New Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

People need to eat. That’s a given fact. But with our active, busy lifestyles, oftentimes we find ourselves without the time or the energy to prepare a decent meal, that is, if we even know how to cook in the first place. For us, the usual option is to order food for takeout or delivery, or just rely on bland, ready-to-eat items like canned goods or processed meats.

The people at Bounty Fresh know that this shouldn’t be the case. As the first Philippine company to win the Best Poultry and Livestock Company Award at the 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Awards, Bounty Fresh continues to provide delicious and top-quality chicken products, making it deserve its tag as being “Asia’s Best.”


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KMS Cooks: Yang Chow Fried Rice

Hello guys! How’s your weekend so far? Me, Cj, and Cyler were in food coma. I bet you already know the reason if you’re following me in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Yes, I cooked a lot for my boys during weekend since that’s my only free time. Cj doesn’t like going out on weekends anymore because he wants me to cook instead of going out and eating in a resto. And as a wife I’m feel really flattered and overwhelmed whenever my husband say that to me. Talaga namang makalaglag panty pag asawa mo na ang nagbigay ng compliment sau. LOL! Agree mga misis?! Aminin! Wag echosera! 😛

Anyway, tonight I’ll be sharing this super-kaduper-mega-ultimate-no brainer Yang Chow Fried  recipe to all of you. This dish can be done in no time so it’s perfect in case you run out of idea what to cook for your family this weekend.


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KMS Bakes: Brazo de Mercedes

It’s been a month since I bake a cake but it’s been years since I baked a Brazo de Mercedes cake. I think the last time we bake this cake was when I was still in college, ganun na katagal! Imagine?! And you know what?! This cake is one of my favorite cake! Ever! I’d rather choose this cake over chocolate cake because that’s how I love this! I’ve craved for Brazo de Mercedes last weekend so I decided to make one and since we were in our house at Antipolo too.


My younger sister, Isang helped me bake this cake. At first we were both skeptical if I can bake it because we completely forgot how to bake this but thanks to Manong Google because we were able to get a good recipe from the world-wide-web. I found the recipe from Panlasang Pinoy website. And I love the consistency of their recipe. Continue reading

KMS Cooks: Scrambled Egg Muffins


Since I’ve been cooking and sharing a lot of recipes here in my blog I decided to add “KMS Cooks” in the title of my recipes. I’ve been using this hashtag(#kmscooks) in my instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account too so I decided to used it here as well para madaling i-search. Taba ng utak ko noh? Puro aligue nga lang. Teehee! Btw, KMS stands for Kikay Mommy Sha, just so you know. 🙂

So there, let’s move on to the recipe. Recieving my package from King Sue Products was just on time because I used bacon in this recipe. And can I just say that King Sue’s bacon taste superb?! It is! Most especially when it’s crispy and hindi sya puro taba unlike other bacons. I really think that any dish paired with bacon taste really good! I tried this recipe last weekend when we went home to Antipolo, we stayed there the whole weekend so alam ninyo na ang ngyare sakin.. tumambay nanaman ako sa kitchen the entire day. Kaya super happy nanaman ng mga kapatid at tita ko kasi ipinagluto ko nanaman sila. Once I enter the house they would always ask me kung anong iba-bake or lulutuin ko for them. I guess that’s something they lookward to everytime we go there. And that’s something makes me really happy whenever I go home at my hometown. Continue reading

Wyeth Nutrition: Mommy Dimples Romana’s Tips to Nurture Your Child’s Gift

Having children is a gift—a gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Everyday brings a different surprise, a new discovery or sometimes a new milestone from your child. One day, it can be the wonder to see your daughter take her first step; the next, it can be the moment she discovers that she likes to sing; or the joy of hugging her close to you after seeing her sing well at home. Then it sinks in that more than being a gift, your child is actually an exceptionally talented child.


TV Host and character actress Dimples Romana knows this firsthand. A mother to a beautiful daughter named Cal; she also hosted a TV reality program that helped develop talented kids – Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp.“I watched hundreds of kids audition and participate, and it made me realize that there are a lot and I mean a lot of talented kids out there. It’s just a matter of encouraging and tapping into their inherent talents,” notes Dimples.

However, she reminds parents not to pressure their children too much. “There’s a fine line between encouraging and pushing your kids too far.” Here are a few tried-and-tested tips straight from Dimples herself that you can use to help develop the talents of your kids and nurture them to excellence. Continue reading

The Magic of Magic Bullet!

Guys, I have a new baby now and it’s called the Magic bullet! The domestic goddess in me was super kaduper happy with her new baby! Oh yes, I feel really grateful and will be forever grateful with my new baby, I just hope magtagal sya sakin kasi mukang gagamitin ko na sya every now and then. LOL!


For those who are asking where did I buy it and how much did I get it for the answer is I got it……

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Red Ribbon Proudly Launches The Birthday Budget Planner!


Grabbed from Red Ribbon’s Facebook Page

As a mom, planning for our kids party is one of the most challenging part that we have to deal with because you have to be very careful with your budget. Most of the time we want to invite everyone to the point we go out of budget, right?! That’s why Red Ribbon proudly launches their Birthday Budget Planner! The Birthday Budget Planner makes celebrations easier and more convenient for all those who love to make parties a little more special without breaking the budget. Sounds promising right, Moms and Dads?! Actually, this is not only for Moms and Dads but also for people who wants to throw a party for their friends, loved ones, or family! Continue reading

King Sue Products

Last Friday, I received a sweet and yummy surprise from King Sue and it really made my day! I was really happy when I received the package from King Sue and I was thrilled when I opened it and saw these yummy goodies.  I was really surprised and speechless when they left a comment in one of my post at Instagram and asked me if they can send some of their products to me. Of course, hindi nako nagpakipot pa (di na uso yan sa panahon ngaun!) and I agreed to them immediately and gave my email address. LOL! 😛

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It’s A Happy and Blessed Friday Indeed!

Hello Friday and hello weekend! Wow! I can’t believe it’s Friday already and would you believe that there’s only 95 days to go before Christmas?! Yes it is! And I’m tremendously excited about it! Woohoo! My heart is pounding and overflowing with so much excitement and joy! Can you feel the level of my excitement?! I can’t wait for Christmas and I’m sooooo eggcited for Cyler too. This will be his 3rd Christmas with us and I feel really blessed.


Before anything else please allow me to share my story about Christmas

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SM Chinese Mooncake Festival 2013

It’s mooncake season again, and it’s the time of year that makes everyone crave for this Chinese delight. This dense and palm-sized pastry made with lotus paste is the star of the month as select SM Supermalls embrace the Chinese tradition through celebrating Chinese Mooncake Festival 2013 this September 19- 22, 2013. Join the feast as SM Supermalls lined up exciting events for everybody to enjoy.

SM Chinese Mooncake Artwork lo-res

Here’s the details of the event:

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KMS Cooks: Sizzling Tofu Recipe


I’m pretty sure you’ve been all waiting for this recipe so here it is! This recipe got a number of likes when I posted it in IG and FB and I’ve got a lot of queries about the recipe so today the long wait is over for those who are asking. I am just really happy that this recipe turned out just the way I like it. Our entire household love this dish too most especially my husband and my mother-in-law. Mommy (my MIL) said that it taste almost like a sizzling pork, if you’re not aware that it’s a tofu then most likely you would’ve thought that it is made of pork. Cj who seldom eat tofu surprisingly like this dish too. In fact, he can’t help himself from eating it hanggang sa maubos na. It’s supposed to be for our dinner but it was gone with the wind before I knew it. Oh nothing beats the compliment that I got from my family. Btw, this recipe was adopted from Max’s sizzling tofu recipe.

Now let’s move on to the recipe itself. Eggcited naba kayo? 🙂

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My Loot from the NBS Sale

One week ago, I dragged my husband along with me to shop for some cook books at National Bookstore, Glorietta. And in fairness to Cj eto lang ata yung sale na super willing sya na samahan ako. LOL! Bakit kaya? #PatayMalisya

I was really thrilled because it was my first time to experienced the National Bookstore cut-price sale and my eyes literally popped out when I saw the discounts. Most books are discounted up to 80% off! And I really had a hard time choosing what to buy for Cyler and for myself because there are tons of good choices. And I can’t decide which books I should buy with my self-imposed P500 budget. But boy oh boy I can’t believe because I was able to buy 2 cook books and 1 book for Cyler for less than Php500 petot, Php497 pesos to be exact ! Imagine?! I can’t believe na ganito pala kabongga mag sale ang NBS. I super love it!

Here are my loots from the sale.

A baking book that I purchased for…. (drum roll please!)…… a hundred bucks only! Yes, I got this book for Php100 petot only! Definitely a good buy! These baking book contains 100 mouth-watering and delectable recipe, every one of which can fit into a healthful eating plan. All recipe in this book are heavy decadence, but light on saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. So this baking book is perfect for all health conscious people out there who can’t resist eating sweets.

Now we can enjoy guilt-free desserts! YAY! 🙂

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Weekend Recap + More Kitchen Experiments!

Hello Tuesday and hello world! It’s a lazy kind of Tuesday for me! Why? Because I have this terrible headache since yesterday. Maybe because it’s been raining cats and dogs (and dragons and dinosaurs!) yesterday. I had a hard time getting out of the bed because of this headache especially when my toddler hug me like a big brown mama bear. It seem like I just wanna stay in our bed the whole day and smell my baby’s breath. But the sad reality is…..I have to go to work! Uggggh…. BOOO! Corny!

So last night, since I’m feeling sort of under the weather I only ate fruits for dinner.Em was asking me last night if dinner ko na talaga yan, parang pagpapanggap pero oo yan na talaga ung dinner ko. LOL! That’s my usual dinner during weekdays, mas magana akong kumain during lunch time. I don’t like eating too much during dinner time because it is more likely to be converted into fat. Unlike during daytime your active so mas mabilis ang metabolism.


Anyway, how was your weekend?!

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Dinner Date at Spaghetti Factory

Thank God it’s Friday!! YAY! Friday na! Friday na! Ang saya saya!(Repeat100x)

Can’t wait for the weekend and be with my two boys the entire day! Just having the thought of weekend makes me feel so excited and thrilled ng bonggang bongga! Hindi naman masyado halata noh? Do you guys feel the same way too? I bet you feel the same way too! Excited nakong ilabas ang pagiging Domesticated Goddess ko! LOL!

Anyway, do you have any date/plans tonight? Me, I don’t have any plans for tonight I just wanna go home after work and relax together with my boys. Actually, Cj and I already had a dinner date last night. We ate in one of our favorite affordable Italian resto in Glorietta. The restaurant’s name is Spaghetti Factory, halos ata lahat ng friends ko nadala ko na dito and in fairness they all love the food here. It’s not only delcious it’s also affordable! Spaghetti Factory is located at the 2nd level of newly renovated Glorietta 1. They’re previously located at Glorietta 5 then transferred here at Glorietta 1. I already blogged Spaghetti Factory (read here) a year ago when I dine here together with my friends, Earleen and Marla . I remember that it was also Friday the 13th. Watta coincidence, right?!

Anyhoo, going back to the topic. I ordered Spinach Ravioli. It cost Php259, I love the creaminess and taste of the spinach filling. Anything with spinach is a big hit for me. The creaminess of spinach really goes well with the pasta sauce. However I was a bit disappointed with the pasta because it wasn’t cook tenderly. Or maybe the cook was tired already because we went here when the mall was about to close.


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TBT: When He Was Still In My Tummy

My last Throwback-Thursday or TBT post was all about Cyler when he was still a tiny little baby (read here) and now it’s Mommy’s turn. In short, puro #SELFIE photos ko ‘to when I was pregnant with Cyler! Super throwback because Cyler was still fetus then. LOL!

Disclaimer: If you hate seeing selfie photos then you can close your browser now, but if you’re ready to conquer my face then click more to continue reading! Okay?! Walang sisihan ah! 😛

Okay, here we go! 😛

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Cyler’s Writing Milestone

It’s been awhile since we talked about toddler’s developmental milestone so today allow me to share Cyler’s latest developmental progress. Last weekend, while we were playing iPad with Cyler I asked him write a letter because Mama told me that my two-year old toddler, Cyler can write a few letters already. So I told him, baby(that’s how I fondly call Cyler) can you write a letter A? And we were all surprised because he was able to write the letter A! Yes, he wrote that letter A below. Ang arte ng pagkakasulat ng A  noh?! #ManangManaHindiNgaLangSakin


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Cj’s Big Three-Oh Celebration!

Hello guys! I’m back balakubak! Sorry for the lack of post for the past two days! It’s not that I don’t have anything to share in fact I have lots of pending post in my drafts. Actually, nagpapa-miss lang talaga ako. LOL! #AsIfMayNakaMiss Anyhoot, grabe pinagod ako ni Cj last weekend! As you all know last Saturday, we celebrated Cj’s 30th birthday (batang bata!) at home. Sa house kami nag celebrate as per the birthday boy’s request, I spent my entire day being their cook-slash-yaya-dakilang asawa-slash-serbidora-slash-dish washer kulang nalang taga laba. That’s why I was literally tired the entire weekend. I’m not complaining though besides it’s his big day so pagbigyan, once a year lang naman. The birthday boy, Cj had the time of his life on his special day. I advised him to relax so he was just lounging, eating, and watching his favorite movies the entire day together with our unico hijo, Cyler while I on the other side are so busy in the kitchen preparing and cooking for our food.


So here’s what happened the entire day.

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Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy happy birthday to the man who stole my heart, my one and only true love, my life, the craziest and silliest person I know that makes me laugh endlessly like nobody can, my number one enemy, my forever love, my best-friend, the greatest father I know, and my soul-mate, Cj!


May God grant your wish, I know it’s for our family! Thanks for your undying and selfless love for me and Cyler! Let’s enjoy this day like it’s your 1st birthday! I love you, Hon! You know I always do!


I’m off now to the kitchen to prepare your favorite food! 🙂