Port 88: Ready, Set, SALE + Giveaway!

Hello shoppingero’s and shoppingera’s! Port 88 will be having their Christmas bazaar called Port88: Ready, Set, SALE! on December 7-8, 2013 at the new Megatent Events Place, Libis. So If you wanna go Christmas shopping (like me!) please come over at Megatent Events Place on the said date. Entrance tickets cost Php50. 


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Cyler’s Video Of The Day: Reading 101 With Daddy

For Cyler, reading is indeed more fun with his Dad. And look how far he can read now, he’s not only reading words he is actually reading the entire sentence. Good job, Cyler! Way to go!

Can we all give Cyler and Daddy a big thumbs-up for doing a great job? Shall we? 🙂

Tong-Yang Shabu-Shabu and Barbeque Restaurant

Last weekend, we went to Tong Yang, Megmall and celebrated the birthday of Tita Nadine (Cj’s Aunt). The entire Montegrejo clan (Cj’s mother’s side) were all there to celebrate this wonderful day. It was my very first time to try Tong Yang  and in fairness it didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed this because I really love shabu-shabu. Cyler enjoyed his unli-rice and veggies too, well except this photo-op below. LOL!


Cyler with Tita Ethel. 😛

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Hokkaido Ramen: Santouka

Aside from Italian cuisine, one of the dishes that Cj and I really love the most is Japanese cuisine most particularly ramen. Whenever were out for dinner one the restaurants that we used to search for is Japanese resto and since I used to cook pasta dishes most of the time. Cj and I don’t always agree with each other when it comes to food since he’s a terrible picky-eater but there’s only one food that we always agree on– Japanese food! Because we both love it.


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KMS Cooks: Tomato Cream Pasta


I and my two boys are sucker of pasta dishes. Well obviously, we never get tired of eating pasta so my challenge is to cook a different pasta dishes. This pasta dish is part of my experiments. Cyler and Cj loves tomato based pasta so in this dish I still used tomato but I added cream and lotsa cheese to give it more distinctive taste. I bet cheese-lovers will surely love this pasta dish!

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It’s All About Cyler

Cj and I were talking last night and we were talking about Cyler. We were discussing how much Cyler has grown and how his character change from the time that he was born. Cliché as it may sound, but time really flies so fast 6 months from now and he will turn 3. Imagine?! If you’re an avid reader of this blog I’m pretty sure you know very well my son. Before, I was just sharing all his “first”– his first walk, his first word, his first soft meal, even his first bike, etc etc. And now I can see how much he change– he is full of character. He got some of his antics from me and some from his dad. The old saying is true enough “Kung anong puno, siyang bunga”.


Cyler at 6 months old

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Baby And Family Expo Philippines 2013: Welcoming Life, Love and Care

The BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 – “Welcoming Life, Love and Care”, the country’s biggest family expo, will be recognizing celebrity families, parents and kids who have been a great inspiration and role model to Filipino families in the first ever Golden Family Awards on December 7, 2013, 6pm.

Baby-and-Fam-Expo-Poster copy(1)

Organized by MediaCom Solutions, Inc., Philippines preferred stakeholders’ advocacy communications and events enterprise and co-presented by Cordlife Philippines, the BABY & FAMILY EXPO PHILIPPINES 2013 will be held on December 06-08, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. It covers the stages of family growth from pregnancy to early childhood. Celebrity parents will also be present during the expo to give inspirational talks. Continue reading

Sale Alert: SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday Sale

Christmas is right around the corner and so is the SM Kids’ Fashion Holiday Sale! Loaded with the latest in apparel for young stylistas, this is one sale that has everything on the holiday fashion list.


Slashing up to 50% off from dresses to shirts, jeans, and other essentials, this event is the perfect opportunity to kick off the seasonal shopping spree. Shoppers can avail of even bigger discounts with the 0% interest with any major bank’s Visa and Mastercard from October 1 to December 31, 2013 with a minimum purchase of Php 5,000 on a 6-month interest free payment.

This year’s Holiday Sale is slated to take place on December 6-8 at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA and on December 13-15, at Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Celebrating Love!

Cj and I seldom go out on a date na kami lang dalawa, most of the time kasama talaga namin ang bagets. We always feel guilty every time we go on a date without Cyler although we both know that going out on date every once in a while won’t make us a bad parents at all. In fact, it can actually strengthen our marriage. For those who are married who have kids do you guys feel the same way too? I guess ganun ata talaga when you have kids noh? It’s so hard to leave the kids and most of the time kasama talaga ang mga kids sa mga lakad nio mag-asawa but I’ve read an article before that says married couple (especially the one with kids) should go out on a date at least twice a month despite your hectic sched at work and at home because it strengthen your bond as husband and wife.


I know it’s really hard especially if you have a  clingy kids (like us!) and busy schedules, and fitting a date in can be complicated  but believe me it’s a must and it’s really worth your time. Spending time with your partner is so important in a relationship. And they say that when you go out on a date make sure that you set aside the kids and never talk about the kids or even work, talk about the other things and remember the old days when it is just the two of you.

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Breaking The Habit

As a mom, one of the biggest challenge that I am facing is weaning my son, Cyler from thumb-sucking. I remember back in the day when I first saw him I already knew that he love to thumb-suck. And I guess he got that habit from me because I used to thumb-suck too when I was a small kid. My mom had a hard time breaking that habit from me. I only stopped thumb-sucking when I was 6yrs old because at that time I’m already attending school. So andun na yung nahihiya nako so that’s the only time I completely weaned myself from thumb-sucking. But just imagine how long it has been before I completely weaned myself from that habit.

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Cyler’s Spooktcular Halloween 2013

I know what you’re thinking! Such a long overdue post this is! Sorry naman, tao lang! 😛

Anyway, it’s okay coz it’s better to be late than never right? And remember!…daig ng maagap ang masipag?! Anong konek? Wala lang may masabi lang. LOL! Anyhoo, November is not yet over so pasok pa sa banga itech!  But seriously, I always look forward to Halloween parties because this is the only time where I can bring my son at work. I bet all working parents can relate to this. And it’s the only time wherein kids are allowed to create some noise in the office; you’ll hear the kids laughing, shouting, tantrum-ing, or even crying. Such a sweet sound to my ears but…. not to everyone else’s ears. LOL! And this is the time where you can see the kids in their cutest costumes! 🙂

Trick or Treat

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Hopes and Prayers For the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

To all my readers and sponsors apologies if I haven’t blog for quite awhile now, I’ll promise to be back on Monday but for now let’s just help our fellow country men who are affected by Typhoon Haiyan and pray for them with all our hearts.

Words are not enough to show how much we are sadden by this tragedy, I know this is not the right time to rant and blame one another. Now is the time for us to all band together instead of sourgraping.


So let’s hope and pray that this devastation will pass by so quickly. Let’s pray for the speedy recovery of all the survivors and pray that our Government will do everything that they can to help our fellow country men.

May the Lord God heal our land and give us more strength to face all this trials.

Lilipas at matatapos din ‘to, kapit lang at bangon, Pilipinas!

Promil Pre-School Imagine-Nation: Interactive Mural Painting Event

Last October 28, 2013, Promil Pre-School launched the outstanding Child and world-class painter, Hamzah Marbella at the Promil-PreSchool Imagine Nation: Interactive Mural Painting event.


With its long-standing thrust of encouraging Filipino children who have exceptional talent, Promil Pre-School recognized Hamzah Marbella as an Outstanding Child Artist in an event held at the Activity Pods 1 and 2 of Bonifacio Highstreet in Taguig.

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KMS Cooks: Buko Pandan

Hi everyone! Good dawn! It’s already 2am-ish as I write this post. My energy and brain cells are so drained at this point of time and guess what! I’m still in the office! Yay…. not! I’m soooooo tired and sleepy but I have to work on so many things. Is there any vitamins that can regenerate brain cells? I need it now! As in now na!

So while I’m recharging some energy I decided to make this post and share this super easy recipe to y’all. This post has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now and I guess this is the perfect time to share this because it’s weekend! And weekend means more time for the family and more time to prepare meals for the family! How I wish I can still do that when I get home later, for sure I’ll be snoozing the whole day because I haven’t slept for more than 24hrs! Zombie mode it is!


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Friday Blues!

Hi everyone! How’s your week?! Mine was super-kaduper-uber-mega-to the highest level stressful… at work! As in! I don’t even feel that it’s almost weekend because I need to work over the weekend (BOOOO!). I know it sounds really fun terrible but I have to do it coz it’s part of my job. Hayayay! I don’t even notice that it’s Christmas already. Look at the Ayala road in Makati, it’s sooo Chrismas-y isn’t it?!


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Mango Rocks It Up Fashion Show


MANGO is shaking up the Manila fashion scene with the opening of their flagship store in Mall of Asia last October 28, 2013. They unveils their latest collection for men, women, and their new collections for kids at their new flagship store here at MOA.

Mommies and Daddies, get your wallet and get ready to shop because there are tons of fab and fashionable items for you and your kids here at Mango new flagship store!

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KMS Cooks: Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce

I really thought that it’s so impossible to make your own pesto sauce at home kasi feeling ko ang hirap nyang gawin but boy oh boy….. I was wrong! Totally wrong! Just a few weeks ago, I decided to make a fresh basil pesto sauce from scratch so I asked my very reliable friend, Mr. Google for the recipe. When I saw the recipe in the world-wide-web I was thrilled because the ingredients are so easy to find in the market plus the recipe was so easy to do! It’s indeed a no-brainer recipe, all you need is food processor, basil, nuts, and garlic and you’re good to go!  As easy as that!

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Monday Kwentuhan + Long Weekend Story

Hallow! Hallow! I’m back from our short staycation at my Hometown. Me and my family  had so much fun that I totally forgot this little space of mine. Sorry, my bad! Don’t worry because those days that I’m gone here in my blog are the days that I really treasured the most. It’s not that this blog is not important to me, in fact it is! It really is! It’s just so happened that I’m spending those days with the most important people in my life– with my family of course! Kaya “do not disturb” lang ang peg ko for the past four days. Sinusulit ko ng bonggang bongga ang long weekend with Cyler, Cj, and with my family and relatives. I’ve been posting a lot of photos in my IG account though, so if you’re following me there for sure alam ninyo na ang mga happenings sa buhay ko. 🙂


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