Day 4: KMS Goes To Hong Kong (Part Deux)

Nihao! 🙂

Finally, here comes the last part of my Hong Kong business (with some sort of gala too!) trip.I really had a great time in this wonderful place although I must admit that being away from home and most especially with my family made me feel tremendously sad. I got so homesick for the very first time. I’ve missed my family so badly but at the same time I also wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy my “me” time and the beautiful place of Hong Kong. I tried not to dwell with my sadness so I had indeed the time of my life here in HK.

Yah, I know I was there for work but as much as possible I tried to used my free time to discover the not-so-secret beauty of this lovely country. I really admire this country and I love being here. For sure, you will love it here too!

WARNING: This post may cause all of you excessive….drooling! Teehee! 😛

Of course, not with me! 😛


But with these!

This is what I usually have every morning. It really feels heaven every time I’m having breakfast here at East Hotel, Hong-Kong.
Ansabe ng pandesal sa mga tinapay nato?! Sympre pandesal pa rin ako! LOL
Salami and Cheese 
Fruits! I can’t live without these! #AlamNinyoYan
Fresh fruit juices!


Feast or Food by East is a big, bustling café in the first floor of East Hotel. They used to serve buffet, Asian specialties or international favourites. Of course, my favorite is their breakfast buffet. 🙂

Meet my office mates, Ena and Jayson. 🙂

I love everything about Feast; from food to the cozy and inviting ambiance of their restaurant. It feels so perfect when I’m here.  Just imagine being donya for four days. 🙂




And since that day was our last day in HK, nag foodtrip na kami ng bonggang-bongga!

Mars of Planet Marsy referred KFC (yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken nga!) to me, masarap daw ung mushroom rice and sweet oats chuvaness chicken dun so I gave it a try. Of course, I tagged along my office mates with me. Damay damay nato! LOL! And in fairness, it didn’t disappoint. Pero ang gravy nakaka-disapoint! You know why? May bayad eh! 2 HKD! Imagine?! Eh dito satin sinasabaw lang yan, diba? LOL!


Unfortunately, hindi pa talaga kami totally naka-gala kahit nung last day namin dito kasi pina-pasok pa kami sa office ng half-day (ang corny noh?!). But we tried to maximize our time. As soon as we left the office, we went straight to the Mall to shop for more! LOL!

Our flight was supposed to be at 4pm but due to heavy rain here in Manila our flight was delayed for 2hrs (as usual, what’s new?!). So what to do when your stuck in the airport? Of course, lumafang uli! LOL!

Cai of Apples &  Dumplings told me that I should try Popeyes in the Airport and since masunurin ako, I tried it too! It was my first time to try Popeyes and I fell inlove with it! I love this spicy burger which I forgot the name sa sobrang sarap. Charot! Blame it to my momnesia people! Anyway, aside from Popeyes there are lots of food stalls to choose from inside the airport. Feeling ko nga I was inside the mall kahit nasa airport ako, ganun kaganda ung airport nila. And their wifi was surprisingly fast too!


Well aside from the good food, one of the best thing that happened to me here in HK was the experience of being here. I had the time of my life in the city of Hong Kong Island. Just having the thought of it makes me want to go back again. It was indeed a one of  a kind experience for me. I was able to meet other people and learned their culture and I was able to experience different things that you can only see and imagine here in Hong Kong. I really had a great time though bitin talaga. I know there’s still next time, so I’m really hoping that I could go back here  again together with Cj and Cyler. That would be lotsa fun for sure!

Till our next trip, Hong Kong!


8 thoughts on “Day 4: KMS Goes To Hong Kong (Part Deux)

  1. Great outfit for a business trip, very pretty. What a trip, everytime I go to HK i get a few pounds heavier because of the varieties of superb food. I’m not a fruit person, I love pastries and japanese dishes in the buffet tables. 🙂

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