Weekend Recap + Other Musings

Hello everyone! How’s your week so far? Mine was super stressful and hectic due to work (as always!). Good thing I was able to recharge last weekend so I’m still alive and surviving right now. Anyway, I don’t want to stress you out with this post so let’s move on to the bright side– my happy weekend!

As we all know, weekends are so precious for me and my family. It’s the only time I can give my 100% time to them so I make sure that I start our weekend right by serving mouth-watering breakfast for my boys. For breakfast, I cooked pancakes, bacon, german franks, and fried rice (not in the photo). Here’s my breakfast last Saturday morning.


I also prepared apple smoothies (using my Magic Bullet) and brownies (I purchased from S&R sale) for Cyler’s snack. We love the smoothies and brownies to bits! The brownies cost Php60 petot only per pack! It is a great buy! Oh that’s why we love S&R mega sale! 🙂


I also cooked brisk broccoli soup for Cyler to soothes his itchy tonsils. Cyler has colds and cough since weekend I think he got the virus when we went home to Antipolo last weekend because it kept on raining and really cold then.


We ate, played, and watched three movies the entire day. We watched Alladin, Wreck it Ralph, and….hmmmm… nakalimutan ko nanaman! Sorry my bad! LOL! Oh well what do you expect? My momnesia attack again. Oh wait! I remember na! It’s Nemo! Yes, we watched Nemo too! And it brings back my good childhood memories. I feel so bagets again after watching Alladin and Nemo.

Anyway, my super curious and enthusiast toddler, Cyler discovered that a car key can be a door key as well. Sometimes he can imagine a letters from an object and he can imagine an object from a different object. You know, if you get my drift. At his age, he’s very imaginative, creative, witty, playful, handful, talkative, and smart. He can also sing the alphabet song in different tunes! Mapa RNB, rock, hiphop, jazz, etc! Nagugulat at na-amaze nalang kami minsan sknya.


And last Sunday after attending the Sunday mass and having lunch off we went to Cj’s basketball game. It was their company’s sports tournament. Alam ninyo naman kung gano kaadik ang asawa ko sa Basketball, lahat ata ng liga gustong salihan nyan kahit bangko lang sya. LOL! Peace hon! Teehee! While we were watching the game Cyler saw this girl that he’s been eyeing since we attended his Dad’s 1st game two weeks ago. Panay ang pa-cute ng bagets sa girl na itech. When he saw the girl again last weekend, (Omegad!) kinilig na parang kiti-kiti at natuwa ang bagets ng bonggang bongga.

By that time di na nagpakipot ang bagets lumapit na sa girlet at naupo pa sa tabi nya at take note naki-laro pa sa phone nung girl. Hay kaloka ka anak! Windang galore ako mga muthers! May ibang babae ng nagpapakilig sa anak ko. Oh gosh abelgas!


Tingnan ninyo naman kung pano maupo ang bagets sa tabi ng girl. Nakataas pa ang paa sa bag ng jowa ni girl! Kaloka ka anak! Alam na kung kanino nag mana. Hay naku anak please don’t grow up too fast! It made me realize that time flies so fast and life is too short. Magugulat nalang ako one day hindi na nya kami kailangan ng Daddy nya tapos makikipag date na yan, mahihiya na yan pag hinalikan ko sya at tinawag ko syang baby. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I think I’m not ready for that! I know masyadong futuristic tong naiisip ko pero it really happens in real life. Ganito pala ang feeling pag magulang ka. Hay.

That’s why Cj and I made a promise that even though we’re super busy at work we’ll make sure that we are giving our son, Cyler enough and quality time and we promise that we will make the most out of it!

Anak, I promise that I will take care of you until my last breath.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap + Other Musings

  1. super true. tayong mga working moms, sagrado talaga ang weekend for us. Family time talaga. tipong the whole weekdays, cge slave tayo sa office and work natin. pero pag weekend walang pwedeng istorbo sa family time.

    Sha, Cyler is Cj’s mini-me. 🙂

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