It’s A Happy and Blessed Friday Indeed!

Hello Friday and hello weekend! Wow! I can’t believe it’s Friday already and would you believe that there’s only 95 days to go before Christmas?! Yes it is! And I’m tremendously excited about it! Woohoo! My heart is pounding and overflowing with so much excitement and joy! Can you feel the level of my excitement?! I can’t wait for Christmas and I’m sooooo eggcited for Cyler too. This will be his 3rd Christmas with us and I feel really blessed.


Before anything else please allow me to share my story about Christmas

when I started working back in 20_ _ parang hindi na ko na-excite sa Christmas. Because aside from the fact na hindi nako pwedeng mamasko parang feeling ko I’m too old to celebrate Christmas. I really think before that Christmas is just for kids tipong pag majonda kana (Disclaimer: opinion ko lang naman) parang hindi na happy ang Christmas……but that was before. When Cyler came into my life everything has changed. Even before when he was still in my tummy I feel super excited about Christmas again most especially when he was born. Parang bumalik ako sa pagiging bata ko, yung excitement, yung giddiness, yung happiness bumalik lahat yun when Cyler came. Cyler bring joy and happiness to my heart. I realized that our kids are the real source of happiness and they are God’s greatest blessing to us, parents. Agree, moms and dads?

On the other hand, I would like to say thank you to King Sue for sending their products to me(sabay segue! LOL!)! This made my day! I can’t really wait to try all your products! Thank you so much again, King Sue! I feel super duper blessed! Thanks a lot!


And also, I would like to say thanks to Red Ribbon too for inviting me on their blogger launch event yesterday. It was such an honor to be part of your new campaign and to become your official digital partner! I’ll share about their new campaign on my next post! Again, I feel super blessed! Thanks again Red Ribbon! πŸ™‚


And aside from all those blessings, this is what truly makes me feel blessed and happy. Watch this clip!

Of course, none other than my son, Cyler. My true joy and my pride!

I have another funny story to share about Cyler, last night when we were doing our usual bedtime routine which is reading books I asked Cyler to identify all the animals in the book.


Me: Baby, what are these animals?
Cyler: “A zebra, hippo, elephant, monkey,……..(he stopped for 3seconds)…perhaps!(pertaining to Gecko), and an owl!”.

Ang galing ng magpalusot! Pag ndi alam ang sagot daanin sa “perhaps!”. LOL! That’s my boy! Manang mana sa mga pinagmanahan… pilosopo(yun lang!) din! LOL! πŸ˜›

We were all laughing out loud with his answer and I hope it makes y’all laugh too!

Have a happy weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

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9 thoughts on “It’s A Happy and Blessed Friday Indeed!

  1. lapit na ang christmas. need na magshopping for inaanak. and of course, Neo. hehe

    Glad you feel so blessed, Sha. Lately, feeling ko ang daming problems na naovercome ung thought ng blessings. thanks for the reminder.

    • Hi Nerisa! Naku buti pinaalala mo oo nga kailangan ng mag start mamili ng gifts for inaanak! Waaa! Christmas is fast approaching! Kalurks!

      And don’t worry, Nerisa I feel you. Minsan talaga pag dumadaan tau sa trials ndi natin nakikita or napapansin na were still blessed despite of the problems.

  2. Ung level ng excitement mo Mem nakakaloka! Hahaha Me too! Im so egzoited pero unahin ko muna ang excitement for this coming Halloween with my son Ayvan… πŸ™‚ Do you have plans on attending a Trick or Treat somewhere Mommy Sha?

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