Dinner Date at Spaghetti Factory

Thank God it’s Friday!! YAY! Friday na! Friday na! Ang saya saya!(Repeat100x)

Can’t wait for the weekend and be with my two boys the entire day! Just having the thought of weekend makes me feel so excited and thrilled ng bonggang bongga! Hindi naman masyado halata noh? Do you guys feel the same way too? I bet you feel the same way too! Excited nakong ilabas ang pagiging Domesticated Goddess ko! LOL!

Anyway, do you have any date/plans tonight? Me, I don’t have any plans for tonight I just wanna go home after work and relax together with my boys. Actually, Cj and I already had a dinner date last night. We ate in one of our favorite affordable Italian resto in Glorietta. The restaurant’s name is Spaghetti Factory, halos ata lahat ng friends ko nadala ko na dito and in fairness they all love the food here. It’s not only delcious it’s also affordable! Spaghetti Factory is located at the 2nd level of newly renovated Glorietta 1. They’re previously located at Glorietta 5 then transferred here at Glorietta 1. I already blogged Spaghetti Factory (read here) a year ago when I dine here together with my friends, Earleen and Marla . I remember that it was also Friday the 13th. Watta coincidence, right?!

Anyhoo, going back to the topic. I ordered Spinach Ravioli. It cost Php259, I love the creaminess and taste of the spinach filling. Anything with spinach is a big hit for me. The creaminess of spinach really goes well with the pasta sauce. However I was a bit disappointed with the pasta because it wasn’t cook tenderly. Or maybe the cook was tired already because we went here when the mall was about to close.


For my carnivore husband, he ordered his all time favorite monster meatball. This pasta dish cost Php209. Based on him the pasta is delish and he really like it but he said that nothing beats my pasta dishes. Eeeeeep! That’s my boy! ๐Ÿ˜›


They also have pizza, rice meals, and burger. One of my favorite dish here at Spaghetti Factory is their seafood pesto pizza. I swear ang sarap! If you’re around Makati today, feel free to visit Spaghetti Factory at Glorietta. Ayain na si Fafa at Mama! Date date din pag may time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Spaghetti Factory
2nd Level, Glorietta 1

4 thoughts on “Dinner Date at Spaghetti Factory

  1. i love spaghetti factory too! for me reasonable yung prices nila at commensurate naman sa serving ng food. i’ll try that seafood pesto pizza next time. puro kasi kami pasta if we eat there eh. hehe.

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