Cyler’s Spooktcular Halloween 2013

I know what you’re thinking! Such a long overdue post this is! Sorry naman, tao lang! 😛

Anyway, it’s okay coz it’s better to be late than never right? And remember!…daig ng maagap ang masipag?! Anong konek? Wala lang may masabi lang. LOL! Anyhoo, November is not yet over so pasok pa sa banga itech!  But seriously, I always look forward to Halloween parties because this is the only time where I can bring my son at work. I bet all working parents can relate to this. And it’s the only time wherein kids are allowed to create some noise in the office; you’ll hear the kids laughing, shouting, tantrum-ing, or even crying. Such a sweet sound to my ears but…. not to everyone else’s ears. LOL! And this is the time where you can see the kids in their cutest costumes! 🙂

Trick or Treat

We didn’t spend any penny on Cyler’s costume, my officemate, Anna lend it to us. She’s also the one who lend Cyler’s costume last year (read it here and here). Last year, Cyler wore a pumpkin costume now this year he wore (obviously) a dalmatian costume which fits him very well. He looks soooooo  cute and adorable on his costume! Everyone loves his costume!

Trick or Treat2

Isn’t he the cutest puppy ever?! HE IS!

If you will notice in the photo above, all he did was to eat every minute! You know why?! Coz he’s no longer thumb-sucking and his appetite is back! Hooray for that wonderful milestone! Well, that’s another story and I’ll share it to you guys in another post. I’m just so happy to share the good news to you guys. 🙂

I should’ve give you a warning that this post is quite photo-heavy, but I guess you know me already so I won’t warn you anymore! 😛

This is how your work-station will look like when you have your toddler with you. It’s more of a beautiful mess! It will also test your ability to multitask– keeping your kids busy while you’re also busy doing your work. 🙂

Trick or Treat1I love that our company has Halloween Party every year. The foods and candies are overflowing! And the kid’s mouth are overflowing too with food and candies, as well as the kids at heart. 🙂

Trick or Treat3

Trick or Treat!

Say hi to my generous officemates especially to the candies that they prepared for the kids! LOL!

Trick or Treat8

The kids and the parents are thrilled with their candies because the candies are overflowing! Would you believe, I was literally going back and forth to my working station because I have to unload our pumpkin basket because the candies are overflowing already and I had to empty it again. Ganun kadami ung mga candies!

Aside from the treats, the HR also prepared a short program for the kids. They also played some movies while the kids are waiting for the program to start.

Trick or Treat5

Look lafang pa rin ng lafang si Cyler! 😛

They also hired a magician which the kids (and I) found so boring… Teehee! 😛

Trick or Treat6

My younger sibling, Rizza (aka Isang) accompanied Cyler too since Cj can’t go with us then. She was the one who was chasing Cyler when Cyler was running (like there’s no tomorrow!) all over the office. Thank you, Isang for looking after Cyler when I was working. Alam mo na…next year ulit! Nyaha!

Trick or Treat4

Of course, this Halloween Party will not be completed without this photo-op with the #BaboyGang!

And also, one of the highlights of this event was meeting one of my dear reader, her name is Dahlia. She’s the wife of my co-worker. So hello there Dahlia! I hope you get to read my greetings! 🙂

Trick or Treat7

Spot Naruto! Teehee!

Here’s Cyler’s 1st batch of loots from Mommy’s office.


But wait! There’s more!

We attended another Halloween Party the next day, this time it’s on Cj’s office naman.  As expected, career nanaman ang mga booth sa office nila. This year theme was “video games” and as usual, in-na-in ang mga banana-ba-ba-nana…. The Minions!!! LOL!

Trick or Treat10

There was also Star Wars theme. Spell career mode?! 😛

Trick or Treat9

Cyler and other kids enjoyed this booth a lot because of the mini-pool filled with tons of mini-balloons! Trick or Treat11There were also the Mario Bro’s, Zombie Tsunami, Temple Run, Minions, and lots of minions! LOL!

Trick or Treat12

This time we didn’t go to all the floors anymore because we had tons of candies already! In our office we only have 3 different floors but here in Cj’s office I guess they’ve got more than 10 floors (in different buildings!) so imagine how tiring it is for us if we go to all the floors.

Look at the candies that we got from the Halloween Parties that we’ve attended! It gives me tooth ache just by looking at it! Andami diba?! So just imagine if nilibot pa namin lahat ng floors sa office ni Cj, baka nag-bukas na kami ng sari-sari store nyan. LOL! Since Cyler doesn’t like sweets and obviously he couldn’t eat all of that we decided to give all the candies to our nephew and nieces here in Caloocan and Antipolo.


I noticed that Cyler appreciate this event more compare last year. Sign that he’s not so little anymore. Oh time flies so fast! Cj and I were so happy seeing him having so much fun then. He had the time of his life and that’s what more important to us. We really want to give him a happy and memorable childhood memories. So before we went home we decided to bring him to one of his happy place– at Timezone! He is indeed the happiest kid on earth! And we were the happiest parent when we see our child happy. 🙂

Trick or Treat13

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