Day 1: KMS Goes to Hong Kong!

My trip to Hong Kong was an unplanned business trip, t’was biglaan mga ateng. The project that we were handling was so critical and we need an immediate response from our clients so my boss decided to send us to HK where our clients are. We were just having a meeting last Friday, then the next thing we know we were already in HK. So I’m not really prepared about it. I wasn’t able to bring a descent camera(uggggh!) either, I only use my phone camera the whole trip. You know naman how I love taking photos! Isang malaking uggggh! talaga for me. So please forgive my not so nice photos. A week before my trip our dslr just hit the number of click so it needs a clicker replacement which we haven’t done yet dahil hindi ko naman alam na ipapatapon ako ng biglaan sa HK. I’m not even sure if it’s the clicker nga, it’s working naman but once you trigger the clicker nothings happening. So baka clicker nga. Does anyone encountered the same too? And do you guys have any idea how much the clicker is?

Anyway, going back to my trip. Our departure was at 2PM in the afternoon, I left the house at 8:30 in the morning because I was expecting traffic since it was rush-hour then but to my surprised there’s no any trace of traffic. We rented a cab then since our car was coding too that’s why we allotted so much travel time going to the airport. Too much allotted travel time that I arrived too early in the airport. Eggsayted much lang. LOL! So we were in the airport at around 9:30AM. I was too early for my flight, I was supposed to be there at 11AM pa since my flight is at 2pm. It’s the terminal’s policy that you should be at the airport 3 hours before the departure time if it’s an international flight. So I waited for about more than 4 hours! Such a waste of time tapos delayed pa yung flight. Oh well, what do I expect? It’s more fun in the Philippines, right?! 😛

This is my favorite part of our flight, taking video of the sky. I found it so relaxing for the mind and soul.  It feels literally like I was in heaven! 🙂

After flying for more than 1 hour finally we arrived at Hong Kong international airport at 5:45PM and it was epic because we were expecting that our company based in HK arranged the service from the airport going to the hotel unfortunately there was a misunderstanding happened to them. So ang ending wala kaming sundo! My gulay!


Pose lang ng pose kahit nawawala na kami! LOL!

Me and my office mate, Jayson were both a newbie here in HK so parehas kaming ngumanga pagdating sa airport. And to think that their airport was huge so ang hirap maghanap. As in! Good thing, I saw these old man working in the same Hotel where we are staying so I approached the guy and tell him that we were expecting a service kaso wala. So he called the hotel and arranged a service for us. Oh thank God! Akala ko sa kalsada kami matutulog that night. God is good to us!

We were directed to go at the Limousine Lounge and wait for our service. In just a matter of few minutes our service arrived.


At the limousine lounge inside HK intl. airport

Meet Weng, our driver-slash-tourist-guide then. Ang likot lang nya masyado kaya blurred sya. Heehee

IMG_0682He was very accommodating and polite that’s why I immediately felt  at ease and at home. As we go along the way, he was telling us the history and the places in Hong Kong.

Since I don’t have a nice camera, I took a video instead para mas mukang natural and realistic. 🙂

As per Weng, this is one of the longest tunnel in Hong Kong and once you come out to this tunnel you will see the largest capital of the world. This is the most amazing tunnel that I see by far. Hong Kong covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the Kowloon Peninsula.

And here’s the Hong Kong Island. Most of the buildings that you are seeing in the video are Shopping Malls. Shopping malls are everywhere in HK! As in tabi-tabi lang sila. Mauumay ka sa dami!

Another thing that I love about HK? There’s no traffic! If there’s any it’s not as heavy like what we have here in our country. And I love the cleanliness of their country. And you know what? There is no police in the streets but still the people obey and follow rules. You won’t see any beggars in the streets too so that only means that their Government is serving their country very well.  Ganun din sana dito satin noh? Anyway, so we arrived in the hotel at around 7pm. It took us less than an hour from the airport to the hotel. Pero malayo yung airport nila from the city proper, it was near the bay.  We stayed in the East Hotel at Taikoo Shing Road, Hong Kong Island. The service of the hotel is world-class, I must say. We never had a problem in our entire stay. Ang lakas maka-donya dito. Promise!


The entrance of East Hotel

Here’s my home for our 4 days stay in HK.The average room size is 300 sq feet it exactly fit my size, it is also minimalistic yet so classy and I super love it!


They also come with everything a business traveler needs. A 37 inch TV, a working desk, and a nice view of the of the city as you open your window. The TV is placed underneath the painting.


My view from the bed.


There’s an espresso maker with free coffee, as well as complimentary tea and infusions. There is also wine but it’s not free of charge.


It also has a mini-ref that contains different drinks including imported beer.  Those are not free of charge.


There is also an ipod touch so you can listen to music and relax. It lullaby’s me during night-time.


. The bathroom also features a rain shower head which I discovered two days before I left HK. LOL!


Here’s the cabinet. They also have an iron and iron table that you can use for your clothes. So you don’t need to worry kung malukot man ung mga damit mo sa luggage bag mo. 🙂


Toiletries are also included, but you cannot take home the shampoo, lotion, and conditioner because it is permanently locked in the table. LOL!


We rested for about an hour then we started to roam around the place. We went to the nearby mall to look for some food and have dinner. The nearest mall to our Hotel is the City Plaza. Of course, nag change outfit ang lola ninyo kahit haggard na sa byahe. Heehee


Define Haggard?!

What’s the first food that comes to your mind whenever you are in Chinese filled country? Of course, dimsum!  Authentic dim sum for the win! The hacao and shrimp siomai didn’t disappoint us.


We also tried Ramen since we noticed that most of the people there are eating Ramen then. Gaya-gaya lang ang peg! The servings is really big to the point wherein we can’t even eat half of it. I’m so full! It cost around HKD58.



Hong Kong is one of the safest place on earth aside from SG! I was amazed as I watched their local news on TV, ang pinaka-crime na napanood ko lang is animal cruelty other than that walang murder or rape case. As in! People are so afraid to do crimes kasi medyo mabigat ang penalty dito. Yung suspect sa animal cruelty she was punished for 7 years of imprisonment. Ganun kabigat, kaya naman people are afraid to do bad things which is good because it makes their country free from any harm. And it makes the tourist more comfortable kasi okay lang magpunta kung saan-saan kasi safe.

After our sumptuous dinner, off we went to the nearest grocery to buy some food and pasalubong! Of course, I intended to buy their local goods so that we can try and taste it. At least, we’ve got to the chance to taste what’s in HK even though we never had a chance to visit other places here in Hong Kong. Shopping capped off our first night here in Hong Kong. But that’s not all! Wait for my other post about our trip here in Hong Kong and you’ll see the magic of Hong Kong! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 1: KMS Goes to Hong Kong!

  1. magcocomment sana ako na ang dami mong dalang damit, parang sobra for your 4day business trip….but when I read part 2…. me point ang change outfit palagi – dapat bonggels tipong dress to impress 🙂

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