Weekend Recap + More Kitchen Experiments!

Hello Tuesday and hello world! It’s a lazy kind of Tuesday for me! Why? Because I have this terrible headache since yesterday. Maybe because it’s been raining cats and dogs (and dragons and dinosaurs!) yesterday. I had a hard time getting out of the bed because of this headache especially when my toddler hug me like a big brown mama bear. It seem like I just wanna stay in our bed the whole day and smell my baby’s breath. But the sad reality is…..I have to go to work! Uggggh…. BOOO! Corny!

So last night, since I’m feeling sort of under the weather I only ate fruits for dinner.Em was asking me last night if dinner ko na talaga yan, parang pagpapanggap pero oo yan na talaga ung dinner ko. LOL! That’s my usual dinner during weekdays, mas magana akong kumain during lunch time. I don’t like eating too much during dinner time because it is more likely to be converted into fat. Unlike during daytime your active so mas mabilis ang metabolism.


Anyway, how was your weekend?!

I hope you all had a great one! Mine was incredible! I had an awesome time with my boys. On Saturday, I prepared breakfast for my boys then we ate together. For Cj, I cooked german franks, egg, and ham. On the other hand I cooked buttered corn, scrambled eggs, and skinless longganisa for me and Cyler. After having breakfast, Cj gave Cyler a bath then off we went to the baking supplier. I was joking to Cj na paliguan din nya ko aba…. ayaw! Choosy pa! Chos lang! 😛

After buying all my baking necessities off we went to the mall for our weekly grocery. Before we headed to the grocery, Cj had his haircut first at his favorite Bench Fix Salon at SM Tayuman. In fairness, after the haircut he doesn’t look like Pacman anymore, he looks like Jinky Pacquiao na! HAHAHAHA! Ang bully lang noh? #SorryNa

While we were on the way to the mall I discovered this super yummy pichi-pichi(lower-right photo). Actually, I’ve been eyeing this store for the longest time tinatamad lang akong puntahan. I forgot the name of the store but we super love their pichi-pichi! I’ll tell you the brand name pag naalala ko na. Alam ninyo naman ang memory ko 1/2 day lang ang tinatagal. LOL! Pero ang sarap nito talaga, I swear!


After our weekly grocery, we bought food at Jollibee for our dinner. As usual, my two boys ordered Jolly spaghetti. Cyler and Cj are suckers of Spaghetti! They super love pasta! We enjoyed and spent our whole night playing inside our room like there’s no tomorrow. We laugh together. We jumped on the bed together. We were singing and dancing to the tune of different nursery rhymes and we rolled on the bed like a silly kids. Oh to be a kid again! Those are the simple yet super fun things that we can do together during weekends! Having a kid will bring out the inner child in you!


Our Sunday was a little different. No more errands and it’s all about sleeping, playing, and eating all day long. In the morning, Cyler enjoyed his bowl of oatmeal(see upper-left photo above) while watching his favorite movie, Disney Cars (for the nth time!) and he enjoyed reading the newspaper too (see upper-right picture below)! Then my in-laws cooked nilagang baboy for lunch. Yum! My in-laws are good cook so imagine the pressure on me everytime I cook for them. In the afternoon, we played with Cyler and took a nap for more than 3hrs. Ang sarap matulog because it was raining the entire day.


When I woke up I decided to cook sizzling tofu for dinner. They decided to pair the sizzling tofu with fried fish unfortunately hindi na nakaabot ung sizzling tofu before dinner time. LOL! It was wiped off even before dinner.

Who wants the sizzling tofu recipe?! Raise your toes! 🙂

How about you? How did you spend your weekend? Tell me something about it, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


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