Court. Foodtrip lang ang peg namin. Ate Maggie and I had pad thai while Maqui and Leah tried ARSAO (aka Isaw). Ay girls, Arsao nga ba? HAHAHA! Prior to eating pad thai, mas nauna na naming kainin ung dessert. Plan kasi namin light lang ang kakainin namin, anyare mga teh? We had gelato at BONO and S’Choquettes from Cafe France. Foodtrip na foodtrip talaga!

Anyway, it was nice meeting you Leah in person! I hope hindi ka nabaliw at na-trauma samin! Sa uulitin! Sama kami sa Divi adventure mo next time ah! πŸ™‚

20130825-212233.jpgWe promised Fleur that we will help her to set up the place, so after our foodtrip, off we went to the the venue. When we arrived at the venue the first thing that captured our attention was the cake. Ang ganda at ang bongga! Fleur na Fleur talaga ang peg! And it’s too cute to eat! So ayan, display lang sya the whole time. And the venue itself was really nice and cozy! Sa sobrang nice gusto na namin kumuha ng unit sa DMCI! Iba talaga pag DMCI! LOL!


Her bestfriend, Arnaiz was there too when we arrived. Nagkakagulo na sila sa pag aayos. HAHAHA! Sabit dito, sabit doon. So hindi na kami nakiealam ang ending kami nalang ang welcome committee. HAHAHA! We asked all the guest to write their names in a piece of paper for the raffle draw. Speaking of the raffle draw ang bongga ng mga prizes! Andaming sponsor ng bakla! Ikaw na talaga, Fleur!

Side kwento: Nakakatuwa kasi some of her readers were my readers too. When they saw me at the event isa lang ang tanong nila sakin “kayo po si Kikay Mommy Sha diba?”, nag aalangan siguro sila kasi ang liit ko talaga hindi daw ako mukang nanay. LOL! Kaka-kilig lang! So sa mga readers ko na andun sa event na na-meet ko James, Natalie, Jane, Nerisa…hello there! Hindi tau nakapag picture-picture. Dibale next time. Kitakits uli next time! Salamat sa pag visit ng blog ko! πŸ™‚

Going back to the raffle here’s what I got at the raffle, I also had 300 worth of GC from Boutique SPA. The cake and planner was part of her giveaway too. Ang bongga diba?! Actually, I had a problem nung pauwi na I didn’t know kung pano ko iuuwi lahat. Hindi ako magkanda-ugaga kaka-buhat eh commute lang ako that time. Nagreklamo pa? LOL!

Ikaw na talaga ang ninang namin, Fluer!


The cake is soooo yummy! Hindi sya cheapanga na cake! In fairness! Ang bongga mo talaga, muther!


She also had this DIY-ed table centerpiece. Ang cute noh?! I super love DIY talaga!


Of course, dahil Mommy Fleur’s Day nag ayos naman ako ng konti para mag-mukang presentable at mag mukang tao. πŸ˜›


All our mommy blogger friends was there to support Fluer.


From L-to-R: Aimee, Maggie, Maqui, Dew, Me, Em, Peachy, and Louisse.

That’s Aimee of I am Aimee Diego, Maggie of Mommy Maggie Musings, Maqui of Familia Kiki, Dew of Momster Teacher, Me, Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Peachy of She is also an Architect, and Louisse of Mommy Practicality.

From the venue to food lahat bongga! Ikaw na talaga, Fleur.


Dessert Table

Winner tong roasted pork! We all loved it! The meats melt on your mouth, ganun kalambot!


Roasted Pork

I love the spanish sardines dip and the bread itself. Ang yummy, super!


Dips and Bread from Village Bread House

And I love the siomai! Malaman and malinamnam. πŸ™‚


And of course, my favorite among all– the fruits! I’m a sucker of grapes and kiwi!


And the very nice table set up c/o Paper Chic Studio. Kami nag-ayos nyan, in fairness. LOL!


Michelle Pineda, one of Fleur’s best friend was there too to cover the entire event. So for sure bongga din ang mga pictures! Ibang levelz ang support ng mga friends mo, muther!

While the mommies are busy chatting the kids were busy doing their arts and crafts. O diba ang taba talaga ng utak ni Fleur. Sayang lang I wasn’t able to bring Cyler unpredictable kasi ung weather so ayokong sumugal.


In fairness, ang nice ng mga ginawa ng mga kids. Were insisting nga baka pwdeng mag sub kaming mga mudrakels nalang para makagawa din kami ng art. LOL! Anyway, those arts and crafts are sponsored by Party Crafts by Ava. I wanted to get them too on Cyler’s next birthday party. Ang cool eh and in fairness the kids were all behaved the entire time gumulo nalang sila after nila matapos. Haha!

After the party, we stayed there muna para makapag-chika chika naman kami. I super love these ladies! I feel like I’ve known them for so long maybe because we do have so many things in common. Pare-parehas kaming…magaganda at sexy. Hmmm! Aminin nyo! Ang kumontra may bulate! Choz!


From L-to-R: Ging, Maqui, Ate Maggie, Me, Fleur, Aimee, Dew

Oh btw, that pretty lady in white is Ging of Forty Weeks. Who would’ve thought that she’s a mom already? She’s so pretty and sexy!

That was a super fun day! We all had a great time! Thank you so much, Fleur for inviting me and for making our day extra special and wonderful. It was such an honor to become part of this special event. I know how important this day to you. Cheers to more blissful years in blogging! Keep inspiring people, stay humble, pretty, and sexy! I love you, muther! #AlamMoYan


Muther, pa-grab ako ng mga pictures ahh pag meron na so I could share it here too.


18 thoughts on “The Much Awaited Mommy Fleur’s Day!

  1. I had been a blogger since 2006, I had met wonderful blogger mommy friends na naging good friends ko na din offline. Ang nakakatuwa bago pa man ang first meet-up ay parang kilalang kilala na ang isa’t isa dahil sa mga blog kwentos na parang comics na nasusubaybayan.

    May your Online friendship blossoms until the days of your lives….

  2. nakakainggit. sana manila-based rin ako para nakapunta ako sa #mommyfleurday. the photos are proof enough that you had a great time. ang sasarap pa ng mga food!

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