Realized Blessings

Happy happy Friday everyone! Woohooo!  It’s weekend already and I want to scream and shout to my heart’s content! Can’t wait for tomorrow, I feel so giddy-giddy like a monkey este mommy pala! I just wanna share this great feeling with you guys, I know this excitement that I feel is too much but that’s how I really feel right now. Let’s spread positive vibes and forget this stressful week and lets start our weekend with a grateful heart, shall we?! 🙂

My entire week was sooooo stressful at work but I’m lucky because God gave me the greatest stress reliever (ever!)– my dearest son, Cyler and of course my husband, Cj. Masayang masaya nako makita ko lang tong mga kolokoy na’to. They really turn my world upside down! And for me, there is no greater blessing than being with my family.


I can’t imagine my life without this cutie patootie. Slowly, my whole world began to revolve around him . And I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me “Mommy”. Being a mom with this batang makulit is the greatest thing that happened to me. Yes, sometimes he’s stubborn and I must admit I became stubborn too when I was growing up so who am I to judge him?  He arms me with strength whenever I feel like giving up. Cyler is truly a blessing in disguise.

It’s true that having a baby means a lot of sacrifices, they will make your bank balance shorter, sleep shorter, test your patience, push you to your limits, but they will make you a better person and they  will make your life worth living for. Before I had Cyler I was so careless and I don’t care about the world but when Cyler came into my life everything has changed. Now I worry too much for him, I became over-protective, more careful with my decisions, and before I do something I consider him first. I want to be a better Mom with Cyler and I want him to view the world in the light of gratitude and  become God-fearing.

And because of the hardships, worries, and trials I learned that we always have to appreciate the blessings we have in our lives. Whether it’s big or small, it’s still a blessing as long as it was given by God.

And speaking of blessings, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who are truly such a blessing to my life; my husband, Cj, my son, Cyler, my relatives and family, friends, and my dear readers who never get tired of reading this boring blog.

And I would also like to thank the following:


Bianca Segundo of Thinline Advertising for sending these yummy hopia and mooncakes!


Bounty Fresh for sending their new Top Torikatsu!


King Sue Ham for sending most of their products!


Zinio Magazine for my 1 year free subscription to all my favorite magazines! And for giving my dear readers a year’s worth of magazine subscription too.


My niece, Civ celebrating her 3rd birthday with Red Ribboy Birthday Budget Cake!

And last but never the least, Red Ribbon Bakeshop for choosing me to become one of their Digital partner!

Thank you so much for trusting your products to me and to this blog! I know this is too much and I guess the word thank you is not enough to show how grateful I am with all these blessings. Again, thank you so much for believing in me.

And thanks to the Almighty God for being so good to me and for giving this abundant blessings. I could not ask for more, Lord. Thank you po!


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