I’m Totally Back!

Hello everyone! I’m back! Yes, I’m totally back! I know you’ve been all waiting for my HK post but before that let us catch up first. I’ll make kwento on my next post for now I just want to say that I feel so glad to be back and be with Cyler and Cj! My zombie-mode-days are over! It feels so great snuggling and waking up together with my son, Cyler.


I’ll post my HK trip later this afternoon or maybe evening. Oh and please don’t expect too much on that post because as we all know I’m in HK for business trip and not to unwind so most of the time it’s already dark outside when we had time to roam around the vicinities. We were like hotel-work-hotel-work-hotel-work-gala during our stay there. Actually, I can’t call it gala kasi kain lang ang nagagawa namin during night time. As in super late na kami nakakapag ikot so most of the time dun lang kami nagpupunta sa mall beside our hotel and kapag pinalad closing na ng mall pag nagpupunta kami.

Anyway, look who’s so excited with Mommy’s pasalubong! He actually wanted to open everything! 20131013-092703.jpg

And since it’s weekend we did our grocery shopping too yesterday.
And look at Cyler here, he looks so much like a big boy here, right? He sits on his own and act like a grown up. I know he’s growing up way too fast!


We also brought Cyler at the Gymboree today.

And if there’s another thing that I really miss about home… that’s cooking home-meals for my family. So last night I decided to cook. I cooked this easy-peasy-yellow-breezy buttered garlic Talakitok. 🙂


So there, enjoy the rest of the weekend guys! 🙂


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