Foodtrip Galore at Whistlestop

What do you prefer the most every time you dine at any resto? Do your prefer the good ambiance of the resto or the delicious food they serve? If you will ask me, I prefer the good food. I don’t care kahit sa kanto lang yung kainan basta masarap yung food. I go for the taste rather than the sosy place. And of course, as a wife and Mom I go for budget friendly resto that serves good food at the same time. I’m very practical when it comes to that. There are times naman that I don’t care spending too much as long as the food is exceptional. Kaya If you will notice me and my husband, Cj seldom dine at expensive restos. Because aside from the fact na kain construction worker ang asawa ko eh nuknukan din yan ng kuripot. (Read: SUPER KURIPOT.PERIOD)


Whistlestop meets both our standards. Affordable na masarap pa! Whistlestop is located along Jupiter street, Makati. When my friends, Rachelle, Aaron, and Gerry had their joint birthday celebration two weeks ago, I highly suggested Whistlestop to them since most of them are picky-eater and since it’s one of the nearest resto in our office too. They used to serve Filipino cuisine here at Whistlestop, they don’t have a super nice ambiance pero winner ang mga food! I swear! Their price ranges from 100++ to 500. O diba swak na swak sa budget? 🙂


Even though they were all picky-eater I’m confident that they will all love the food here at Whistlestop. It’s my second time here at Whistlestop already and I must say na tumatak talaga sa isip (at dila) ko ung lasa ng mga food dito. Winner eh! In fact, nagustuhan nilang lahat ung food dito to think na napaka-sensitive ng mga yan when it comes to food. Most of the time hindi kami magkasundo sa mga kakainan sa sobrang picky nila but this time around nagka-sundo kaming lahat. Here’s the best compliments that I’ve heard from my friends “walang patapon kasi lahat masarap” and “sarap na babalik-balikan”.

Need I say more?

Of course, golf course! Here’s what we order:

20130827-100321.jpg1979 Vintage Chicken

We all loved the chicken! We can eat this as it ease even without the gravy sauce. Ang sarap lang nito. Pinag tatalunan nga namin kung anong mga spices na nilagay eh, kakaiba eh. Adik lang diba? 😛


We love their Kare-Kare too! The veggies was cooked perfectly, it’s not overcooked and soggy. The oxtail is tender too. The peanut sauce is creamy and yummy, and it really goes well with their bagoong. Btw, kare-kare is a Philippine stew.

20130827-095848.jpgSinigang na Babzki

I love the creaminess and sour taste of their Sinigang, for me its a perfect combination. Plus, the babzki was cooked tenderly. My friends loved it too! Sabi nga nila walang patapon na food dito, lahat yummy!

Pork Knuckle (Crispy Pata)

Megaaaaad! Their pork knuckle is one of the best pork knuckle I’ve ever tasted. Their Crispy pata is the perfect mix of crunchy crackling and tender meat. Balat palang ulam na! Unlike the other crispy pata eto super crispy talaga and tasty too! In fact, isa ako sa mga pumapak ng buto nyan! Wala ng poise poise! 😛

Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Since most of my friends are carnivorous, kami lang mga vegetarian (as if tunay!) ang naka-appreciate nitong dish na’to. I love broccoli that’s one of my favorite dish eh. Kaya kahit ano pang luto nyan, winner yan sakin. Mejo matigas nga lang ‘to, parang binuhusan lang na mainit na tubig ang level pero keribels na. Nabawi naman ng oyster sauce ung lasa. It was a perfect match for my margarita. Yes, ginawa ko syang pulutan. LOL!

 After our dinner, we drink ng very very light. Ladies drinks for the girls and beers for boys. Tamang two bottles while making chika lang.


Lychee chuvaness

Sorry, I forgot what it’s called! Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?! Kaya di talaga ako bagay na maging food blogger! LOL! Hindi ko masyadong type yan kasi gin ang halo, I’m allergic to gin. Pero I like the lychee, so yun lang ung kinuha ko dyan. HAHAHA! Then I gave the rest to my friend, Katey.


The margarita was a big hit to us and it didn’t disappoint. It has the right amount of sweetness and vodka.  It’s not nakakalasing kaya okay sya for us. It’s the perfect drink that capped off our Friday night.

After that….. uwian na. LOL! Kala ninyo may kasunod pa noh?! 😛

So if you’re kuripsy (kuripot) like us and you want a budget friendly resto that serves good food then Whistlestop is the perfect place for you!  

28 Jupiter St. Bel-Air,
Makati Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 896-1989

2 thoughts on “Foodtrip Galore at Whistlestop

  1. mukhang masarap nga ang food offerings nila, at very affordable pa. crispy pata is a constant fixture sa menu if my bestfriends are in town and we dine out. haha!

    • Yes, Rose masarap talaga tsaka very affordable kaya super sulit especially sa mga boys na malakas kumain. So far eto palang ung crispy pata na pasado sakin tsaka ung crispy pata from Abe’s restaurant.

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