Day 3: KMS Goes To Hong Kong!

Just like the previous days (read it here and here), our 3rd day here in Hong Kong went the same– work, work, work, foodtrip, work, work, work, foodtrip, shopping. The only difference is mas madami ata akong nalafang nitong araw na’to na-stress kasi ako ng bongga sa trabaho. Feeling ko talaga andami kong nakain or sadyang feelingera lang ako? LOL! Which is which? Okay, you decide nalang. Teehee! 😛

Here’s what I had for breakfast. Take note: Breakfast palang yan at diet pako nyan. LOL! #WalaNgBukasTeh?


Pasensya na wala talaga akong ganang kumain nyan. LOL!

Hindi naman halatang fruit lover ako noh?!


On our 3rd day, #GGSS na #GGSS ako sa sarili ko that time pero syempre sariling opinion ko lang yan so bawal mag-react. HAHAHA! Sabi nga nila love your own diba? That’s why I started my day with a shameless #selfie and posted it in my IG account knowing that some people might get irritated. I know lots of people hate #selfie shot pero why not kung maganda naman diba? I guess it’s always a case to case basis. #PalusotNumber1


Moving on, here’s what I wore that day, same clothes that I wore on Mommy Fleur’s Day nadagdagan lang ng fenk jacket for more formal(at kikay!) look.


Finally at this point naisipan ko na din mag photo-op sa tabi-tabi. I took the chance to have  photo-op during lunch time so take note andaming tao nyan. Pero dedmabels lang, the shoot must go on. LOL!


This is the street where you can find cheap restaurants (aka karinderya) here in Quarry Bay, HK.  We usually eat here during lunch time since we opted to try their local food.


My Chinese office mate, Sunny said that the photo below is the cheapest karinderya here at Quarry Bay. Actually, it never came across my mind that they used to sell food because first I can’t understand what is written in the paper, second akala ko lucky charm or Feng Sui something yang mga yan. HAHAHA! I really thought it was some sort of lucky charms kasi ung mga tao kinukuha lang ung mga signage tapos bibigay sa tindera. Yun pala yan na ung menu tapos pagka-pili mo bibigay mo na sa tindera para malaman nila. Yun pala yun. Sorry na newbie lang. At least nalaman ko bago ako umalis ng HK diba? Teehee!


Sabi namin we wanted to try different Chinese cuisine but we ended up with….



We just got curious kasi andaming nakapila sa labas that’s why we give it a try. Sabi naman sa inio gaya gaya lang ang peg namin dito, kung anong in dun kami. LOL! And you know what really surprise us? The staff here at Q-Bay Burger are all Filipinos! Saya diba? 🙂

So how did we know that they are Filipinos too?

Staff: Hi Ma’am, what’s your order please?

Me: turo sa menu…

Staff: Okay Ma’am, is it dine-in or take out?

Me: Pause for few seconds… Dine in. (Napaisip ako kasi here in HK they usually say “Take-Away” pag take out.)

Eh kaso walang upuan so we waited for a few minutes para makaupo. Nung may tumayo na sa upuan.

Staff: Ayun tumayo na sila! Dun na kayo ma’am!

Me: Ay Pilipino ka din pala kuya! Sabay nag usap na kami ng tagalog.

The End.


So there dun namin nalaman na Pinoy din pala sila even the cook. Kakatuwa lang. 🙂

Here’s what I order, the servings doesn’t look big in this picture pero ang laki ng burger patty nito sobra! As usual di ko nanaman naubos sa laki. LOL!


Here’s a closer look of their burger patty. Ang lakiiiiii!


After that heavy meal, it’s back to reality— work, work, work! Buti nalang nakapag-recharge kami kasi bugbugan to the max na sa mga meetings.

We left the office around 7pm, we were sooooo dead tired and tremendously hungry already. As in!  So we went back to the hotel, leave our laptop, and off we went to Nha Trang restaurant.

Nha Trang used to serve Vietnamese cuisine and it is just 5 mins walk from our hotel. It was highly recommended by all our officemates who went there before.


The place is really good, perfect for people who are tired from working and want to relax. The ambiance is perfect too!


And my face too! Charot! 😛


Me and my haggard face.

Their food is superb! As in! Wala kang ititira sa sobrang sarap. Promise!


From the drinks…


to the food lahat masarap!


Surprisingly, hindi ako inatake ng allergy ko after eating this shrimp. I have allergies kasi with sea food especially kapag hindi fresh ung seafood. So that only means super fresh nitong shrimp na’to.


This pork and shrimp spring rolls is to die for! Though it may not look appetizing in the photo. This is the best spring roll I’ve ever tasted so far! Pinky swear!


This suckling pig was perfectly cook! The pig’s skin is so crispy and the meat is so tender! It naturally melts in my mouth too. Ang sarap! Now I’m craving for it!


And this…. I actually don’t know what are names of the other leaves but it has lettuce and mint leaves. I only ate the lettuce though. LOL!

And they also have this sauce that you can pair with any types of food, ay grabe ang sarap nung sauce! Sauce palang ulam na! Halos lumulutang na nga sa sauce ung kinakain ko ganun sya ka-sarap. Promise! Mejo nakalimutan ko ung pangalan ko after our Vietnamese fusion experience here at Nha Trang. Chos! But seriously their food is superb! So if you’re planning to go here in Hong Kong visit Nha Trang here at Taikoo Shing Road. It is one of the best place to eat! Promise! 🙂

After that wonderful Vietnamese cuisine experience off we went to the Mall to shop for more pasalubong! LOL! I told yah everyday shopping galore kahit super late na. But this time ako nalang ang nag-shopping sumuko na ung officemate ko sakin. HAHAHAHA!

So when I went back to the hotel I had to face a major problem that needs a major solution…


You know what I did? Tinanggal ko lahat ng damit ko sa luggage bag at nilagay ko sa isang malaking eco-bag. Lahat ng pasalubong un ang nilagay ko sa luggage bag ko. LOL! Para-paraan lang.  Hihi 🙂

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