Promil Pre-School Imagine-Nation: Interactive Mural Painting Event

Last October 28, 2013, Promil Pre-School launched the outstanding Child and world-class painter, Hamzah Marbella at the Promil-PreSchool Imagine Nation: Interactive Mural Painting event.


With its long-standing thrust of encouraging Filipino children who have exceptional talent, Promil Pre-School recognized Hamzah Marbella as an Outstanding Child Artist in an event held at the Activity Pods 1 and 2 of Bonifacio Highstreet in Taguig.

Photo grabbe from Promil-Preschool Official FB Page

Photo grabbe from Promil-Preschool Official FB Page

At an age when most young kids are just beginning to walk and talk, Hamzah was already painting and producing what his father, Renato, described as ‘art forms’.

At the age of 5, his artwork ‘Bounty’ was auctioned off for a whopping HK$60,000 (the 3rd highest at the charity auction of the International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong – a feat considering that his work was auctioned off together with that of National Artists from all over Asia.

 Besides being a proud recipient and receiver of more than fifty national and international accolades and awards including Special Citation from the National Commission for Culture, an Outstanding Artist Award and the Arts (NCCA) and a Certificate of Recognition at the UN International Children’s Art Competition, Hamzah is the youngest member of the Artists Association of the Philippines. He has produced approximately 300 artworks, some of which have been featured at the Asian exhibitions and have been appeared at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Hamzah showcased all his art works at the event too. And it was such an honor to be part of this outstanding event that helps Filipino children to nurture their gift/talent.

IMG_1061When Hamzah was two years old in his crib, he would always watch his father paint, who is also an artist himself. Hamzah looks for anything – bottle caps, stones, clothespins – later on they become art forms. And from there, the rest became history.

IMG_1059Bernadeth Allyson is the official event host of Promil-PreSchool Imagine-Nation event.

IMG_1085Bernadeth and Hamzah as they unveils Hamzah’s current art work.


Hamzah proudly present his work of art at the audience.

IMG_1094This first co-created, hand-painted masterpiece will be displayed in different venues in the metro. First stop will be at the left entrance of Eastwood Mall Open Park in Quezon City, starting October 31 to November 14, 2013. For details on the next venues, visit Promil Pre-School’s Facebook fan page.

IMG_1064Outstanding Child Artists Hamzah Marbella and former Promil-Kid, CJ de Silva gave the first strokes of colors to Promil Pre-School’s First Co-created Hand-painted Masterpiece during our event last October 28, 2013. That’s two generations of exceptional talent!

Photo grabbed from Promi-Preschool FB Page

Photo grabbed from Promi-Preschool FB Page

Hamzah joined the fellow painter CJ de Silva and a select group of exceptionally talented children, all of which are walking testaments not only of Filipino talent, but of the Promil Pre-School heritage in nurturing gifts as well.

During the event, attendees experienced Hamzah’s artistic world firsthand by joining him in painting the biggest children’s collaborative masterpiece. Meanwhile, Wyeth Leadership team painted alongside Hamzah himself, CJ de Silva, Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 2 host Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee.

Photo grabbed from Promi-Preschool Official FB Page

Photo grabbed from Promi-Preschool Official FB Page

IMG_1075Wyeth Nutrition develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. They aim to continue nurturing the gift of every childs because they believe that every child has unique gifts that needs to be cherish and enhance.

IMG_1066I also had the chance to meet the very beautiful and talented actress, Ms Dimples Romana in person and had a photo-op with her. 🙂

IMG_1113And also I got to the chance to meet the former Pre-School kid, Cj de Silva and Rio of Yahoo Philippines. We were actually seat-mates during the event. It was so nice meeting you and talking to you ladies! See you soon! 😉


Me, Cj, and Rio

Thanks again Promil-PreSchool for inviting me at this event! And thanks for my stash!



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