Weekend: It’s All About Cooking and Family Bonding!

Do you believe in the saying that “the family that eat together stay fat together”? I do! How often do you enjoy family meals together? In our case, since Cj and I are both working we usually enjoy our family meal together every weekend. In as much as we want to unfortunately we can’t do it everyday because we used to go home very late from work most of the time. That’s why I make sure that I always prepare special meals for my family every weekend or whenever I’m home. Unfortunately, the only time I have is mostly during weekends. Oh the life of a working Mom. Sabi ko nga sa inyo if and only I have all the time in world, I will surely give my 101% time to my family. Oh well the travails of a working mom. Period.

Anyway, I did a lot of cooking since we stayed in the house the entire weekend because I’m not feeling well (I still have tonsillitis!Uggh!) and since Cj had to worked on Sunday(BOO!) too. All we wanted to do was to relax the whole weekend since we had a super tiring but fun Friday already. So today, allow me to share what I cooked the last weekend. Please get your tissue or hanky and prepare yourself to drool!….Choz lang! 😛

For our brunch (yes we love to stay up late and wake up late during weekends!), I prepared fruits salad. Cyler and I are sucker of fruits! Grapes, mango, mandarin orange, peaches, and kiwi are our favorites! Any fruits paired with cream or yogurt are perfect combo! It’s heaven and healthy too!


During dinner I cooked pasta with ham, carrots, and potato! surprisingly, my carnivore husband liked it! Talk about…himala! LOL! He didn’t mind eating those carrots and potato on his plate. Partida ang laki pa ng hiwa nyan. Usually kasi hinihiwalay at tinatanggal nya pag veggies hinihimatay kasi yan pag nakakakita ng gulay. Ganun ka OA! We paired our pasta with roasted chicken. Oh diba para kana din kumain sa labas. I’ll share the recipe on a separate post. 😛


On Sunday morning, I prepared Cyler’s brekky. This is his usual breakfast– fruits and cereals! He doesn’t like eating cereals with milk, he wants to eat it just like that. I usually prepare energy booster food for my active toddler. Study shows that fruits are the best food to eat in the morning because it has fiber and rich in vitamins! This will give you all the energy and nutrients you need in the morning. That’s why fruits are always staple in our breakfast.


Then I ate banana with cookie butter and our left over pasta for breakfast. I love this super yummy and creamy cookie butter from Go Nuts Donuts! Ang sarap! I swear! Mas lalong sumarap kasi libre! LOL! Thank you so much Go Nuts Donuts for my cookie butter! We super loved it! I brought some in the office and my office mates did like it too!


For our merienda, I cooked this no-brainer french toast and paired it with lotsa fruits! I drizzled it with condense milk (yummy!) and it’s perfect with my Go Nuts Donuts cookie butter too! Now, I’m starting to salivate! Ako pala dapat ang nag ready ng tissue. Okay, next time! LOL!

Do you want the recipe of this french toast too?! Alright, I’ll share it another post too! Teehee! #PasabikLang


Aside from the food that we enjoyed eating together, one of the greatest thing that we enjoyed the most was the time we spent with our one and only baby, Cyler. Hay naku! Kung pwede lang talaga na everyday ay weekend noh?! Hindi na siguro lulungkot ang weekdays ko as well as the other working Moms and Dads out there! Agree or agree? 🙂


How about you? How did you spend your weekend?! Kwento naman dyan! 😛


Guys, who wants to win a one-year digital magazine subscription?! Any magazine! Local or International, name it get it! I know you all want it so watch out for my upcoming post! I’ll reveal the good news real soon! 🙂


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