Day 4: KMS Goes To Hong Kong!

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend guys?! So far so good?! Finally, I have the time to continue my post about my trip to HK. In this post you will be able to catch the glimpse of Hong Kong. So let’s start now, shall we? 🙂

WARNING: This post is photo heavy. As in!


That’s the East Hotel at my background.

At the East Hotel lobby

At the East Hotel lobby

I wasn’t able to experience riding in this two-storey bus since my office is just a 10minutes walk from our hotel. BOO!


This is Taikoo Shing Road where my hotel is located. It’s a residential area as you can see in the photo. And this is also the road where I used to walk everyday going to our office.


This place is such a busy city! It seems like people are so busy working, bawal ang tamad dito! I noticed that even the elders/grannies are still working despite of their age though hindi naman ganun kabigat ung work nila. They usually work as maintenance at the mall or restaurants.


Every morning, I see the grannies exercising at this park. They’re either stretching or doing yoga.  And I was amazed when I saw an old man on his wheelchair and doing some exercise. I guess that’s the reason why they are very strong despite of their age. You can also see the grannies roaming around the city all by themselves. As in tungkod lang ang dala nila pero nakaka-gala pa sila. Galing diba?


At the park

Remember my post about our Vietnamese dining experience here in HK? Read it here. This is the resto where we ate. 🙂


This is the area where our office is located.


Here in Hong Kong Island, many of the downtown buildings are connected by bridges and elevated walkways so it’s really convenient if you’re just walking. Hindi ka maiinitan at maarawan, so fresh na fresh kapa rin pagdating mo sa office. 🙂


See how clean is their country. Sana ganito din kalinis satin noh?


And how cool is this wifi booth ‘eh?!


Now this is the City Plaza mall, ang all time tambayan namin since our first day here in HK. 🙂


This is the underground that connects the mall,HK MTR, and East Hotel.


This is the Hong Kong Train station or what they fondly called MTR.


That’s my office mate, Jayson trying to figure out how to buy tickets. They have what they called here Octopus card, a reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. You can use it when you ride the train, taxi, or even bus. You can also use it in the grocery too. You can purchase it at the airport or any MTR’s Customer Service Centre. It’s so convenient to use especially if you’re a traveler because you don’t need to buy tickets from time to time.


And did I mention that I super love their airport? Aside from the fact that it is 20x bigger compare to our airport there are also lots of amenities for the passengers. This is the play/entertainment area for the kiddos. As a mom, I really think this is a big help especially if you have kids with you. It’s a boredom savior especially for toddlers. 🙂


And there are lots of signage about their facilities so you will never get confuse or even lost.


I regret not taking more pictures and I blame to my insane work schedule. Just kidding! I’m actually thankful to my work because I was able to go here in Hong Kong (FOR FREEEEE!) and experience a different culture and beautiful surroundings. I will definitely go back here, hopefully by that time I could tag along my two boys, Cyler and Cj. Para mas masaya and unforgettable. 🙂

Oh wait!!!! There’s more about this trip and I’ll continue this awesome trip adventure on my next post! Yes, may part 2 pa! So stay tuned! 🙂


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