Cyler’s Writing Milestone

It’s been awhile since we talked about toddler’s developmental milestone so today allow me to share Cyler’s latest developmental progress. Last weekend, while we were playing iPad with Cyler I asked him write a letter because Mama told me that my two-year old toddler, Cyler can write a few letters already. So I told him, baby(that’s how I fondly call Cyler) can you write a letter A? And we were all surprised because he was able to write the letter A! Yes, he wrote that letter A below. Ang arte ng pagkakasulat ng A  noh?! #ManangManaHindiNgaLangSakin


He wrote not just letter A, he also wrote other letters too like W, Y, B, C, D, G, X,L, and E. Lahat nga lang ng letters may mga buntot like what he did to letter A. We also taught him how to draw circle, swirl, square, rectangle, and heart shape. He was able to draw circle, swirl, and heart shape already but we were still working on other shapes and letters too especially those complicated ones. I can see that his fine motor skills are improving each day because he can now grasp the pencil and color properly although we are still teaching him how to hold a pencil in writing position. The only problem is that he likes using both hands so we are having a hard time to determine if he’s left or right-handed. He use his left hand most of the time though.

So first things first. How did Cyler learn writing? I don’t know either! LOL! No but seriously we just wait until Cyler got really interested and excited about it. As a mom, my number one parenting rule is never pressure your child and never compare your kid’s milestones to other kids. Bear in mind that kids are unique individuals. Every child is smart and gifted, your rule as a parent is to help them improve and develop their skills. Just enjoy learning with your toddler, like what I always say learning should always be fun. Your baby’s fine motor skills will improve steadily as they grow, which will help them get ready to grab a crayon/pencil. So chillax and take it easy, don’t pressure your child. Take it one baby step at a time. 🙂

I have question for you, how to tell if your toddler is right or left-handed? Any tips Moms and Dads?



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8 thoughts on “Cyler’s Writing Milestone

  1. Hi mommy sha, ang galing ni cyler!! btw, am juvvy, saw your blog kay maqui.. 🙂
    Like you I also believe that learning should be fun that we should not pressure our kids, kaso lately am having doubts with myself, feel ko may kulang sa ginagawa ko.. He does not like writing though he loves art naman,.. and when I teach him new stuff, binabaliwala nya ko.. haaay.. pero tama ka.. in their own time.. let them be lang.. 🙂

    • Hello there Mommy Juvs! Naku don’t worry hindi ka nag-iisa sa journey na yan. Mahirap talaga turuan ang toddlers dahil mabilis sila ma-distract and they tend to get bored easily. Akala natin hindi nila na-absorb ung mga sinasabi at tinuturo natin sknila pero magugulat kana lang one day ginagawa na nila.

      And yes, let them enjoy being kids eventually they will learn and discover things in their own time. Patience is the key! 🙂

      Btw, ikaw ba ung relative ni Leah from Cebu? I checked your blog and saw your post about books. 🙂

    • Actually, that’s what I noticed too with Cyler his left hand had a firmer grasp compare to his right hand. We’ll see if he’s still left-handed by the time he reach 4 or 5. Yun na daw kasi ung mejo stable stage. 🙂

  2. Way to go Cyler!

    Hi Mommy Sha, good thing you raised that question. I think my son (Ayvan) is also left handed, every time na ibabalik ko toy niya na nahulog kukunin niya using his right hand tapos ililipat niya kaagad sa left and start ulit siya sa pag play. And no one is left handed in our family. Nakakatuwa lang. 🙂

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