Neurogen-E Launches Life In Your Hands Campaign

Neurogen-E has recently launched “Life In Your Hands” campaign, an advocacy program that seeks to touch the lives of mature Filipino women through initiatives than enable them to do more and more.


The event was held at Via Mare, Greenbelt 3 last October 30, 2013.

Superb and delicious food c/o Via Mare was served during the event proper.


The former Ms Universe Beauty Queen, Ms Gloria Diaz is the newest brand ambassador of Neurogen-E and she wanted to empower all Filipino women who are suffering from nerve aging. And in this event she shared how Neurogen-E helps her fight nerve-aging. She said that Neurogen-E is the best nerve vitamin to fight nerve because it’s specific to mature adults, and it provides RIGHT DOSE at the RIGHT PRICE.


She also shared one of the things that she is passionate about– decorating flowers. She also shared the secret to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle– balance diet, take Vitamins (for her it’s Neurgogen-E) daily, happy love-life, and happy life. She also mentioned that we should always be surrounded with positive people because it encourage us to do good and it gives more positive vibes to our lives which is the key to a happy life.

Here in our country, Philippines 40.5% of the elderly population is suffering from nerve damage attributed to a deficiency in Vitamin B12, the vitamin responsible for nerve regeneration growth. Nerve-aging is commonly detected through symptoms like numbness, tingling sensations, and burning pain in the hands and feet that may progress to total loss of sensation. This problem may hamper us from living a full and active life.


My mom is currently suffering from nerve-aging so I accepted Neurogen-E’s invitation without thinking twice. Mama always feel the numbness and burning pain in her hands and sometimes it hinders her from doing her daily routine and from taking good of Cyler. She couldn’t even carry Cyler on her arms because of the numbness that she feels on her hands. She’s actually taking Vitamin-B12 but it seems that it’s not working for her. So when I heard about Neurogen-E’s Life In Your Hands campaign, I knew that I have to attend this event.

I believe that aging should not compromise productivity nor hinder anybody from doing the things that they are passionate about.Β  And through this campaign, Neurogen-E will touch the lives of elderly Filipino women by enabling them to embrace their passions and create milestones regardless of their age or status in life. IΒ  intended not to share this post right away because I want to see first the effect to Mama. And I’m happy to say that she doesn’t feel the numbness on her hands anymore. I gave her the loots that I’ve got from the event and so far so good. It really works on her, she already finished the one that I gave to her. And she asked me if I can buy her another pack of Neurogen-E and so I did. It only cost less than Php80 petot per pack (of 8).


Neurogen-E has a high dose of Vitamin B( 300 mg of Vitamin B1, 100 mg of Vitamin B6, and 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12) per tablet. Unlike the generic brands that contain a much lower dose of Vitamin B12, Neurogen-E can provide the recommended B12 dosage in just one tablet. On top of this, it has added benefit of Vitamin E (1oo IU) that helps prevent higher damage. Now how good is that?! This table is safe to be taken daily.

With the help of Neurogen-E, countless women (including my Mom) can be liberated from the discomforts of nerve aging, and be given a chance to perform the activities that they once enjoyed.

“Neurogen-E deeply understand the challenges that Filipino women face because of aging. Through its Life In Your Hands campaign, they want to re-ignite their passions by enabling them to embrace lifestyle that is positive, active, and free from nerve-aging” Ms. Cheah (Unilab Representative) concluded.

For more information about Neurogen-E, log on to

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