My Loot from the NBS Sale

One week ago, I dragged my husband along with me to shop for some cook books at National Bookstore, Glorietta. And in fairness to Cj eto lang ata yung sale na super willing sya na samahan ako. LOL! Bakit kaya? #PatayMalisya

I was really thrilled because it was my first time to experienced the National Bookstore cut-price sale and my eyes literally popped out when I saw the discounts. Most books are discounted up to 80% off! And I really had a hard time choosing what to buy for Cyler and for myself because there are tons of good choices. And I can’t decide which books I should buy with my self-imposed P500 budget. But boy oh boy I can’t believe because I was able to buy 2 cook books and 1 book for Cyler for less than Php500 petot, Php497 pesos to be exact ! Imagine?! I can’t believe na ganito pala kabongga mag sale ang NBS. I super love it!

Here are my loots from the sale.

A baking book that I purchased for…. (drum roll please!)…… a hundred bucks only! Yes, I got this book for Php100 petot only! Definitely a good buy! These baking book contains 100 mouth-watering and delectable recipe, every one of which can fit into a healthful eating plan. All recipe in this book are heavy decadence, but light on saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories. So this baking book is perfect for all health conscious people out there who can’t resist eating sweets.

Now we can enjoy guilt-free desserts! YAY! 🙂


And also, I was able to buy this cooking book for Php200 petot only! The original price was Php1135, so imagine the savings. Wow! It really is a good find. This book contains easy and healthy recipes that will surely improve our family’s’ eating habits. Most of the recipe in this book has hidden vegetable purees that makes every meal healthier. I really wanted this book since I have a carnivore husband who hates eating veggies. Now I can add more veggies in our daily meals without them even knowing it. Bongga! 🙂


And last but never the least, I was able to buy an alphabet book for Cyler too. It cost Php197.50, the original price was 395. He was so delighted and happy when he saw this book.


This is a pop-up alphabet book that features the fiercest, fastest, and friendliest animal in the world. Cyler love this book to bits! As a matter of fact it’s one of his favorite book now. It’s the first book that he reads in the morning and the last book that he loves to read before bedtime. He loves every pages of this book and he really enjoy seeing the animals move as he turn the pages. He really loves this book.


The letters and animal images are so catchy to the eyes of my toddler. Cyler is mesmerized by this book. When Cj and I saw this alphabet book at the NBS we were 101% sure that Cyler’s gonna love this. And we were right! We did a good choice. He really loves the alphabet and he loves any alphabet books!


Now, I’m looking forward and excited for the next National Bookstrore annual cut-price sale. Bookstore is definitely one of our happy places! 🙂

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