Day 2: KMS Goes to Hong Kong!

Our days in Hong Kong is all about work and pigging out. We used the to leave hotel at 8:30 in the morning then go to work and leave the office around 6:30PM or 7PM so most of the time the mall is about to close whenever we went there. Kaya food trip nalang talaga kami bumabawi. I don’t even had a chance to take pictures during day time since we used to leave the hotel really early, we spent most of our time in the office since that’s our main purpose why we are here. But of course, we tried our very best to enjoy this trip. We planned several times to go to Mongkok where the night market is but we always ended up going to City Plaza, the nearest mall in our hotel.Β  There is also a terminal of MTR (train station) near our hotel which is just a few steps away but we were already dead tired after work so we ended up fighting our stress by enjoying food. Pigging out, that is.


This is my view from my room, you can see the neighborhood of Taikoo Shing from the window. And you know what? People here are not so usi like us. Parang they don’t even care if kitang-kita ka nila from their windows, they won’t even look at you so you will never feel intimidated or irritated too which is a good thing especially for ladies, like me. This window is power window, if you want to close it you just have to press a button and it will automatically close. So usually, every morning ko lang sya binu-buksan then I closed it when I arrived at night .

I feel like a zombie when I’m here because I used to go home late then I had to wake up early the next morning. Since it’s our 1st day at work here in HK I took time to prettify myself para di ma-culture shock ang mga ka-meeting namin that day. LOL!

IMG_0451I don’t usually wear dress at the office but during this time everyday dress ako. LOL! Pwede naba? πŸ™‚


selfie-selfie din pag may time! πŸ˜›


In fairness, the people here in HK are really nice and accommodating even though not most of them can speak in english. They can pick up easily so I never had a hard time communicating with them. And if there’s another thing that we truly enjoyed here in HK…that’s food trippin’. Feeling ko talaga I gained more than 10lbs here. As in! Lafang here and lafang there ang peg namin dito pang bawi sa stress sa work. Breakfast palang busog na kami!


Eggs Benedict ftw!


After having breakfast, our officemate, Sunny fetched us at the Hotel and brought us to our office since we are not yet familiar with the place. Btw, our office is just 5 to 10 mins walk from the hotel so it’s very convenient for us. It is located at Quary Bay. We had meetings with different user’s the entire day and my coconut shell was literally drained out. So dinaan nalang namin sa lafang ang pagod at stress. Here’s what I ate for lunch.


Sirloin steak

There are lots of cheap restaurants near our office so we decided to try their local restos. In fairness, a sirloin steak from a sort-of karinderya?! Why not diba?! The steak is surprisingly good! I swear! And look at the rice it’s not just plain rice, it’s brown rice! Ang healthy diba? Another thing that I’ve noticed about the people here is that most of them were skinny and thin maybe because of the food that they eat. And they love drinking tea too! I guess that’s explain why they’re so fit.

Not everyone here can understand english so magagamit mo talaga ang body language here. Turo mo lang sa menu kung anong gusto mo gets na nila yun. Ganun lang kadali kahit di mo maintindihan sinasabi nila. And they give receipts too kahit karinderya lang.

After our two consecutive meetingsΒ  I decided to take a break. We visited one of the famous pastry house inside the building and I was literally salivating when I saw these.

IMG_0468Jusko po! Calories, calories, calories! But who cares, care bears?! πŸ˜›


I had a hard time choosing but I ended up with this super yummy and mouth-watering mango tart. As per the staff, this is one of their best seller here at OVA.


My officemate, Jayson chose this blueberry cheesecake which is so creamy and delicious! Dapat lang mejo mahalia sya eh.


And I’ve noticed too na parang kami lang ang nagme-merienda sa office. Most of them are eating in front of their tables lang. Oh well, trademark na ata nating mga pinoy ang lumafang ng lumafang noh? Hihi

And look what I saw when we were eating at the pantry. There’s a rural areaΒ  and mountains at the back of the buildings and they don’t have squatter’s here. I also watched in their local news that their government are building more condominiums since their population doubled each year. This project is for everyone so that they will have a descent home especially the average people who can’t afford high-end condominium units. Galing noh?


After our meetings the entire, we left the office around 7pm, when I arrived at the hotel I was literally dead tired so I decided to take a rest for about 30mins before we go out.Β  Of course, change outfit nanaman ang lola ninyo. LOL!


Before we had dinner, we roamed around to buy more pasalubong! Then we went back to the hotel to leave our purchases then off we went to City Plaza mall for our dinner. This time we tried Express Teppan-yaki, it is located at Food Republic (that’s their food court). I think that’s one of the cheapest teppanyaki at their place. If you’re out of the country and deciding where to eat consumes most of your time, I guess food court is the best place to go. There are lot of different food stalls and different cuisine that you can choose from at Food Republic. Express Teppan-yaki menu set meals, I chose the set of stir fried beef, shrimp, pusit, with veggies. Once you’ve placed your order, look for a seat around with a good view of the iron grill and enjoy as you watch the chefs prepare the food skillfully before your very eyes.

Maybe it doesn’t look so appetizing in the photo but believe me it taste really good! The beef is so tender and tasty! As well as the seafood and veggies! I love how they cook the veggies and I really liked the taste! It cost around HKD69 which I think is cheaper than any other restaurants.


That’s how my first day goes. It’s all about work and pigging out! πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “Day 2: KMS Goes to Hong Kong!

  1. I remember nun nagpunta kami sa HK before, hindi kami magkaintindihan nun tindera sa pastry shop. I kept point to a pastry with pinkish frosting and she kept saying, “Stoh-beli? Stoh-beli?” Took me a few moments to realize she meant strawberry. πŸ˜€ Lol!

    • Hahaha! They seem like they couldn’t understand us but the reality is naiintindihan nila tau ndi lang nila masabi ng tama satin. Pero nakakatuwa makipag communicate sknila, all smile pa din sila kahit di kau magkaintindihan. Hehe

  2. hi i am very familiar sa mga place na binaggit mo, every 2 or 3 mos nasa HK ako pra mag relax. natuwa ako ksi lagi din ako jan sa cityplaza, jan lng din ang apprtment na tinitirahan ko, likuran nmin ang opis na me malaking cherry sa ground flor, harap ng KFC, MISOCOOL, PACIFIC COFFEE. Favorite ko din ang xpress tepan yaki sa food republic. Tama ka masarap siya talaga, kaya nga Tina try ko siya lutuin sa house at gawing business dto sa atin, ksi wala pko nkikita ganyan dto eh. prang sa EAST hotel yan. try to watch movie din jan sa city plaza.

  3. Hi.. i happened to pass by your blog, and this place is very much familiar to me. I worked in an IT company and our office is located in City Plaza Taikoo Shing. Lots of happy and not so happy memories there πŸ™‚ You’re right, masarap yung food sa Teppanyaki, though sometimes medyo salty sya πŸ™‚ Sarap magshopping dyan during sale, H&M, Uniqlo, CK, Apita, etc! πŸ™‚

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