Friday Blues!

Hi everyone! How’s your week?! Mine was super-kaduper-uber-mega-to the highest level stressful… at work! As in! I don’t even feel that it’s almost weekend because I need to work over the weekend (BOOOO!). I know it sounds really fun terrible but I have to do it coz it’s part of my job. Hayayay! I don’t even notice that it’s Christmas already. Look at the Ayala road in Makati, it’s sooo Chrismas-y isn’t it?!


But you know what guys? As of this moment (time check: 12:40AM) Cj and I just got home from work, actually sinamahan nya lang akong mag OT sa office. I told him kasi that I can’t go home alone and ride the taxi alone, sa dami kasi ng modus ngaun ng mga taxi napa-praning galore nako! That’s why I really thank God for giving me a great husband! Since yesterday, sinasamahan na nya kong mag OT sa office kasi ako nalang ang natitira mag-isa dun. Technically, 2 kaming natitira sa office ung System Admin at ako kaso nasa kabilang ibayo sya ng opisina so hindi ko talaga ma-feel na may kasama ako kaya I asked Cj to accompany me. Nakaka-takot kaya mag-isa sa office, diba?! Kalurks!


Please forgive my haggard face! Ilang araw nakong walang tulog! Zombie mode lang ang peg!

Kulang nalang talaga mag tayo nako ng tent dun sa pwesto ko sa office coz I’ve been rendering  OT since Monday because we need to meet our damn project deadline by next Friday!  NKKLK! NKK-Stress! Actually, bukas I mean tonight mag ka-camping talaga kami sa office, overnight galore mga teh! Kalurks diba? Oh well, ganyan ata talaga ang buhay ng mga programmer! Walang life! Char! My gulaynesss! What makes me really sad is the fact that I’m always away with my son, Cyler. Can someone tell me what’s worst than going home to a sleeping toddler? 😦

Plus I have bunch of pending sponsored post! Ugggh! Siningit ko lang mag-blog today because I just want to release my stress in this little space kasi tulog na ung stress reliever ko. Hay! I’ve been very sickly also these past few days because of the puyat, pagod, and stress. And I’m afraid that Cyler might catch this virus since we co-sleep and since he wants to get more kisses from me. He’s very clingy to me.

Good thing my husband, Cj is here to support me. He’s my ultimate coach in life!  And I thank God for giving me trials and stress in life because I know that I’m still alive and breathing! And I learn how to appreciate more my family.

So there, that’s if folks! Sana matapos na namin tong project! Wish me luck, guys!






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