Cyler’s New Do by Kutie Kutz Kids Salon

A couple of weeks ago just before the typhoon Maring strikes Manila, Cyler had his 4th haircut at Kutie Kutz Kids Salon, Robinsons Magnolia. Suddenly, I realized pang 4 na beses na pala nyang haircut yun. The last thing I remember was when he just had his first ever haircut and now it was his 4th time already. How time flies(for the nth time)!  It was our first time to try different kiddie salon because we used to go at Cuts for Tots all the time. Cyler’s 2nd and 3rd haircut was at Cuts for Tots too. In fairness, Kutie Kutz Kiddie Salon didn’t disappoint.


The salon and staff were both child-friendly which is a must sympre “kiddie” salon sila. I’ve heard that there are some kiddie salon na hindi masyadong child-friendly yung mga staff ah, so the kids get traumatized. That’s why I’m glad when I saw that the staff here were very friendly and accomodating. And another good thing about Kutie Kutz is that it’s way cheaper compare to other kiddie salon but the service is surprisingly good. They’ve got play area too for the kids however their space is a bit small so it looks crowded. They also have certificate for those toddler who will be having their first haircut. And they also offer kids shampoo and conditioner.


They’ve got TV too that plays different cartoons to entertain and distract the kids while having their hair done. As you can see in the photo below, Cyler’s eyes were glued on the TV screen so he wasn’t bothered by the hands and razors running through his hair. The staffs are well-trained and they’re very patient with the kids which is two thumbs for me. Hats off to all their staff because I know that it takes a lot of patience, energy, and guts for you to be able to handle a crying and wailing toddler or kids. Medyo tough talaga ung job nila.

20130828-111104.jpg Cyler while having his hair done and all eyes on the TV screen!

He was very calm the entire time too so the hair stylist didn’t have a hard time cutting his hair. Thanks to the inventor of televisions! The haircut took only 15minutes to finished, ganun ka-bilis because Cyler was cooperating very well  while the other kids were crying and throwing tantrums on the other side. He got a bit bored but Blues Clue’s saves the day! From then, he was fascinated already with Blues Clue’s. In fact, araw araw nyang pinapanood sa Youtube.

And here’s how he looks like after the haircut… clean, cool, and comfy! Megad! He looks like a big boy and he looks so much like his Dad now. Watchuthink? It’s really a bittersweet kind of feeling when I see him growing so fast. *sigh*


And since he was behaved the entire haircut we rewarded him with Jolly spaghetti, his favorite! May kasama pang chicks on the side! Choz!


The little girl was fascinated with my little gwapito to the point she can’t resist touching him. Paktay! Habulin ng chicks alam na kung kanino nagmana….. SAKIN! Choz! Kidding aside. 😛

The little girl just wanted to play the iPad too. 🙂

Kutie Kuts Kids Salon
2nd Level Robinsons Magnolia


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