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Last Friday, I received a sweet and yummy surprise from King Sue and it really made my day! I was really happy when I received the package from King Sue and I was thrilled when I opened it and saw these yummy goodies.  I was really surprised and speechless when they left a comment in one of my post at Instagram and asked me if they can send some of their products to me. Of course, hindi nako nagpakipot pa (di na uso yan sa panahon ngaun!) and I agreed to them immediately and gave my email address. LOL! 😛


Ms. Tenylle King Ang, the owner of King Sue (if I’m not mistaken) personally emailed me and asked for my shipping details. We corresponded via email and I really admire her for being so down to earth, friendly, and accommodating. She never ask for anything in return and all she wanted was for me to try their products. See how generous she is?! Thank you King Sue and Ms. Tenylle King Ang for sending over these yummy products!

I bet everyone are familiar with King Sue products. Their products has been staple in every home for the past generations and until today. And until now their quest to satisfy the Filipino palate and changing lifestyle is what drives King Sue Ham to introduce wider varieties of products each year.

King Sue Ham believes that the customer is the lifeblood of the business and should be offered the best possible products and provided with the best possible service. Hence, the company strives to fulfil the goals of quality excellence, product innovation, unparalleled product superiority, efficient management growth and utmost customer satisfaction. These ensure that King Sue products will exceed the expectations of its consumers. 

From ham and sausages, King Sue has a wider varieties of products now. They’ve got bacon, tocino, german franks, chorizo, english pork sausage, and many more! My favorites are their ham, bacon, chorizo, and their pork tocino. I haven’t tried some of their products and I feel grateful because I’ve got the chance to taste most of their products for free (Thanks again King Sue!)!

So far here are the recipe that I’ve tried using King Sue products.


Yang Chao Fried Rice with Chorizo Macao

And here’s another good thing about King Sue products– there’s a simple and easy recipe included in every packs!  I got this recipe from King Sue too! This dish is perfect for on the go and busy people like us, moms. I super love their chorizo and I was surprise because my picky-eater husband likes it too!

I also tried cooking scrambled egg muffin top with King Sue bacon and it taste really great! Promise!


Scrambled egg muffin (w/ King Sue bacon)

I guess any food pair with bacon is to die for, right?!  Their bacon is one of my favorite!  As per my Tita, my Mom, and my husband this scrambled egg muffin is sooooo delicioso!

See how we love King Sue bacon?! Hindi naman halatang nagpaka-lunod kami sa bacon kaninang umaga noh? 😛


I’ll share the recipes of these two dish soon….. so stay tune!

Again, thank you so much King Sue Ham and Tenylle for sending over these products! The taste fits for the whole family and fit for a king! My entire family love it to bits! Thanks again!


12 thoughts on “King Sue Products

  1. ang sarap nung yang chow fried rice! i tried looking for king sue products here pero i don’t think they’ve branched out to the visayas yet. the bacon is drool-worthy.

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