TBT: When He Was Still In My Tummy

My last Throwback-Thursday or TBT post was all about Cyler when he was still a tiny little baby (read here) and now it’s Mommy’s turn. In short, puro #SELFIE photos ko ‘to when I was pregnant with Cyler! Super throwback because Cyler was still fetus then. LOL!

Disclaimer: If you hate seeing selfie photos then you can close your browser now, but if you’re ready to conquer my face then click more to continue reading! Okay?! Walang sisihan ah! 😛

Okay, here we go! 😛

16 weeks pregnant with Cyler

18 weeks pregnant with Cyler

Ansabe ng gumamela?! Parang nagda-dalagang buntis lang! LOL!

Ang babae sa... Pool?

Ang babae sa… Pool?

Parang frog lang ang peg ko dito. 😛

16 weeks pregnant with Cyler

16 weeks pregnant with Cyler during our company’s Christmas party

Who would’ve thought that I’m pregnant here?! Height palang ndi mo na mapagkakamalan! LOL!


During my 3rd trimester… ang lakas pa rin mag selfie! 😛

Oh how I miss my big boobies here! I guess this is one of the great advantages of being pregnant. LOL! Agree, mga mommybelles?!

On my 34th week ayaw pa rin paawat sa pagse-selfie! :P

On my 34th week ayaw pa rin paawat sa pagse-selfie! 😛

Umay naba kau? Wait lang meron pa! HAHAHA!


During christmas eve with my one and only Fafa Cj

Look at my nose! Daig pa nose ni Rudolf the reindeer! Well, in naman yan that time pasko eh! Teehee!


7mos preggy with Cyler (hindi lang halata kasi nakatago sa table ung tummy ko pero sa nose super obvious!)

I used to eat like a hungry monster when I was preggy but I’m one of those lucky pregnant women who never experience morning sickness or vomiting then kaya ang lakas ng loob ko kumain ng kumain. Ang ending pinag-diet ako ng OB ko during my 2nd trimester. 🙂

The night before I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!

The night before I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy!

That photo was taken the night before I gave birth, akala mo a-attend ng party diba?! Kung makapag make-up wagas! Gusto ko kasi maganda ako bago ako manganak eh. Gusto ko pa ngang mag-heels at mag-gown that time eh kaso naisip ko ang hirap manganak ng ganun ang outfitey. HAHAHA! #LokaLokangTunay

Love your own!

Love your own…nose! 😛

But to be very honest, I love how I look when I was pregnat(except my nose) with Cyler. People would always tell me that I was blooming then (so ngaun hindi na ganun ka-blooming? ganun ba un?) and they thought I’m having a baby girl. I believe that if you’re pregnant your looks doesn’t depend on the baby’s gender (just like the old wives tale) it’s about how you love and take care of yourself. Ako kasi when I was pregnant I takes an effort to always look good not for anybody else but for myself. And I don’t wanna be called as “losyang”, I super hate that word! I guess nobody wants to be called as losyang, right?!

On my 34th week!

On my 34th week!

Ladies, bear in mind that being preggy and becoming a Mom is not an excuse not to look good. Remember there is always time for everything! Anu ba naman ung humarap ka sa salamin ng 5mins at mag ayos ng konti diba? Diba they say love yourself before you love others. And besides when you feel good it naturally comes out even without exerting extra effort. Diba mas lalong masaya sa pakiramdam if people will tell you that you’re blooming or you still look like your dalaga self even after giving birth?! 🙂

Hindi halatang favorite ko tong dress ko nato noh? :P

Hindi halatang favorite ko tong dress ko nato noh? 😛

I didn’t buy any maternity clothes when I was preggy that’s why paulit-ulit ang outfitey ko when I was pregnant. Who cares anyway?! I will use those clothes for 9 months only, sayang lang. And aside from the fact that it’s not practical, maternity clothes are way expensive compare to ordinary clothes. Instead of buying new maternity clothes I just save the money for my baby’s stuff. And also I want clothes that I can wear even after giving birth. Just use your fashion sense to mix and match your clothes! 🙂

8 mos preggy here uring my birthday Celebration

8 mos preggy here during my birthday Celebration. #TakawMuch

It’s really important that you have a loving and supportive partner all throughout your pregnancy. Hindi kasi biro ang pinag-dadaanan ng mga girls pag nagbu-buntis. Lakas maka-haggard, promise!


5mos preggy with Cyler

That’s why I feel grateful and lucky because I have a very funny, witty, patience, supportive, loving, not-so-sweet husband with me, that’s one of the reason kung bakit ako blooming every now and then. LOL! #WalangKokontra

That’s all folks!


May kasabihan po tayo “Don’t judge the buntis by its nose.”. Char! Hahahaha!

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12 thoughts on “TBT: When He Was Still In My Tummy

  1. Sha, except for the bulging belly, you dont look preggers sa mga pics. inggit ako, ang dami dami mong pics na preggy ka. nung preggy ako, ayaw ko magpapic. naging camera-shy dahil parang ang laki laki ko nun. 😦

  2. you were a blooming buntis. 🙂 hehe. kung walang shot of your tummy lang, hindi ka mukhang preggy sa mga photos mo. and i love the name you chose, cyrus schuyler. very unique. iwas-hit sa NBI in the future. hehe!

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