Happy Weekend + BitterSweet Monday

Hello guys! I feel a bit sad today…. sad yet excited. I’m flying in tomorrow for a business trip, ang corny no time to gala puro work lang. Plus having the thought na malalayo ako kay Cj and Cyler for a few days makes the trip more sadder. Hay. But I just think of the bright side. More career opportunity and career growth, right? Pero aanhin ko naman yun kung malayo ako sa pamilya ko. 4 days lang naman ako mawawala pero that four days feels like forever pag malayo ka sa pamilya mo especially if you have kids. I’m so gonna miss the batang makulit and my uber corny husband! I don’t know how I will survive the first few nights without Cyler sleeping by my side. Usually kasi nalalayo lang ako sa mag-ama ko pag may company outing which is usually overnight lang so keribombels lang, eto 4 days! Hay kalurks!

I’m gonna miss you baby!

My flight is tomorrow morning and I’ll be back on Friday evening, just in time for my Mother-in-Law’s surprise birthday party for her. They’re planning a surprise party kasi for Mommy (my MIL) because it’s her 60th birthday on Friday. Tomorrow naman it’s Mama’s birthday, then on October 10 it’s my Tita Nanin’s birthday and on October 11 it’s my SIL’s birthday, on October 12 it’s my eldest sister, Donna’s birthday. Ang bongga noh? All month birthday celebration lang ang peg.   

Now the question is anong konek? Wala lang just so you know guys. Teehee!

Moving on how’s your weekend guys?! Me, I spent my whole weekend at the house with Cyler. Chillax to the max lang ang drama namin. I know malalayo ako ng ilang araw sa bagets so bumawi nako ng bonggang bongga. We didn’t come to Cj’s basketball game last Sunday para mas makapag bonding kami ni Cyler. We just enjoyed each and every moment together. On Saturday, I did the usual thing for them.  I woke up early and cooked our breakfast, I prepared yang chow fried rice but this time I used different ingredients. My boys loved it except that hindi pa din nakaligtas ung mga tiny veggies sa mata ng carnivore kong asawa. Dapat ata ginawa ko ng purée ung mga veggies para kainin nya.


Since my boys woke up late they had it for brunch already. Then Cj requested pasta for merienda, so I cooked pasta. But instead of cooking my usual red sauce pasta, I tried cooking cream based tomato pasta. Cj and Cyler are suckers of my red sauce pasta. They both love pasta in red sauce that’s why if you notice I seldom cook pesto or white sauce pasta.


I also cooked churros for the very first time, unfortunately it was failed. It taste like churros but it doesn’t look like churros. Hihihi


Aside from the good food, Cyler and I enjoyed pretend playing too. We were pretending that we were talking over the phone.

*Ring! Ring*

Cyler: Put the car on his ears and says “Hello?!”

ME: Yes, hello?! May I talk to Cyler?

Cyler: Ahuh! Hmmmm… Ahuh! (Pretending he was talking to me.)

Cyler: Oh bye!

Wala pakong nasasabi, bye agad?!

Aside from that we also enjoyed hanging out in our bed. He loves making tambay in Mommy’s kili-kili. Heehee


We capped of our night with one of our bedtime rituals (aside from reading books)…. which is what we called “riot bedtime”. 😛

The best part of my weekend is spending and sharing it with someone whom I truly love. Yung tipong wala akong ibang iniisip kung hindi sila lang dalawa, ung whole attention ko nasa kanila lang. That’s the perfect weekend for me. Gigising ka sila makikita mo hanggang sa pagtulog mo. Hay! Ang sarap sa pakiramdam. 🙂

How about you guys? What’s your definition of perfect weekend? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Happy Weekend + BitterSweet Monday

  1. okay lang yan, gurl. looking at the bright side, you can buy early christmas gifts for Cyler 😛

    and sana hindi nagbabasa ng blog mo si MIL kasi she would know na the surprise birthday celeb hahaha

    have a safe trip 🙂

    • Ay korak! You gave me a bright idea! LOL! Pero instant trip means instant gastos talaga, kahit ayaw mo gumastos mapapagastos ka! Hihihi

      Di nya alam tong blog ko, hanggang FB lang yun. Hihi

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